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RoK: New Lands, New Profits

Faction plays an important part in the Kunark experience, as various areas are under the control of groups that don't always like each other, much less total outsiders. High-level crafters who wish to pursue a faction path (in order to gain access to advanced crafting books, among other things) should begin with this quest, given by Taskmaster Greeblentus in Teren's Grasp (he is in a tent up on the raised area that contains the highest building in Teren's Grasp.)

While this quest requires no combat, it does require making your way through Kylong Plains to reach the Fens of Nathsar, and then much running through the Fens. If the thought of dodging that many aggro mobs turns you grey, you may be better off sitting safely at home and buying your advanced recipe books from adventurers. If you don't mind a bit of death, some frantic sprinting, and the like, however, read on!

This quest is meant for level 70 crafters, and will reward you with faction for the two factions in the Fens of Nathsar: the sarnak at Bathezid's Watch (+250), and the iksar at Riliss (+1249). After obtaining this faction (so they no longer want to kill you), you can then travel to the appropriate outpost and run crafting writs for further faction. Further details on why you might want to work on your faction in this manner can be found in the RoK Faction From a Tradeskill Perspective guide.

Note that these two "opposing" factions are not required to be a one or the other sort of thing. The only time where gaining faction with one loses you faction with the other is if you kill mobs that are on one faction or the other. If you are not ker-smooshing mobs, or are careful which ones you kill, you could theoretically work for both factions.

Crafters who are high-level adventurers can, of course, also run the combat quests for these two factions (or follow both the crafting and the combat paths, if you so desire), but this quest is designed to get you enough faction that you can get in the door, as it were, to obtain the crafting writs.

You say, "Hail, Taskmaster Greeblentus"
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "Welcome to Teren's Grasp ____! You look to be highly skilled in your craft and by the looks of it, looking for something to do. Perhaps I can point you in the right direction when you are ready for some serious work."
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "Serious work? You have my attention..."
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "Before I can give you the details, I will require you to complete a minor task for me. The task will serve two purposes, it will help you get to know the area and let me know you are skilled enough to stay alive and be of use to those that I represent."
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "That sounds fair, tell me more."
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "The task is simple, take the following provisions to Fens of Nathsar and deposit them in the correct provisions cache found there. I have marked the locations for you but it will still be dangerous and you may die. Return only when you are done!"
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "Danger? That sounds different...I will do what you ask!"
You receive 1 each of emergency rations, emergency potion, emergency exit scroll, and emergency camp stone.
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "Our scouts rely on these provisions and it is one of my jobs to make sure these are stocked. If you return alive, I will tell you more about the job I mentioned earlier."
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "I will return to you as soon as possible."
The zone to the Fens of Nathsar is in the eastern portion of Kylong Plains. With the travel changes of GU56, you can take your trusty sokokar right there. If you didn't do the crafter version of the sokokar quest, go back and do it now. Really. Trust me on this.

Okay, you're in the Fens. Even with the ability to fly to any sokokar post in the zone, this is still a dangerous quest. Kaisha offers this advice (and lovely map) to help keep you alive:

Kaisha's Klues for lower-level adventurers:

  1. When possible, try to stay on the beaten path. The paths in this zone are there for a reason, and they generally indicate areas where you will have an easier time of it. You will still encounter aggro, but there will be less of it there, and it will be easier to see in advance (and hence avoid).
  2. Really, really try not to die until after you hit point 3 on the below map, or you may find yourself running over the same ground, and then some, again.
  3. Death after step 3 is "ok", as you will be able to revive at the Western Riliss Pens, which gets you close to cache #4
  4. Give a really WIDE berth to No-Hope Needletails, they have the biggest aggro range of anything in the zone!
  5. Beware the ?!!! (Note from Mum: Really, she's not kidding on this one. It is a brutal killer!)

There will be a path off to your left leading up into the mountains. Be careful! There are several aggro heroics sarnak that roam that path, and some of them see invis (meaning that this part of the quest is not a cakewalk, even for high level adventurers.) Duck behind cover where you can, zig and zag away from the road to hug the mountain as needed, and make your way to 793, 39, 1044 and the first cache. Due to this cache moving down the mountain, I do not recommend getting the sokokar post set at the very top of this mountain until you have the faction to travel up there for your crafting writs. There is a lot of see invis heroic aggro along the way.

The second cache is at -799, -129, 1168. This is on the southern side of the river, east of Sathir's Span (the big bridge) and south of the Western Pens of Riliss, both of which have sokokar posts, for those feeling really daring as they run around on this quest.

The third cache is at -1938, -94, 1381. This is also on the south side of the river, just south by southeast of the Eastern Pens of Riliss (and another sokokar post).

Cross the bridge just to the east of the third cache, and head for the fourth, and final cache, at -976, -969, 304. This location will lead you to a spot NE of the Western Riliss Slave Pens and SE of Riliss.

Once you have finished with this cache, head back to Taskmaster Greeblentus for your reward and faction, as well as to be flagged as able to perform writs for Riliss and Bathezid's Watch.

You say, "Hail, Taskmaster Greeblentus"
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "You have done well, I cannot lie that I am surprised. Now that you have passed that test let me tell you about the opportunities available for you in this land. Both the Riliss and Bathezid Watch seek crafters to help them in their war preparations."
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "Continue..."
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "Zekilius in Riliss and Anuhadux in Bathezid are the ones in charge of the crafters tasks. I have made arrangements to let you enter their camps and you will not be harmed unless you do something to anger them.."
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "Tell me more..."
Taskmaster Greeblentus says to you, "The more orders you fill the more favor you will gain with them, but it will take a good amount of service before they trust you. Work hard and you will be rewarded, return to me when you have learned more and I will share with you another contact you may be interested in. Farewell ____!"
You receive a bit over 8 Gold, tradeskill xp, achievement xp for completing a quest, +250 Bathezid's Watch faction, +1249 Riliss faction, as well as the ability to now perform tradeskill writs for these two factions.
You say to Taskmaster Greeblentus, "I will do my best! Thank you."

Remember to stop back and chat with him at level 75 in your crafting profession, too, as he will have a quest series for you to gain faction with a third group, the Legion of Danak located out in the Jarsath Wastes (this third group will be where you can earn enough faction to buy your level 76+ advanced recipe books. You can check out the details of the level 75 quest, "High Risk, Higher Profits" here.

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