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Tradesman Service

This quest was added with GU42, and is the second in a series of quests for your city's crafting society. It is for level 35 and higher crafters, and gives crafting experience, faction with your city's crafting society, a class-specific cloak and a tier 4 advanced recipe book appropriate for your class. For provisioners, this is the only way to obtain the new Provisioner Mastery Volume 2.

In order to obtain this quest, you must first have completed the Journeyman Service" quest from your city's crafting society. Once you have completed that quest, and you are a level 30 crafter or higher, you can hail the same quest NPC for the Tradesman Service quest.

Premise: It seems that the discovery of Kunark is raising concerns with the local crafting community due to a newly-discovered menace. No, we're not talking about the new factions of iksar or the newly-discovered sarnaks. We're talking about ... the Kunarkian termite. Eeeeeeek!

They're worried about it getting loose into the briarwood supply, especially since they've seen some sub-standard briarwood lumber recently. The cause could be totally unrelated, but they would rather be safe than sorry.

Armed with a recipe book, you are asked to help test the local briarwood trees to check for termite issues. (You can either scribe the book at this time, or wait until you are instructed to do so.)

You are sent out to harvest 10 briarwood from the Enchanted Lands and 10 from Zek, the Orcish Wastes. Once you have obtained them, check back in with the quest-giver, and you will be instructed to scribe the recipe and create two test samples. Pick up 8 glimmering candles and head over to the chemistry table, where you will get to put the cross-class skill of Thaumaturgy to use. Craft up two of the termite tested briarwood, and bring them back to the quest-giver for your reward.

You will be awarded 500 faction with your city's crafting society, tradeskill experience, achievement experience, and an advanced recipe book. If you are any class other than Provisioner, you will be allowed to choose from your class's level 30-39 advanced recipe books. If you are a Provisioner, you will be awarded with Provisioner Mastery Volume 2, which is only available via this quest.

As of GU44, this quest will also award you with a cloak specific to your crafting class. Those who completed this quest before GU44 will be able to claim this cloak at that time by right-clicking the Grandmaster and buying the cloak from him/her.

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