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The Proof of the Pudding Crafting Epic Quest Overview

In addition to epic quests for every adventuring class, GU42 introduced the release of class-specific epic questlines for level 80 crafters. (And yes, you must be level 80 in your crafting profession to obtain them.) These quests all begin with the same quest starter, but then branch off for the fourth quest based on class, then reconverge for the fifth quest. Reward for this epic line is the lovely Earring of the Solstice (pictured below), plus there are secondary rewards of a class-specific crafting cloak, mastery certification in your class, a prefix title, and one of each T8 rare resource.

This quest gets called a lot of different things by different people, so some will be asking for help with "the earring quest", some will call it "the pudding quest", some will call it the "epic" quest, and so on. Just be aware that they all refer to this same quest series.

If you are not looking for the original epic walkthrough, but rather the new crafting epic from Kunark Ascending, you can find the walkthrough at this link. If you're looking for the "prayer shawl" heritage quest, you want the "What Dreams May Come" writeup.

Added Requirements

These quests aren't for everyone. They do require time, effort, some grinding, and possibly some death (regardless of your adventuring level). With that in mind, in addition to the level 80 crafting requirement, there are some other things to be know before you start on these.

  • -20K (that is negative 20K) or better faction with Bathezid's Watch will be required
  • T5 rares, and several imbue materials from T7 and T8 will be required
  • Cooperation with crafters of other professions will be required. Unless they have all 9 crafting classes already at level 80 or above, even the most independent and antisocial crafter will need to work with other crafters and the commission system in order to receive the rewards.
For the faction, this means adventuring and/or completing the crafter New Lands, New Profits" quest, then grinding the RoK crafting daily and/or crafting writs at Bathezid's Watch. (+750 faction per writ, +2000 faction per daily).

Crafters who own the Earring of the Solstice will also be able to see red tradeskill glowie collections (no need for it to be equipped to see the red ones), and will be able to see blue collections in Faydwer and Kunark when they have the earring equipped.

OLD Version of the Earring
June 12, 2018 Version of the Earring
My sincere thanks to folks in our forums who contributed information, screenshots and/or moral support. It was phenomenal to see such a lovely outpouring of community cooperation.

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