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Brewday 2017 - Blending In?

Scarletwing had rather expected a lot of odd projects when she asked to be Niami DenMother's understudy in the fine art of Mischief. However, she had also expected that she would be watching Mum at work a bit more instead of being sent off "undercover" without much additional guidance. But when "Mum" says go, you go ... even when the outfit you are given to wear looks utterly ridiculous on you!

Scowling, she rubbed at the base of one of her horns while waiting for a newfound "drinking buddy" to return with their ales. She wasn't really drinking much, but she needed to at least appear to be drinking while she was observing the celebrations, and she'd rapidly realized that her wings were seriously in danger of being injured in the cramped confines of the bar. Sharing a corner table with a rotating array of drunks was better than continually having to fight to keep the corner to herself, and there was just enough room in that corner for her to avoid getting serious cramps in her wings ... or getting them tugged on, stepped on, and so on. If anyone at the table got too out of line, they usually either settled down, or vacated, at the sight of the grumpy-looking aerakyn "sailor" showing some very sharp-looking teeth.

Settling more firmly into a "surly drunk" persona, she watched everything while not-drinking. She drank just enough over the course of the night to give her beer-breath, without getting truly drunk. The rest of her ale ended up either worn or spilled. Having strangers cycle in and out of seats at the rest of the table also helped, as nobody was really keeping close tabs on what she did or did not drink.

The following morning her studies continued with her observing various hung-over and still-drunk people in and out of the bar. She even consented to "help" a few of them, after listening to their tales of what had happened to them due to a night of drinking. (She made a mental note though, not to take even a single sip of any drink recommended by a dwarf named Oldar Foambeard EVER again, after she regained consciousness in the Feerrott.)

That afternoon Mum answered a knock on her door and almost closed it again at the sight the ale-stained surly "sailor" before her brain caught up with her eyes and she recognized Scarletwing. "Och! Done, are ye? How aboot ye tell me all aboot it o'er pie." As her eyes started to water, she thought of her pristine kitchen and hastily suggested: "Actually, let's take it oot back an' ye can rinse off a bit wi' a sun-warmed barrel o' water that I hae back there first."

"PFAUGH!" After Scarlet followed Mum around to the back of her home, she tore the headscarf off her head, not caring that it caught on her horns and ripped more. "I suspect this entire outfit is ready for the bonfire after the last day. The fumes from all the spilled alcohol are bad enough that they'd burn if you lit a match a block away, I suspect." She scratched vigorously, working her long fingers under her white hair to scratch at the bases of her horns.

Mum shook her head, resisting the urge to scratch at a phantom itch brought on by watching the tall aerakyn. "Nay, lass, I'll wash them in th' lake later, an' let them fumigate oot here frae a day ... or a week or twa. Then mend them an' store them away. Ye ne'er know when ye may need 'em again."

"But wh-" Scarlet began, only to be cut off by Mum."

"I'll explain after, lass, though I suspect ye've figured most o' it oot frae yuirself already. Tell me what ye learned, lass."

"Well, I learned about several different types of drinkers and drunks, like you wanted me to. And I figured out which types I thought were the best and worst for pranks." At an encouraging nod from the tiny halfling, she continued. "The casual social drinkers are pretty much a no-go, I'd say. They're too sober for any drinking-related pranks, and too much on their guard when surrounded by unpredictable drinkers. There are better times and places to plan pranks upon them.

"Aye, Scarlet, ye hae th' right o' it there. An' the seriously plastered?" Inside her head, Mum was praying to Bristlebane as she waited for Scarlet's answer. ("Oh, please, let this lass be th' one who truly understands ...")

"I know most wouldn't agree with me, but-" Scarlet bit her bottom lip, almost hard enough to break the skin before she continued in a rush, "I don't think the well and truly plastered are good prank material, either. At least, not for a serious prankster. Don't get me wrong, you could prank them, far too easily. But they may or may not remember it in the morning and there's no subtlety, no finesse."

Mum's shoulders slumped, and her eyes welled with tears at the words.

At the sight, Scarlet flattened her wings tightly against her back, exclaiming. "I'm sor-"

Mum flapped her hand at Scarlet, waving her to silence as she got herself under control. "Do nae be sorry, lass. I cry due tae relief at finally finding someone tae study th' finer points o' pranking from me, since I've nae blood relatives wi' th' finesse frae it. Almost anyone could prank th' truly drunk, sae there's nae challenge in it, an' quite possibly much harm tae them an' tae bystanders."

Scarlet let her wings relax, and her own shoulders slumped as she let the tension go out of them. As wildly different as she might be when compared to the tiny halfling sitting in the backyard with her, they were kindred spirits in many ways, and Niami's good opinion of her mattered more than she'd cared to let on.

For the next little while, she regaled Niami with tales a happy drunks, surly drunks, hung over searches for missing items and more. It was all the sort of things Mum had seen and heard over the years, made new and fresh by a fresh pair of eyes.

