KA - Crafting Epic 2.0

This is the Epic part of the Kunark Ascending Tradeskill Questline and is but one chunk of several. In order to do the below quests, you will need to have not only completed all the quests other than the Gardening Goblin and the Twark Dailies/Weekly listed on that page, but also the original crafting epic "Proof in the Pudding". In order to save on some confusion between this and the original crafting epic, I am going to take a page from the adventurer epic naming, and call this the Crafting Epic 2.0.

One last thing, in case I forget to specify it in a step - if I say "speak with Brytthel" I mean to go back to Nye'Caelona, NOT back to Maldura.

The Final Blow

As with all signature quests that are epic quests, it is mostly one big huge quest with lots and lots of steps. As such, if you get confused or stuck, do NOT delete the quest, but seek help. Truly, there's a lot you could lose, mess up and so on, and you don't want to hit a point where you not only lose your progress, but lose the ability to obtain the quest again.

Speak with Brytthel in Nye'Caelona

After completing "Choose the Slug Life", Brytthel has more to say to you. She feels that, rather than fruitlessly chase the stone all over the place, we should plan for the worst, and have something in place in case Lanys T'Vyl gets her hands on the Chaos Stone. She has been doing quite a bit of research on god-killing weapons, especially local legends about Haggle Baron Dalnir and the Greenmist kukri.

Speak with Soothsayer Shanks in Twark

Soothsayer Shanks (waypoint 270, -173, -746) has just returned from rescuing folks in the "bad place", which turns out to be the Crypt of Dalnir. He tells you of the path you need to take once inside and a bit about the dangers you will face along the way. While it may seem like some insurmountable obstacles, perhaps Bryythel might have some ideas?

Speak with Brytthel in Nye'Caelona

Brytthel feels confident that a few skilled crafters should be able to solve all the problems involved in reaching Haggle Baron Dalnir. When you ask about where to do further research, she states that the Kly and the Overseer were well known among the sarnak before they were lost within Dalnir's Crypt, and that if you've earned the trust of any sarnaks, speaking with them might be a good place to start. Considering how much time you spent earning the trust of a certain group of sarnaks when working on your Earring of the Solstice, the logical next step would be Bathezid's Watch in Fens, eh?

Speak with Researcher Thelzik Ku'Rok in Bathezid's Watch

If you haven't completed "Proof in the Pudding" (the epic quest that rewards your earring of the solstice), then 1) you won't be able to progress any further until you do and 2) you ignored the warning in the first paragraph on this page saying you needed to have it done. Go do it! :D

For the rest of you, Researcher Thelzik Ku'Rok (/waypoint 1163, 203, -1534) in Bathezid's Watch is willing to talk with you about The Kly and the overseer that served him. However, recent attacks from Riliss have done damage to the library, and some of the pages are scattered hither and yon.

You'll need to scavenge around for the missing pages. He hands you an unfinished book based on your crafting class (Outfitters: Dag the Blasphemer, Craftsmen: The Legend of Dalnir, Scholars: The Art of Killing Iksar). Scattered around the building, and sometimes just outside the entrance will be the even numbered pages that you are missing. These pages can only be seen by folks on this step, and since the subclasses each have a different book, only folks in your subclass on that step will be also gobbling up the same pages that you are. Odd numbered pages will be found in random clickable bookcases in the building.

Once you have completed the collection, head to any collection npc and hand in the collection. Not only will you have a finished house item book with a bit of a story in it, but you will be granted a recipe scroll specific to your subclass. Scribe it.

Craft and Scrounge

So, you have your subclass-specific recipe (Scholars: "Illusion: Mummified Ganak Noble", Craftsmen: "Incense Dispenser", Outfitters: "Overseer's Sword" and "Overseers Shield"), and you should probably make it/them to get one of your needed updates. To get the parts from the other two crafting classes, you can check your local crafting channel and/or the broker. Yep, unlike the original crafting epic, these are fully tradeable, and after the first day or so after launch, you can expect them to be on the broker. If you are pulling these items from shared bank or the guild bank and do not get an update for that step in your quest journal, drop the offending item(s) in a broker box, then pull it back out again.

Enter the Crypt of Dalnir

STOP right here. Due to the number of times people have been killed by the Haggle Baron Dalnir, I want you to check your quest journal. Are you on the step to find Dalnir? If yes, continue on to the next paragraph. If no, then READ your quest journal and then backtrack a paragraph or two and stop skipping over quest updates! :D Dalnir WILL kill you if you get alll the way through there and he doesn't have a quest book over his head, so no shortcuts, k?

