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KA - The Search for Greshdek

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Tradeskill Questline and is but one chunk of several. Please refer back to that article for important details and links to other parts of the questline.

The quests in this article directly follow the ones written up in KA - The Caves.

Search and Rescue (first chunk of it)

Summary: Examine "Collection of Goblin Items", go speak to Glibnox in Twark, then return to the Abandoned Mine Tunnel. Go to the other end of the tunnel and zone into Fens. Then put this quest on hold while you do some further questing (below). Rewards: AAxp, coin, Twark Transport Totem, Sovereign of Rile.

Details: Examine the Collection of Goblin Items that Skethusk gave you, and accept the Search and Rescue quest. Head back to Twark, and speak with Glibnox (/waypoint 132, -164, -768). He recognizes the items as having belonged to a clan-brother, Greshdek. When you explain about the spell of forgetfulness on the area, he worries that Greshdek may be lost and have forgotten himself. He asks you to keep an eye out for him, while he keeps an eye out for your missing adventurers. He also gives you a special version of the Twark Transport Totem that can be used to bring Greshdek back to Twark. (Only once you have returned with him and completed this quest will you get a better version of an item with the same name, that prove far more useful in your future travels.)

Being at a loss as to what else to do at this point, you may as well go look. (Growf is safely back in Twark and has some quests for you, but let's hold off on those so as not to confuse you with multiple quest streams in multiple zones at the same time, k? :D)

Fly back to the Collapsed Tunnel (/waypoint -324, 48, 607) that leads you into the Abandoned Mine Tunnel. Click on the rocks to enter, and follow the tracks all the way to the other end. Hang a left at the end of the tracks, and you should find another rockfall labeled Fens of Nathsar (/waypoint -270, 57, -2017). Click on it to zone out, then put progress on this quest on mental hold while you do some work in Fens.

Helping the Nurgan Goblins

No, the above isn't the questname, it is a note about what you need to do next. You will find 3 goblins with quest feathers as you zone out into Fens - Irontooth (/waypoint -214, 33, -1754), Rumbletum (/waypoint -222, 33, -1768) and Brappa (/waypoint -230, 33, -1776) standing next to a goblin forge, a goblin firepit and a goblin workbench, respectively, and will need to quest with all three before you can get any further details on what happened to Greshdek.

If you are a low-level adventurer, be aware that the other goblins in this area are aggro until you complete several quests with this trio. Move carefully and you should be ok. There will also be a couple quests that you will want to save for last, in order to have enough faction to wander safely around the camp, and those have red questnames in the table below.

For the first couple quests from each of these goblins, it may be easier to grab quests from all three goblins at once, so I am going to try something a bit different with the walk-through for them.

