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PoP: Planar Crafting Completionist Achievement

Note from Mum: The information below was provided by Discord user "Vynie" (thank you SO much!). Let me be clear that I consider this a quest for PoP adventurers who are also crafters, not crafters who happen to be adventuers. By this I mean that you're going to have to be doing heroic expansion content, and that the reward is also geared towards adventurers, not crafters.

On Jan 18, 2018, the "clickable" items mentioned below became loot items from the final boss in their respective zones. It is my understanding that it will be a single drop each time. ~Mum

From Vynie:

I would like to shed some light on the details surrounding the [V] orange adornment recipes and the tradeskill achievement "Planar Crafting Completionist" with its resulting mount.

If you want to go ahead and publish it for everyone to see.

So, there are a total of 12 fabled crafting components: 4 dropped, 8 clicked.
Fire mephit blood, storm rider's blood, sillocorrosive grease, and Bubonian blood are the 4 dropped components (they drop from the last named in each of the T1 and T2 normal heroic instances -- NOT event heroics).

The 8 clicked components include the following: clockwork grease, clockwork carapace, fiery granite, solidified magma, stormwatcher's horn, drop of pure rain, foul smelling liquid, and putrid ooze.

When the final named in the non-event heroic instance is defeated, there's a 33% chance for a dropped component, a 33% chance for clickable component #1, and 33% chance for clickable component #2. Only one of them can appear in a given instance, but one of them will ALWAYS appear.

However, no clickable components have been discovered in the following two zones: Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine & Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach.

  • Clockwork Grease and Clockwork Carapace spawn on various junk piles throughout Masks of the Marvelous. The grease is from a fallen clockwork -- very easy to identify due to its size. Clockwork carapace doesn't have a static appearance -- it can be a number of different clickable objects on the junk piles. Keep in mind that both of them can spawn on junk piles in the same room as the 3rd named encounter.Most of the locations for those are to the left and right of the entrance with a chance for it to also appear in the back of the zone near the final named.
  • Fiery Granite is from lava pillars in the left and right corridors on the top floor of Obsidian Core. There's a location in Monolith of Fire too, though I have not confirmed its whereabouts.
  • Solidified Magma can appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th subfloors of Obsidian Core from a large circle of magma & the final named room in Monolith of Fire. Stormwatcher's horn is probably the most difficult to spot -- it's an invisible clickable that appears in the front of towers adjacent to the ramp leading to the top of the lightning section of Winds of Change. It can appear on a ledge of those towers which is unreachable without jumping from the top of the tower.
  • Drop of Pure Rain is from a small gargoyle corpse that also appears on the lightning side of Winds of Change. It has 2 spawn locations on the top platform near the double named encounter, other locations in alcoves to the left of the ramp leading up.
  • Foul Smelling Liquid is from coffins at the entrance of Outbreak and from various pods that are part of the strategy of the 2nd named encounter in The Source.
  • Putrid Ooze spawns on the various zits between the 1st and 2nd named encounters in Outbreak and from surrounding islands near the 2nd named in The Source. It's a small green ooze that's rather difficult to see without being right on top of it.

Examining each of these components will provide a recipe (12 components = 12 recipes).

Each recipe requires all 4 components in its category. Category 1 = Bubonian Blood, Storm Rider's Blood, Sillocorrosive Grease, and Fire Mephit Blood. Category 2 = Foul Smelling Liquid, Clockwork Grease, Stormwatcher's Horn, and Fiery Granite. Category 3 = Putrid Ooze, Solidified Magma, Clockwork Carapace, and Drop of Pure Rain.

That's a total of 48 components required for the achievement.

Completing 3 recipes corresponding with a single zone (e.g. Plane of Disease) will complete a hidden sub-achievement that rewards the player with 1 of 4 tier 5 orange adornment recipes.

Each orange adornment recipe requires 1x essence of magic, 20x planar fragments, 40x planar powders, and 100x infusions of the planes.

From Mum: The Essence of Magic is a rare node spawn in the Plane of Magic. It cannot be tracked using the track harvestables ability. It can appear at various spots in the zone, and looks like a bit of aetherstone (see below). In order to see the Essence of Magic node, a player must have the "Far Seas Harvest Technique" prestige ability. (Top ability of the Far Seas tab on the Tradeskills Prestige page under your achievements tab.)

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