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Heroes Festival 2017

The Heroes' Festival is the EQ2 anniversary celebration honoring us, the heroes of the land. The 2017 event will run from November 3, 2017 through November 15, 2017 on all servers other than the TLE server Fallen Gate. (Stormhold, the other TLE server, gets access to everything that isn't in a locked zone, so will NOT get the following mischeva spawns: Baelon - Eidolon Jungle and Roehn Theer - The Stonebrunt Highland.)

This year there are four new house items that can be purchased with event currency, and six equipment items that include a mount. The house items cost Tokens of Heroism, which granted for the various quests within Qeynos and Freeport. The second, Mischeva's Tribute, is granted for helping kill the various "epic" Mischeva clothwork creations in Antonica, the Commonlands, Sinking Sands, Kylong Plains, Eidolon Jungle, and Sundered Frontier.

Would you rather see these in video form for a closer look? The talented "Building Inspector" has kindly shared the link to the item preview video.

Meanwhile, Casdoe of Maj'Dul has once again put together a quest tracker spreadsheet for folks to download. It is also available in pdf format this year.

Aged Caravan Wagon
15 Tokens of Heroism
Golden Candles
5 Tokens of Heroism
Hero's Destiny
5 Tokens of Heroism
Regal Caravan Wagon
15 Tokens of Heroism

Bloodmane Clothwork Steed
level 85 flying mount - heirloom
50 Mischeva's Tribute

Mischeva Troop appearance armor set: boots & gloves cost 3 Mischeva Tribute each; legs, chest & sleeves cost 4 Mischeva Tribute each.

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