Irontooth RumbletumBrappa
"Borrowing From the Dead"
Scrounge nearby corpses for metal that can be used for making armor bits. Head to the path at /waypoint -418, 16, -1739 and start clicking on "dead attacker" spawns on the ground. If you're squishy, you'll want to fly there and swoop down in between pathing of the patrolling Nurgan mineguards, if they are up. Usually only up to 4 of the corpses are up at a time, but respawn is very fast. If you're impatient, fly a bit further down the path and start on your goocap mushrooms while you wait. :) Return to the goblin forge when you have all 6 updates and create three repaired armor bits. You will need a total of 3 thaumic coal to complete the 3 combines. Reward is AAxp, coin, 2000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 2000 Goblins of Nurga faction.
"Googlow Juice"
Pick 10 fresh goocap mushrooms. These are down the path mentioned in Borrowing from the Dead, against the rock wall on the righthand side of the path. They can be tracked. Each shroom can be harvested 3 times, there are generally three up at a time, and respawn somewhere in the area is nearly instant Craft 5 googlow juice at the goblin firepit - you will need five thaumic coal total to complete the five combines. Reward is AAxp, coin, 2000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 2000 Goblins of Nurga faction.
"Stacky-Racks for Stabby-Sticks"
Gather 5 wood from nearby "disintegrating wooden cart". Squishies, you should be able to reach 2 safe spawns for this (/waypoint -259, 33, -1774 and /waypoint -229, 47, -1833) without tripping over any aggro. Then craft a stacky rack at the goblin workbench. You will also need 1 thaumic coal. Reward is AAxp, coin, 3000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 2000 Goblins of Nurga faction.
"Drop Your Weapon"
Return to where you got the armor and gather 6 rusty weapons, which can be tracked. Squishies will want to once again watch pathing. Craft 3 repaired stabby stick at the goblin forge. You will also need a total of 3 thaumic coal in order to complete the 3 combines. Reward is AAxp, coin, 3000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 3000 Goblins of Nurga faction.
"Keep the Home Fires Burning"
Gather 6 firewood. Disintegrating wooden carts will be scattered around the area, and you will be able to get 1 batch of firewood from each. Not all carts can be harvested from, only the ones that say "disintegrating wooden cart" above them. They can be tracked, respawn somewhere in the camp is nearly instant. Stack the firewood in a pile where you see the green woodpile outline. (/waypoint -216, 33, -1775). Reward is AAxp, coin, 3000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 3000 Goblins of Nurga faction.
"If the Bones Fit"
Gather up four sarnak bones from area where you had just gathered armor. Chewed sarnak bones can be tracked. Squishies will once again want to watch pathing. Return to the goblin workbench and craft two bone totems. You will also need a total of 10 thaumic coal in order to complete the two combines. Reward is AAxp, coin, 3000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 3000 Goblins of Nurga faction.
"Smoothy-Stones for Stabby-Sticks
Gather 1-6 smooth stones from around the Nurgan camp area (number seems to vary). These are small brown sparkling stones (picture below) that are generally near larger stones, and it can take several rounds around the area before you get enough. Reward is AAxp, coin, 4000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 4000 Goblins of Nurga faction.
"Squirmy-Wormies for Grumbly-Bellies"
Turn over rocks and gather 6 crawlers. The rocks needed are down the path, near where you found the goocap before. They will be grey stones on grey-ish ground, but are large enough that you should be able to spot them readily. The spawn area ends right before the first sheep on the path, so if you're in the middle of sheep, you've gone too far. Respawn somewhere in the proper area is nearly instant. Return to Rumbletum for your reward. Reward is AAxp, coin, 4000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 4000 Goblins of Nurga faction.
"Sickly-Brews for Stabby-Sticks"
Gather 6 bitter herbs from same area at the start of the path where you've already gathered armor, bones, etc. Craft 2 Sickly-Brew at the goblin firepit. You will also need 10 thaumic coal total for the two combines. Reward is AAxp, coin, 4000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 4000 Goblins of Nurga faction.

By looking at the above table, you can see that, if you are a low-level adventurer, you will want to do the first two of Irontooth's quests, the first of Rumbletum's quests, and all of Brappa's quests before you finish up the last of Irontooth's and the last 2 of Rumbletum's, as you should then have the faction to be safe amidst the Nurgan goblins in the area.

Rock for Squirmy-Wormies quest

Temple Visitor

Complete all of the quests in the table above and Brappa will have a fresh quest for you. After saying that you've been useful enough that they've decided not to eat you(1), you finally get some answers about Greshdek and are given directions to the temple of Nu'Roga, as well as permission to enter it. You also have received enough faction that the goblins inside won't attack you, even if you are a low-level squishie. Head for Nu'roga (/waypoint -187, 74, 1963) and zone in. You will get a quest completion popup and be awarded Reward is AAxp, coin, 5000 Broken Toe Clan faction, 5000 Goblins of Nurga faction and Sovereign of Rile.

Search and Rescue (second chunk of it)

Keep going up, up, and more up once inside Nu'Roga, as each level should have at least one ramp leading to the level above it. Squishies should note that there's a possibility that they will trip over a glowie that can attack back, so if you're a low level adventurer in there, you harvest glowies at your own risk. Once you have reached the very top level in the temple, you will find Greshdek (/waypoint -24, 155, -32) sitting on the ground, clad only in a loincloth. Yep, not only are his memories scrambled, but compared to all the other goblins you've seen in Kunark, the poor thing seems woefully underclothed. Finish speaking with him, then, while standing beside him, activate the Twark Transport Totem that Glibnox gave you at the start of the quest. Then speak to Glibnox to finish the quest. Reward is AAxp, coin, Sovereign of Rile, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, and your shiny new version of the Twark Transport Totem that you get to keep. (It will come in VERY handy when doing further questing in Obulus Frontier!)

After completion of this chunk of the questline, you may proceed to Twark, Round 2 & Nye'Caelona.

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