Once laden down with sword, shield, incense and illusion scroll, use your handy Twark Transport Totem once again. Then head over to the Crypt of Dalnir (/waypoint 792, -129, -582). If it is nighttime, you'll want to be flying a bit higher than in the daytime, due to aggro ghosts around the crypt. Once there, the entrance is that large disc in the floor. Click and you'll be hit with multiple zone options. You, of course, want the [Tradeskill] version. :D

Use Your Illusion Scroll

Yep, I know it makes you look all mumified and ugly, but it will de-aggro all the wandering mummies (and only the mummies) in the zone. Forget to use it and they'll be happy to kill you.

Temporarily Hotbar the Incense Dispenser

Remember your bixie gassing skills on the original crafting epic? No? Well, then you'll need to relearn those skills to deal with the ghosts. Some of them can simply be avoided, but others WILL need to be gassed. (Personally, I gassed them all with extreme prejudice, just to be safe). Also note now, before you start running off, that they flail about as they are dispelled, so don't stand too close to them, or they'll kill you as they "die".

Click on the Statue on the Right

Walk forward, and since Soothsayer Shanks told you the Baron was on the right, you'll find the right-hand statue is the one you need to click. Click it, and the right-hand door unlocks for you.

Through the Gauntlet

There are quite a few ghosts in that first room, including one lurking in the lefthand corner as you enter the room. Be as timid or as brave as you feel the need. Gas as much as you want, as little as you want. This first room would be the best spot to experiment, since you have less distance to run back when/if you die. The range for the incense is *just* barely more than the aggro range for the ghosts, so you'll want to find the technique that works for you. For the pathers, it is a bit easier, as you can watch their pathing, run up, drop an incense, backpedal and let them path into it. You can also drop some incense, lemming forward to aggro range, and run back over your incense, screaming like a little halfling, and hope that the ghost is dealt with before they deal with you. :D

The Walls Have ... a Key?

Get through the first room, then the little corner room, clear the ghost in the third room and stop in that third room. There are two window-like alcoves on the right-hand wall. If you have lots of AE auto skill, or you have a pet that likes to AE, turn on Singular Focus, and either get rid of your pet or temporarily put them on passive. Destroy the walls, look thoroughly inside for a vase. It blends in well with the room, and may be hidden behind cobwebs, but somewhere in one of those two alcoves is a vase. Smish it, and you get the first key that you need.

Keep moving forward, keep on gassing as needed. When you get to a room with two door options, take the one on the left. (/waypoint -198, 27, -49).

Keep on going and eventually you head down a ramp and into a rather goo-filled room. (/waypoint -78, 1, -187).


Now you need to keep one eye on the moving goo and one eye on your footing. See that liquid glop flowing along the channels in the room? You need to find a key in all that mess, but don't go off half-informed! Avoid the moving goo mobs, carefully jump up onto those little retaining walls and fish from there. Do NOT fall in the liquid glop, unless you want your repair bill to grow. Just edge along. Yeah, I know, they're kind of short to be called walls, but they're enough to block your line of sight when fishing, so ...

The "accumulation of goo" can be tracked if you're having a hard time spotting them on your own for some reason. The key is a random chance from the nodes, so it may take you a single try, it may take quite a few tries (especially if your fishing skill is low and you fail to catch anything at all while skilling up). Keep on wandering from fishing spot to fishing spot, avoiding goo, until you fish up the overseer's key.

Moving On

You came down one ramp, and now need to head up the ramp that was facing it. If you are turned about or confused due to dodging and fishing, you want to head to the ramp at /waypoint -80, 4, -224 and head up it. Be ready for more ghosts, some of which will be guarding doorways instead of pathing around, so you will have to use incense on them.

When you get to around /waypoint -208, 26, -328 you may feel a bit nervous when you see goo guarding a doorway straight ahead of you. Don't walk up to the goo. This is a subtle(!) signal that you don't want to go that way. Hang a left, smudge more ghosts out of existence with incense, and keep heading deeper into the temple.

Thankfully, you're in the home stretch in this zone. Clear the ghosts, click on the shield pedestal (/waypoint -200, 28, -399), and the sword in the sword pedestal (/waypoint -258, 29, -401) and the closed doors between them are now unlocked.

Head straight in, assuming you've cleared those two ghosts guarding it. The last two ghosts of your ghost-gassing career now stand between you and Haggle Baron Dalnir, who is, even when dead, hard at work in front of a forge (/waypoint -228, 26, -547).

He's busy, he's grumpy, and once you have gotten rid of the ghosts that were guarding the path to him, you need to speak to him ONCE. I repeat, he's busy and grumpy. He will answer your questions, then tell you not to bother him anymore or he will be forced to deal with you. If that isn't clear enough speech for you, then: He WILL kill you if you hail him again, k?

Crafting the Conduits

He gave you the recipe for the rune conduit, which MUST be crafted in the forges in this room, so, again, don't run off half-baked the second you get the recipe and the ingredients.

