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NoTD 2016

Once again it is almost time for scary things and creepy critters to prowl around Norrath with the annual Nights of The Dead (NoTD) celebrations. Real Life has gotten in the way of the Muse and the traditional story to go along with it, but at least the preview is up!

Nights of the Dead 2016 will run from October 6, 2016 (starting at 12:01 a.m. Pacific) through November 2, 2016 (at 11:59 p.m. Pacific). Due to this event launching several hours later than scheduled, we have been told that it will run an extra day. The end date above is the new revised day.

Along with all the returning quests, vendor offerings, and so on from past years, there is one new collection, a new recipe book, several new vendor-sold items, and the addition of ToT mobs to the candy drop table. In addition, since the Stormhold TLE server now has RoK enabled (quests required Loping Plains access), the full live event will be activated for that server.

While there is only a new collection this year, not a new quest, the fabulous Casdoe of Maj'Dul has put together a Nights of the Dead quest tracker spreadsheet for folks to download, which is especially helpful for those of us with alt-armies!

New Crafted Goodies

The Nights of the Dead Merchant vendor in each home city crafting area adds Celebrations of the Dead IX to his offerings. The following items are contained within the recipe book. These recipes will require T2 common resources and fuel, as well as one of the event candies. (For those new to the event, see the candy information at the bottom of the page.)

Atumnal Goldleaf Sapling
Amphora of the Befallen
Basket of Pumpkins
Blackhearted Canopy Bed
Blackhearted Glass Table
Blackhearted Plush Chair
Blackhearted Plush Couch
Darkened Straw Bale
Doomed Dragon Vertebrae
Dragon's Tongue
Final Arrangement of Candles
Frightful Armor Display
Luckless Wurm Skull
Muck-Stained Stone Bowl
Rest for the Wicked
Orange Woolen Scarf
(front view)
Orange Woolen Scarf
(back view)

New Vendor Offerings

The following items are new to the Nights of the Dead Merchant vendors for 2016. All require candy corn for purchase. The two housepets are no-trade, the two scarves are heirloom.

A Bat Colony (housepet)
25 candy
Cackling Noise Box*
15 candy
Devilish Delight
15 candy
Ossuary Window of Decay
10 candy
Sanguine Spinner Plushie
15 candy
Stonescale Serpent (housepet)
25 candy
The Dream Scorcher Statue
30 candy
Topiaric Ripper Plushie
15 candy
Wailing Doom
10 candy
Cursed Mummy Wrap Scarf
front view
10 candy
Moldering Mummy Wrap Scarf
front view
10 candy
Mummy Wrap Scarves - Back
(Just a tinting difference
on moldering vs cursed

*The "Cackling Noise Box" effect is a skeleton cackle sound effect when you approach it.

Let's take a closer look at that new window, eh? :D

New Collection: A Swinging Wake

The new purple shiny collection is an 8-piece collection that will require 2 pieces from each of 4 zones. One pair is in Qeynos/Freeport in the NoTD-related areas, one pair is in Kelethin/Neriak in NoTD-related areas, one pair is in New Halas/Gorowyn in NoTD-related areas, and one pair is on the beach area just off the Nektulos Forest docks (including in front of the hedge maze entrance). By NoTD areas, I mean areas with pumpkins and NoTD npcs, though the areas have been expanded slightly based on feedback from the Test server community. In addition to the new collection, these purple shinies can also give you random NoTD candies which can be used for crafting or converted to candy corn for shopping.

Reward for the completed collection is this no-trade Bonified Undead Baby Dragon housepet.


  • North Qeynos/Freeport: Aura of Foreboding, Cadaverous Breath
  • Nektulos Forest Beach/Loping Plains: Spine Tingle, Sudden Fright
  • Halas/Gorowyn: Overwhelming Terror, Essence of Putrescence
  • Kelethin/Neriak: Growing Suspense, Undying Ardor

New Candy Drop Locations

Suitable Terrors of Thalumbra mobs have been added to the list of mobs that drop candy. The ToT mobs include, but may not be limited to:
  • awoken gnemlin, disturbed dhalgar, various "risen" skeleton types - peanut brittle
  • cepholex - jawbreaker
  • fathomlurker - fudge
  • ooyog - candy corn
  • ore gorger - nutty candy bar
  • poxfiends - caramels
  • topaz shrieker - gumdrops

More About the Candy

For those new to the NoTD event, "creepy" creatures throughout the lands can drop Nights of the Dead candies. (Snakes, spiders, bats, undead, etc., etc) These candies can be used directly in the NoTD recipes, and can also be traded in for candy corn on a 1:1 ratio. Candy corn can be used in the NoTD recipes, and can also be used as currency for items on the NoTD vendor. The trade-in goblin should be in/near every home crafting society, and the NoTD vendor should also be in each home crafting society area. Your upgraded pack pony can also bring back 100 NoTD candies at a time when you ask him to do so during the days that the event is running.

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