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Erollisi Day 2018: Pustules of Love


"Oh dear sweet Bristlebane on a purple polka dotted pony, some things can ne'er be unseen!" Niami DenMother muttered quietly to herself.

Well perhaps it was too quiet for normal hearing to pick it up amidst the lively party noises, but some folks just weren't normal, much to her chagrin.

"Dear? Dear?! Do my ears deceive me? Oh you dear lady, you DO care!" The orange-haired halfling that had simply materialized behind her without warning spoke quietly into her ear. "Sweet, though? Perish the thought! You'll ruin my reputation! And what is this about a purple polka dotted pony? Is there something amiss with my neon gree- ..." He finally realized that not only was Niami blushing so furiously at his comments that her face was redder than her hair, but that she was also unable to pry her gaze from something out in the center of the room.

Much as he wanted to continued to tease his favorite halfling priestess for taking his name in vain, he found his gaze following hers to an impromptu dance floor.

He shook his head, blinked, blinked again, then hit the side of his head with the palm of his hand, as if trying to knock the image out of his brain. Then he looked again, just to be sure that he'd really seen what he had thought he'd seen.

"Oh myyyyy. Um, where is the eyeball bleach when you need it?" Then he continued on in hushed tones that were one part horrified mixed with one part fascination. "It is sort of like watching a raid wipe in ultra-slow motion. You know it will end badly, but you can't bring yourself to stop watching."

Niami's tone was equally hushed as she answered him, wide blue eyes still glued to the pair of lady "dancers" who were showing off some racial flirtations on the dance floor. "Aye. Exactly so, tallstuff. Exactly so."

The week had started quietly enough, but somewhere along the way, it had careened out of Mum's control, like a stampeding horse team pulling a rickety cart. Not one that was being handled by your run-of-the-mill reckless wagon drivers, either. Nosiree! No, it must have been driven by a dwarf at quitting time, when he's just heard that his favorite pub was tapping a the first keg of a new brew -- utterly out of control and picking up momentum with every second.

Over the years, Mum's crafting hall had grown, as more and more of her friends and kin had decided it was a good idea to let all their apprentices craft together and share information and resources. Naturally, since Mum was the most organized of them all, it had somehow ended up with her handling the organized chaos.

Just this week Niami had decided that they were starting to overflow the current space a bit too much, and had started looking for a larger space for them all. She had found what was almost the perfect space, except for one problem -- it was actually too big. While that was good in the long run, and would give room for additional crafting equipment and the like, it was still too big.

When she and Scarletwing had stopped into Gnormajean's Sweet Shop in New Halas to discuss it with her, they'd been corralled into helping with some of the extra workload that would prepare the shop for the Erollisi Day candy demand. Niami didn't mind helping, but Gnorma seemed even more frazzled than usual, with her spiky white hair having streaks of chocolate in it, her spectacles dusted with confectioner's sugar and so on.

"Bigger is good, Mum! I just wish I had thought about that before opening up the shop in New Halas!" Gnorma tried to throw her arms wide as she exclaimed in frustration, only to end up hitting a wall on one side, and an Scarlet's wing. "Oh fiddlesticks and whirligigs! There's not room enough in here to swing a cat! I'm sorrry about that, Scarlet!"

"Problem is, Mum, you're not the only one who needs to expand. New Halas just doesn't have that much room to get bigger, and they've frowned mightily on me expanding upwards, claiming it would ruin the rustic charm. Now I need to find a bigger place with room for more help, more display space, more prep space, and more customers!"

Before Mum could say anything, Scarletwing spoke up. "No worries. Aerakyn wings are tougher than they look. As Mum said before, she's been looking at a place for the crafting hall that is far too big for our needs. There's actually enough room there for your shop several times over. And that way you could have the chef-type apprentices nearby if you either needed an extra trained pair of hands, or wanted to bounce some ideas for new recipes off folks. And you'd have plenty of taste-testers!"

"Really?! Mum? Do you think it would work? Agnor would love being able to putter in both spots without all the extra travel, too!" Gnorma's eyes seemed to shine through her begrimed glasses at the thought of finding just the right lure to convince her coldain husband to leave the frozen climes of New Halas again.

Niami considered for a moment. On the one hand, it was an elegant solution, and would save Niami, and others, from having to travel from crafting hall to Gnorma's shop and back again whenever there was a holiday rush that needed some extra hands, or taste-testers. On the other, Niami was really looking forward to a quieter pace to life for a bit. Maybe when, or if, she signed the lease, she could delegate a bit more, and go into seclusion for a bit.

"Och. Aye, it could work, lasses. But I'd need a load o' help getting it all organized an' sorted out. I'm nae as young as I used tae be, an' I'm already feeling a wee bit o'erwhelmed at th' thought o' moving everything." Really, delegating would work, right?

"Delegating ne'er works as planned!" Mum wailed a couple days later. "Nae one seems able tae make th' simplest o' decisions wi'oot consulting wi' me first!" She flung her hands up in frustratration, as she blew a dusty strand of red hair liberally streaked with grey out of her face. Her hair had been in a tightly braided crown when she had started "helping" with clearing out the old apprentice hall, but it wasn't the only thing looking a bit less worse for wear.

From procrastinating apprentices who "just" needed to finish one more item before the sewing table was moved over, to precious Obulus gardens that needed to be packed "just so" before they were moved by their owners, to children and pets running hither and yon at both locations, to backlogs in unpacking at the new place as the crafters collided with the folks moving Gnorma's shop over at high speed. It was total chaos, and Mum was in the center of it.

Somewhere along the way, she'd gone from being in charge of it and delegating a most of it to simply trying to keep up with things that changed so fast that her head spun.