There are two side-rooms off this room, and as a level 100 crafter, you should be used to scrounging by now. If you're having trouble, though, Dalnir's Smithing Hammer is in a chest in one room (/waypoint -277, 26, -441), Dalnir's Infused Coal is in coal bins and hoppers all over the other room. That second room also contains the water (/waypoint -156, 27, -450), imbued tynnonium on a table (/waypoint -154, 26, -463) and dust of ethernere on another table (/waypoint -182, 26, -463).

Now you need to craft it in a Forge of Dalnir. Yeah, that thing the Haggle Baron is standing in front of isn't just some intimidating piece of zone art, it is a forge. Complete the combine to obtain 4 run conduits, then you can Twark Totem out of there. Your illusion will last for quite a while if you want to keep it up for some reason, or you can drop it - your call.

Return to Brytthel

Congratulations, you've learned how to transfer the power of a god from a relic of that god into an extremely powerful weapon. And you and Brytthel happen to know where there are relics of those lost gods. The adventurers already have strong weapons that should be capable of handling the power, and it is up to you to prepare the statues in the Arcanna'se Spires with the power of the gods, so they can empower their weapons to battle Lanys.

Travel to the Arcanna'se Spire

Another time to save yourself some running by NOT going off half-baked. Turn 180 degrees after speaking with Brytthel. See that blue-green and gold ... thingie ... on the edge of the platform? That's a portal back to Thalumbra that dumps you right near the portal to the spire. As a crafter on an important mission, this portal has now been unlocked for your use (it is only accessible to adventurers past a certain spot in their signature line, and to crafters on this step and beyond for their epic line). There's a mate to this portal item in Thalumbra that will get you back to Nye'Caelona as needed, too.

Search and Craft

After you enter the spire, the first door on your left leads to a room with 3 broken portal anchors. Guess you're not using the portal to get into the upper area of the spire until you exercise some of the skills that make you a grandmaster crafter.

Yep, you're a Norrathian MacGuyver, so start scrounging! The first stop should likely be the library, because, unlike him, you tend to do a lot of research as you go.

If you've forgotten how to get around in here, the next door to your left after you exit the room with the broken anchors (aka, the second door to the left from the main entrance) is the hall leading to the library (/waypoint 117, 2, -2). As expected, there's a handy dandy scroll sparkling on the floor. Well, don't just stare at it, pick it up and the recipe for "Spire Anchor" will automagically drop in your recipe book.

Now, most of those ingredients may not be familiar to you, but you used some of that wax the last time you were in here, so the room with the mortar and pestle is a good place to start.

Head back into the central room off the entrance, and you want the first door on the right (counterclockwise) from the entrance.

Grab some wax from on the table in the mortar and pestle room (/waypoint -55, 4, 32), then run back to the grassy area between you and the zone entrance. The long table at /waypoint -17, 1, -25 looks like a good spot to craft, and your other two needed ingredients are in this area as well. Since you're going to need to repair 3 portal anchors, you'll need 9 arcanna'se hardwood from the Hardwood shrubs. (Grab 10, since they like to come in pairs :D) Then you'll need 3 arcanna'se precious metal from the arcanna'se ore. If your gathering skill isn't maxxed, you may need a few tries before you get all three, which is a warning to keep in mind if you're not a die-hard crafter or you're running an alt with rusty skills through.

Once you have crafted all three Spire Anchor, head into the room with the broken portal anchors (/waypoint 46, 1, 10) and click on each of them.

Portal Up and Find the Queen

Use the portal and you are in the upper part of the spire. Hrm, if you're prone to wandering off on your own, you'll find there are aggro mobs down 4 side-rooms, so maybe you should explore a bit and see if inspiration strikes. Head all the way south from the portal. You'll find a rather transparent-looking Queen Alwenielle waiting for you (/waypoint -470, 5, 17). It seems it is a magical projection of her, here to help you with the guardians of the relics.

She gives you some background information, which I won't echo here in this already-huge wall of text. Lore hounds, read her conversation and enjoy the extra detail. Then everyone take the following nuggets of information from her conversation to heart: 1) Any protection to keep the guardians from attacking you will be SHORT in duration. 2) No timer/protection starts until you step into the right sphere of influence, so noodle all you want once you accept the quest, as long as you haven't triggered a timer. If you've triggered a timer and are panicking, back out of the room.

