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KA - Crafting Epic Rewards

This is the rewards page that goes with the Kunark Ascending Crafting Epic walkthrough.

New House Item Book

Each subclass will get a different book (Outfitters: Dag the Blasphemer, Craftsmen: The Legend of Dalnir, Scholars: The Art of Killing Iksar) from a tome collection while working on their new epic quest. Names and inside text vary, but the appearance is the same for all three.

New Mount

Brightfire, Essence of Arcanna'se, is a reward from the "Time is Short" epic subquest.

Purple Adorn Recipes

Also from the "Time is Short" subquest, you will autoscribe recipes for two purple adornments. Which two adornment recipes you receive are based on your crafting subclass and class.

The recipes will need to be crafted on the Forge of Brell (house item version is fine), and will use a Blank Luclinite Rune, 3 thalumbral root, 3 umbrite, 3 bornite nodule and 5 thaumic fuel. You will receive two runes during the epic quest, and additional runes can be obtained from completing the Twark weekly "Snacky Snacks". The fuel will vary based on the recipe. (For the sage-specific recipe, for example, you will use thaumic incense, for the scholar-specific recipe, you will use thaumic coal.)

These purple adorns are lore-equip as well as having set bonuses (and only set bonuses, no adorn-specific stats), so adventurers wanting the set bonuses will have to chase down more than one crafting class in order to fill out a specific set. The recipes are distributed as follows

  • Foundation of Thought - craftsmen (carpenter, provisioner, woodworker)
  • Firmament of Power - outfitters (armorer, tailor, weaponsmith)
  • Ascension of Magic - scholars (alchemist, jeweler, sage)
  • Foundation of Excitement - sage
  • Firmament of Passion - jeweler
  • Ascension of Love - alchemist
  • Foundation of Earth - woodworker
  • Firmament of Growth - provisioner
  • Ascension of Life - carpenter
  • Foundation of Ruin - weaponsmith
  • Firmament of Fire - tailor
  • Ascension of Destruction - armorer

Of course, that doesn't really give you a good picture of how adventurers are going to be asking for stuff, so here's a breakdown that might help with confused customers and crafters. (Additional summary help thanks to Lojask of AB):

Aspect of Paixao

  1. 26% potency
  2. 28% mitigation
  3. 4 Fervor
Set is made up of: Ascension of Love (Alchemist), Firmament of Passion (Jeweler), and Foundation of Excitement (Sage)

Aspect of Zou Kunnen

  1. 26% potency
  2. +25,000 power
  3. Applies Ascension of Magic: Increases damage of Frozen Heavens (Elem lvl9), Implosion (Etherealist level 8), Terrestrial Coffin (Geomancer level 4), Virulent Outbreak (Thaumaturgist level 6) by 4%
Set is made up of: Ascension of Magic (Outfitter: Sage/Alchemist/Jeweler), Firmament of Power (Outfitter: Armorer/Tailor/Weaponsmith), and Foundation of Thought (Craftsman: Carpenter/Provisioner/Woodworker)

Aspect of Aniquilacion

  1. 26% potency
  2. +100,000 ability modifier
  3. Applies Ascension of Destruction: Adds fire damage to Tainted Mutation (Thaumaturgist level 9), Granite Protector (Geomancer level 10) and Ethermancy (Etherealist level 10)
Set is made up of: Ascension of Destruction (Armorer), Firmament of Fire (Tailor), and Foundation of Ruin (Weaponsmith)

Aspect of Pingyuan Diqu

  1. 26% potency
  2. applies Firmament of Growth: Increases the window of opportunity for another to trigger a combo effect from your ascension abilities
  3. 25% max health, +250k health

Set includes: Ascension of Life (Carpenter), Firmament of Growth (Provisioner), and Foundation of Earth (Woodworker)

The Cloaks

Those cloaks pictured right above aren't just new graphical upgrades to our old mastery cloaks, either! The first image below contains the base stats for the new cloaks. The second image is the prestige version that can be obtained from Scribbleclaw, the Twark faction merchant, for 50,0000 status and 30 Sovereign of Rile. (You'll note that stats from resolve onward are improved for the prestige version, if you look carefully.)

But I bet you still want a closer look at them graphics-wise ...

Outfitters: Weaponsmith, Tailor, Armorer
Scholars: Alchemist, Sage, Jeweler
Craftsmen: Woodworker, Provisioner, Carpenter

Why yes, the Grandmaster Alchemist one IS fitting for one who works with caustic chemicals day in and day out! {grin} It looks like Gnobrin had fun with that one!

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