As they neared the end of the week, while things were still chaotic at the floating island she'd purchased from a gnome named Sprocket, at least the old crafting hall was emptied and was getting a solid cleaning. Mum was so looking forward to taking a long, quiet bubble bath and a nap while the others unpacked!

Then she had to open her mouth and make a comment that she immediately wished she could take back. "I swear this place is clean enow tae throw a party in it!"

"A party?"

"Oh yes, that would be a perfect way to celebrate the move!"

"Mum's throwing us a party!"

"But, I -" Looking at the smiling faces of friends and apprentices surrounding her, she didn't have the heart to deny them. "Och. Aye, a party, on th' morrow, jus' the lot o' us, an' guests. Nothing tae fancy or wild, mind ye. But I suppose we deserve it."

A party. When all she wanted to do was sleep. At least it was just her close friends and kin, plus their apprentices. It should be relatively quiet, and not run too late.

When added all up, it was almost sixty people. And it was anything but quiet.

That was before things went sideways a bit as the ogress jeweler, Ngranna, a notorious flirt, brought along her lady mercenary, a pusling as her guest. That wasn't really a problem, per se, but Ngranna by herself was still a bit of a frightful sight to many, and add in the pusling that hailed from the Plane of Disease, and even close friends tended to give them a wide berth. Still, she had said folks could bring guests ...

The wide berth led to mischief, however, as the two green-skinned ladies went from talking about romantic Erollisi Day traditions for their respective races to trying to outdo each other with flirtatious moves that they thought were "secksi".

Too exhausted to do much more than stare at the pair that was causing the room to rapidly clear, Niami leaned against "Blat Berisen", the alter-ego of Bristlebane, god of Mischief, and spoke in a low voice, "I'll bake ye feasts frae a week if ye can actually find summat tha' works as eyeball bleach, lad."

(Mum's note: This didn't get fleshed out as much as I'd like, but it is after 2 a.m., the event goes live in under 22 hours, and somewhere in there we expect the long-awaited TS signature line to hit Test, which will involve MUCH herding of cats on my part. I hope it is at least coherent, even if it isn't anywhere near as polished as I would like ...)

Ah, love and romance are in the air in Norrath, as another Erollisi Day rolls around! This event will run on the live* servers from February 8 through February 20, 2018. (*TLE servers: Stormhold will get the entire event this year, and Fallen Gate will have a special event merchant.)

This event has been running for many years now, so this year's is a quiet one on the "new" front. (The team's focus was also mainly on the belated PoP tradeskill line and a big content push that is due for "early February.) We have 15 new crafted items, 5 new buyable items, and a new achievement/title for those folks able to run PoP instances. There are no other new quests this time around, nor are there any new quest rewards for old quests.

New Crafted Items

Merchant Steven returns to Qeynos Harbor and South Freeport, and will offer all of his past items as well as "Romantic Gifts to Craft XI". This book contains 15 items, though we've got a bug in on one that is a duplicate image at this time. (Hey, you folks want the preview up hours after Test gets the event, you get to see bugs and all! :D)

All items require a primary ingredient of an Erollisi Love note or hard candy from sentient mobs around Norrath and/or from your trusty upgraded pack pony. Yield is 2 on pristine and they stack in inventory! (Thank you so much, Kaitheel!)

Blue Hart Teacup
Blue Hart Teacup Stack
Blue Hart Teapot
Blue Rose Bouquet
Bowl of Passion Gems
Gilded Marble Bed
Gilded Marble Vase
Lightning Bug Bottle
Oversized Heart-Gilded Globe*
Red Rose Bouquet
Tholuxe Paells House Chair
Tholuxe Paells House Incense
Tholuxe Paells House Lamp
Tholuxe Paells House Rug
Tholuxe Paells House Table

*The globe uses the same base graphic as the one from last year's E-Day recipes, but the gilding on it is a bright golden, compared to last year's darker lines.

New Purchased Items

Merchant Douglas returns to Qeynos Harbor and South Freeport, and will offer his past items as well as five new items. Each of these new items costs Erollisi coins (earned from quests, or obtained by trading love notes and hard candies to Liannya Heartswell in Qeynos Harbor or South Freeport.

(Fluff Pet scroll)
20 coins
Feeling the Love Rug**
20 coins
Petamorph Wand: Dieanthus
20 coins
(Heirloom housepet)
20 coins

**Rug has animated red hearts float up from it (one at a time, but on a fast cycle) when someone stands on it.

But that's only four items! What about the fifth? The fifth turns out to be a five-piece appearance set, the Sisterhood of Erollisi Leather Armor Crate (cuirass, leggings, boots, gloves, tiara).

Since this set looks different on males vs females, and on some races, I'm going to include a few more screenshots down at the bottom of the page, some of them courtesy of the huggable Gleoite and her alt army! (Thanks!)

New Achievement

There is one new achievement this year for collecting love notes and hard candies from the Planes of Prophecy (both overland and instances). Complete the achievement (which requires that you personally obtain them, NOT buy them from the broker), and you will earn the suffix title "the Heart Throb".

Quest Tracker?

While there is only the one new achievement this year, Casdoe of Maj'Dul has kindly updated her Erolissi Day Quest Tracker so that you can track quest completion on your alt armies. It is available in pdf form and in xlsx form. Thanks again, ma'am!

Item Tour?

Ocarinah did up an E-Day tour of the new items. A couple of last year's buyables slipped into her preview, since she was working on it that first night it was on Test, when we couldn't use EQ2U to verify what was/wasn't new on the vendor, but it is a lovely gift to have this tour available nonetheless! Thanks again, Ocarinah!

More on the Appearance Set

Lady Ratonga (front)
Lady Ratonga (back)
Male Ratonga
Male Dark Elf
Lady Froglok
Lady Halfling

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