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Tradeskill (Work Order) Writs

A tradeskill writ system was implemented with the arrival of GU27. Crafters are offtered two styles of writs, to match more than one crafting/playing style. For those who like a challenge, there are timed "Rush Orders", and for those who like a more liesurely pace, there are regular "Work Orders". In both cases you will receive coin, guild status, faction with your city's crafting organization, and crafting experience. (If you are an Exile, you will not get the faction reward.) The rush orders, being the harder of the two to complete, also carry the greater rewards.

Both styles of writ require that you be at least level 20 in your chosen tradeskill profession, and can be deleted if you decide that you have one that is not your cup of tea.

Rush Orders - for the Very Skilled (and Very Quick!)

In each crafting instance there is an NPC with "Rush Orders" after their name. If you think you have what it takes to complete an emergency rush job for your crafting society, speak to him/her in order to be offered several choices. The highest level choice for your current crafting level is listed as the first option, with slightly lower-level ones below it. Depending on your level, this can sometimes include a writ from the tier below you.

An 8 minute 30 second timer starts as soon as you find one of the "Work Orders" tables and search for your order, so a bit of advanced preparation is a good thing:

  • Make sure you have done all your pristine discoveries for the target tier first. It always seems like you have a harder time completing an item in a timely manner if you are just discovering it for the first time.
  • Make sure you have enough of the proper fuel already purchased and in inventory.
  • Triple-check to be sure that you have scribed all your current essentials books!
  • Pre-filter your recipe book to only display the essentials recipes from the target tier.
  • Scout around and find the "Work Orders" table closest to your tradeskill equipment.
  • When doing one of the multi-stage ones (i.e., 2 of this, then 2 of that, then 2 of another, and that sort of thing), do not accept the award popup paying for the fuel in the completed segment until you've already started crafting the next item. This should give you a couple extra seconds of crafting time.
  • Have enough resources on-hand to make a half dozen of anything non-rare in the target tier (a dozen if you're a provisioner, with a double-yield on pristine). You won't know what you're going to be asked to make until the timer starts, so be prepared!
  • Provisioners, make sure you have aerated mineral water and dough on-hand, just in case you're asked to make something that requires either
  • Make sure you have drink regen in effect, and/or any other power regen boost that you have available.
  • If you realize you are going to fail on the timer, despite your best efforts, stop crafting sooner, rather than later, and let the timer run out. This way you lose less fuel and resources.
  • For the multi-step writs, you do NOT have to craft the items in the order listed, so do them in whatever sequence works for you ... just make your choice quickly. ;D
These writs are meant to be a challenge to finish in the time alloted, and so, will carry greater rewards in terms of coin, status, and faction (150) for those who can complete them on time.

Items created for these are "virtual", meaning that they update the quest, and no item appears in your inventory, so failure at the very end of the timer can be expensive, as you lose the fuels and resources that you spent on the current set of items.

Because of this risk of loss, there are a couple different flavors of timed rush orders. In the toughest ones, you may be asked to make six (12 if a provisioner) of the same item, and you won't see any reward until you have completed all 6 in the time alloted. Slightly easier ones may have multiple "segments", where you make couple of one item, then a couple of another, and then a couple of another. In this case, you will receive payment for fuel costs after each segment of of the process ... but your timer is still going. As mentioned above, just keep on working, and wait to accept the fuel reward after you have the next combine started. Once you have all of the items completed in the time alloted, you go back to the Rush Orders NPC for the rest of your reward. The timer (thankfully) stops the moment you finish crafting the final item, so don't break your neck trying to rush up the stairs to hand them in!

Realize that if you fail on the timer, you lose all progress you had made on the writ, and will have to start totally over, so don't risk these until you're ready to really knuckle down and rush.

Work Orders - a Gentler Pace

Rushing through your crafting process is not for everyone. Some craft to unwind, others are prone to interruptions from phone, children, spouses, etc. While the rewards will be a bit less, you can still earn yourself guild status, tradeskill xp, faction and a little coin by completed an untimed "Work Order".

These will generally ask for twice as many items to be crafted as the timed versions do. The payout will be slightly less, your crafting society faction increase will be less (100 instead of 150), your guild status reward will be slightly less, but the xp reward on hand-in should be the same.

The NPC, with "Work Orders" after their name, should be stationed near the Rush Orders NPC, just inside the entrance to your crafting instance. Once you have spoken with them and accepted the quest, search for your order on the nearest work order desk.

Breathe. Take your time. Chat with your friends while you craft, and so on. When you're done, simply report back to the Work Orders NPC for your reward.

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