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PoP: A Stitch in Time

The long-awaited tradeskill line for the Planes of Prophecy expansion will be available as part of Game Update 105 on February 13, 2018. Unlike past tradeskill lines that have echoed various adventuring events from a crafting perspective, the crafters pick up the tale after the adventurers have already finished running amok.

At first, a smug crafter might say, "Leave it to adventurers to go and break something major while they're saving Norrath and the Planes", but by the end of this tradeskill signature line, you might not be feeling so smug, as we crafters end up unleashing something that many might really not want unleashed! More of that as you get into the quest writeups, though.

Just a quick note before we dive in. Would you prefer a walk-through in French? The French-language EQ2 Artisans has you covered!


You must be at least a level 100 crafter and at least a level 10 adventurer due to some of the mechanics in the various zones. You will also need to own the Planes of Prophecy expansion.

The Quests

(Feb 23: Videos for Parts 1-4 linked below are re-done versions with better audio than the original walkthroughs.)


1) Most (but not all) of these instances contain aggro mobs. At this level of crafting, you should, theoretically, be used to knowing how to mob-dodge. Even the most skilled will have some bad luck, though, especially on your first run through. If I can find the time/energy once the typed walk-throughs are done, I'll be doing some video walk throughs. I STILL recommend that if you have multiple crafters, you chose one of your lowest level adventurers to run through this first. Seems counter-intuitive, I know, but their repair costs will be way lower than your main adventurers will see, and the discovery xp will more than remove any debt that you'd get. Once you've learned the tricky spots in an instance, then you can run the bigger folks through, so they take less 1-shots in their shiny, more expensive gear. That's just my recommendation, of course. You'll do what you please, but at least I'm throwing it out there.

2) The crafting combines for this signature line are very long. Very, very long. And there are lots of events occurring. Lots. I don't recommend innovation potions for these, as it will only get you through the first progress bar. For times when you have to do more than one combine at a time (for example 3 different items at once in Innovation, 4 items in Hate ...), I will note in the corresponding walkthrough my recommendation for a progress potion, if you have one to spare.

3) You'll be in instances a lot. Make sure to check the walk-through before you enter a zone, to make sure you have all the resources that you will need to bring with you. This will save you a lot of extra running, mob-dodging, etc.

4) If your harvesting skills are lagging much, work on them in advance in zones like Tranquil Sea, Thalumbra and other high-level zones. You will be doing a LOT of harvesting of quest nodes, and the less time you have to spend in these instances with failed harvest messages, the better, especially in places like Hate. You might also want to harvest now and then between quests, if you're using these quests to level up, in order to top off your skills once again.

Carpenter "Cut-outs"

Separate from the TS line, but coming with the GU are 17 sets of the cut-out blocks (door/window frames and such), starting with elm, and working all the way to to ethernere. These are for the carpenter block sets, and auto-add into the same books as the base block sets. 17 sets times 8 recipes (minus one due to a bug right now.) Note: Adamantine set has the wrong art for the horizontal window frame in tall divider. (The missing mossy piece was patched the day after launch.)

The below are in alphabetical order, not level order, but I'm sure you folks can figure it out!

Banded Sandalwood
Fancy Fulginate
Mossy Briarwood
Plain Fulginate
Plain Sandalwood

*Bug put in on the graphics issue

The slightly-less-than six days of testing for this very involved signature line were brutally rough on all of us. Yes, I lost my temper within the first day of it, as I was overloaded with questions, comments, and pestering that truly didn't need me to be the one to deal with them, but folks seemed to feel that they did. While I might regret losing my temper at the time, the resultant ranting did make some folks settle down, and it caused others to step up to the plate and help out, for which I am eternally grateful. As this launches in a few short hours, I have removed that rant from this page for something far more positive.

Thank you

Thank you devs for being right there in the trenches with us, sorting stuff out, getting fixes to us as much as humanly possible, listening to as much of our feedback as you could. (I know that if I was on channel overload from all the folks wanting my attention, it was many, many times worse for you folks.) Thank you.

Thank you fellow testers, both those new to Test and those that have been long-time testers. Without all of you, things would have been far, far messier at this point. I won't name names, as I'd leave someone out due to lack of sleep, but I appreciate you all ... even the ones I wanted to /bite at times. Thank you for the testing, the feedback, the sharing of knowledge, the collaboration of information for the wiki. (Ok, one name mentioned, since she did almost all the work on the wiki entries - thank you Jamisia/Mermut for entering it all into the wiki. I know you'll use it too, and all that, but it was truly a boon to have that updated so quickly to cross-reference with my scribbled notes!) Thank you.

Last but not least, thank you to the crafting, homeshow and discord communities. Your warm fuzzies and cheering from the sidelines helped a lot, and some of your random questions (after that first overwhelming overloaded flood of them), helped us think of extra things to test and re-test, etc.

Thank you all. ~Mum

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