Finally, Scarlet started to wrap things up. "I think I understand why you didn't have me do this in my own clothes. A drunken stranger during a holiday is given a wide berth, and is mostly allowed to observe in peace. If I'd been recognized as a local, folks would have expected me to be more chatty, getting in the way of my people-watching. And given how you started to react when I knocked on your door a bit ago, people see what they expect to see. But I'm still not sold on the sailor outfit, nor the colors."

At that Mum giggled merrily. "Aye, lass, ye hae hit th' nail on th' head frae one o' my twa reasons."

When no more elaboration from the giggling halfling was immediately forthcoming, Scarlet prompted, "And the other reason?"

Mum giggled and grinned unrepentantly up at her, "Why, because ye let me get away wi' it, o' course! Jus' because I told ye no pranking frae this, did nae mean I'd nae try tae get a wee bit in!"

Welcome to Brewday 2017! This celebration of Brell and the many brews that are found across Norrath will run from March 3 through March 17. (As "usual" with events other than Frostfell, the event should start at 1 minute after midnight Pacific on the start date, and should end at 1 minute before midnight Pacific on the end date.)

New Crafted

There are twelve new crafted items to be found in "Brewday Accoutrements to Craft VIII", which is sold in the Bar of Brell by Balin Copperfoot. The recipes will require a primary ingredient from either your upgraded pack pony or the "bountiful Brewday garden", which can only be seen when wearing the Improved Ale Goggles. (More details will be included in a below section regarding the gardens for those who are new to them.) The remaining ingredients for these items will all be tier 1 common harvests.

And yes, some of them are reskins (recolors) of items we already have -- because some folks have asked for things like that. :D

Brew House Pelt
Carved Deklium Bench
Carved Deklium Table
Hewn Stone Vault
Kaladim Double Ale Rack
Kaladim Maxi-Keg
Copper Sauce Pan
Copper Cup
Copper Plate
Tiered Brewday Cake
Brew House Cushion

New Buyables

These twelve items are sold by Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell for Beer Tokens:
Ashenfall Terramancer Plushie
4 tokens
Ashenfall Weaponsmith Plushie
4 tokens
Calcite Stalagmaw
(no-trade housepet)
10 tokens
Miner's Illuminating Gem*
5 tokens
Petamorph Wand: Malduran Slug
15 tokens
Seal of Maldura
10 tokens

*If you are too far zoomed in when you are previewing these items in-game, the "Miner's Illuminating Gem" isn't so illuminating! The gem part, which is actually a bright azure, looks dark and molten in a zoomed in preview, so be sure you zoom out for the full effect!

Brewcrew Appearance Set:

  • Brewcrew Buccaneer Boots - 3 tokens
  • Brewcrew Buccaneer Cap - 6 tokens
  • Brewcrew Buccaneer Shirt - 8 tokens
  • Brewcrew Buccaneer Sleeves - 6 tokens
  • Brewcrew Buccaneer Trousers - 8 tokens
  • Brewcrew Captain's Hat - 8 tokens

New Quest

There is one new quest this year, found next to the docks in Thundering Steppes. The reward is your choice of 10 beer tokens or a Captain's Serving Horn. While it can be done by any level of adventurer, be aware that if you've not obtained access to the Kunark sokokar posts (level 65+ crafter or adventurer quest), you'll have a bit of a swim in front of you in one of the zones you are sent to. :D

If you need additional information on all Brewday quests, the wiki's Brewday page has a good rundown, including which repeatable quests you can do for additional beer tokens. Casdoe of Maj'Dul has also updated her a Brewday quest tracker spreadsheet for folks to download. This year she has also added a .pdf version for those who prefer that to XLS files. This quest tracker is a godsend for those of us with multiple alts!


Good news for the TLE server! This year, all of the Brewday event is available, except for the "More Brews is Good News" collection, since it requires access to Maldura. Enjoy!

For Those New To Brewday

The Bar of Brell is located in several spots near major cities:

  • Antonica: Near the North Qeynos Gate
  • The Commonlands:: By the Freeport gates
  • Greater Faydark: At the stable near Green Knoll
  • Timorous Deep: In Gorowyn, on the docks, at 2362, 7, 1385
  • Frostfang Sea: In New Halas at -72, 147, -33

Inside the bar you will find a number of NPC questgivers, and a merchant, Balin Copperfoot. In addition to items sold for Beer Tokens (earned from the various quests, including the repeatable quests), Balin sells recipe books that are only available during this event. The all-class heirloom recipes require not only low-level (T1 & T2) harvestables, but also special Brewday harvestables as primary ingredients.

In addition to being able to obtain these harvestables from your Upgraded Pack Pony, once you have completed the Ale Goggles quest from Gillin Rockbreath (inside the Bar of Brell), you can wear these goggles to see special Bountiful Brewday gardens in Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, and Frostfang Sea. (Gardens are only available while Brewday is running.)

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