Time Is Short

Once you enter into the right area for each step, a 60-second timer will start, so prep as much as you need to before you go searching for the first (Paixao). At the very least, have a runspeed buff up (solstice earring buff, etc). If you have problems with dangerous timed combines then tweaking your tradeskill AA for +progress, +durability and out-of-class combines is good. Progress or innovation potions and/or more crafting gear might be good, too. For those who are used to being proactive and key-mashing every single round, you likely don't need all that. However, be aware that these combines will kill you if you fail a counter. (This means you should take lag into consideration if you're doing it on the heavy server load expansion launch day, for example.) The guardians for each area are on a 65-second invisible timer that starts at the same time as the visible 60-second timer (an extra 5 seconds after the visible timer runs out, basically), so don't stand around to pat yourself on the back, but run back out of the room and out of aggro range before you break between combines.

If something not immediately fatal goes awry while you're on a timer, run out of the room you're in ASAP and let the timer run out. Don't worry about running out of rune conduits as you'll magically be able to empower the statues even if there are no more in your bags.


Enough chat. Leave the room with the Queen's projection, and head due north towards the portal. Hang a LEFT right before the portal room and grab incense from a table (/waypoint -424, 9, -132) as you run past it.

So, you're staring at a pair of Protector of Passion. (Yep, Paixao is Passion). Now is the time to put your trust in the Queen, have your geocraft hotbar up, and run, screaming like a little halfling between them and up to the clickable pedestal/statue in the room they are guarding.

If you didn't read this walkthrough first, you may have, like me, inched forward, crablike, until you crossed over a line in the floor and had a shield animation flash around you while the guards went non-aggro, THEN started running. After a time or two of that, I decided to try the lemming approach, and it worked. The second that shield animation goes around you, even if the aggro names don't visibly change for another half second to a second, not only are you safe, but the timer is counting down. So, for once, you can throw caution to the wind, and just take off at a running start. As long as you grabbed the incense as I told you to, you're good to run, click the statue and (carefully) craft. Then run out the second you are done, before the guards get grumpy again.


One down, three to go. (Make sure you got your quest update, and that it is telling you to find the relic of Aniquilacion now!) Head all the way east from Passion to eyeball those impressive Protector of Flame (/waypoint -/540, 9, -130). Same deal as with Paixao. Run in, craft, run out.

Pingyuan Diqu

These next two are mostly the same as the first two, only with a longer run. You're really going to want to hit the ground running, as the timer starts when you're halfway down curving stairs, with a longer run between you and the statue you need to empower. It is still very doable, just don't dilly-dally before or after.

Head back to the main hallway, and go south to the pair of archways before the room with the Queen. You want the left one, heading east (/waypoint -485, 0.29, -56). Again, the timer starts about halfway down the steps in front of you, so be ready to run-craft-run. (As a side note, Pingyuan Diqu is "Land", as you'll note as you streak past the protectors.)

Zou Kunnen

Head back up those curving stairs, then straight across to the arch to the west that leads to another set of curving stairs (/waypoint -454, 0.29, -56) Streak down past those Protector of Magic and do the speedy crafter routine one last time.

Return to the Queen's Projection

Once done, head back to that room to the south where the projection of Queen Alwenielle is waiting to reward you for "Time is Short" - this will only be the first part of your reward, though, as it completes the timed section in the spire, but isn't the final epic completion.

You recieve AAxp, coin, the "Brightfire, Essence of Arcanna'se" mount, one blank luclinite rune, and two purple rune recipes that autoscribe immediately into your recipe book. One of the recipes will be one that only your class gets (such as carpenter), and the other recipe will be one that can be learned by your subclass (i.e., craftsman).

Note from Domino

Domino (designer of these quests) posted the following information:
Players who deleted "The Final Blow" after completing the book collection quest and then became stuck because they are unable to complete the collection quest a second time should speak to Researcher Thelxik again. (NOTE: YOU SHOULD NEVER NEED TO DELETE THIS QUEST. If you run out of rune conduits, you will magically get more when you approach a statue to try again.)

Return to Brytthel in Nye'Caelona

Apples and oranges whether you want to run/evac through the zone, exit and use the port item outside the zone to get directly up to Nye'Caelona, or if you totem to Twark and fly from there. Just go see Brytthel one way or the other. Update her on the situation and she rewards you handsomely. AAxp, coin, guild status*, another blank luclinite rune, a Cloak of the Grandmaster ____, more status for completing "The Arcanna'se Crafter" achievement.

(*Signature quests award status based on the level of the quest and your adventuring level, so if you're a low-level adventurer, you'll get a lot less status out of this epic than you would if you were a level 100 adventurer.)

The prestige version of the cloak, sold on the Twark faction merchant, Scribbleclaw, is "Mantle of the Grandmaster ____". It will have some better stats, but it will require 50,000 personal status, 500p and 30 Sovereign of Rile, which you will also need for recipe book purchases and the like. So, it is something to keep at the back of your mind for the future.

The Rewards

This page is massive enough that I split out the rewards information, including a detailed look at the purple adornments and their set information, onto a separate page - KA Crafter Epic Rewards

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