Chronoportals 2018

In mid-March of every year, EQ2 celebrates the anniversary of the original EverQuest with a chronoportals event. This event involves portals scattered around the world that lead to long-ago times (events from EQ). Tokens (ancient platinum coin) earned from the portals and related quests can then be spent at chronoportals merchants in Antonica and Commonlands. (Both vendors offer the same items.) The 2018 Chronoportals event will run from March 19, 2018 at 12:01am PDT through March 26, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT on the live servers. The merchants, however, will remain in game until April 2, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT.

Since this anniversary occurs during the crazed event season for EQ2 (sandwiched between Brewday and Bristlebane Day), now that the event is established, there isn't always much new with it. For 2018, the new offerings are 5 new buyable paintings, all of which will cost 1 ancient platinum coin.

This year, everything but the replicase (which remain heirloom) will be fully tradeable. They will also stack in inventory, although this may not take effect until the next patch. The harp and the books will be heirloom until the next patch, at which time they will be made tradeable.

New For 2018

Foreboding Entry
Might of Ancient Oggok
The Great Divide
The Red Lord
Undying Scales

TLE Notes

Stormhold will have the entire event. Fallen Gate, which is still missing one of the needed zones (and some of the needed levels), will not have the event this year.

Quick Reminder

These instances will automatically chronomentor you as needed. Remember that this will dispel pets, including god pets, and familiars, so you will be recasting those a lot. You will also need to /unmentor once done with the instance.

Returning Buyables

Most of these items cost 1 Ancient Platinum Coin apiece. The exceptions are "The Age of Turmoil" painting, and the "Ancient Melodic Gnomophone" which cost 5 Ancient Platinum Coin each. They are sold on the chronoportal merchants near the lighthouse in Antonica, and above the Commonlands dock.

A Dark Diary
Ancient Melodic Gnomophone*
Ancient Musical Harp*
Beasts of Cazic-Thule
Captain's Logbook -
The Tidebreaker
Emerging Into
East Commonlands
Emperor Crush's Throne
Entering Crushbone
Entering Unrest
Guardian of Flame
Guarding the
Foreign Quarter
Hidden in the Mists
Kaladim's Ancient Guardian
Legacy of Guk
Karnor's Entrance
Memorable View of
Rivervale Bank
Necessary Elements
Qeynos Guard Logbook
Remnants of a
Sarnak Stronghold
Remnants of Cabilis
Remnants of Feerrott
Remnants of Guk
Replica: Allizewsaur
Replica: Banes of
The Desert**
Replica: Fippy Darkpaw
Replica: Ghouls of Guk**
Replica: Minotaur Hero
Replica: Pyzjn
Replica: Quillmane
Replica: Warlord Skarlon
Ring Around the Desert
Sands of Time Hourglass
Servants of Veeshan
Tale of the Hero
The Age of Turmoil
The Dangers of
Kael Drakkel
The Pinnacle of Knowledge
To Slay a Dragon
To The Forest Floor
View of Old Freeport
View of Old Qeynos
View of The Temple
Walking in the Sand: A Case
Study in Desert Spiders
Welcome to Iceclad Ocean

*Both the harp and the gnomophone play music. The harp may still be heirloom when the event launches, but should be fixed in the next live patch.

**These two replicas only show one mob in preview mode, which is incorrect

Returning for 2018

If you want additional details on the quests or collection item locations, you might want to check out the wiki's Chronoportal Phenomenon

Returning Quest With House Items

You can choose one of these two items (or Ancient Platinum Coins) for completing the "Hunt the Past" quest. Both housepets are no-trade. Note that you will have to kill special triggered mobs in each of the chronoportal instances in order to complete this quest. (The level requirement on each of the instances was removed in 2016, but low-level folks should proceed with a group of elders, or with much care, when grabbing updates from the higher level instances.)

Guk Basilisk (housepet)
Lava Beetle (housepet)

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