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Epic Finale

This is the final bit of the crafter epic quest, and requires that you have finished all previous steps of the quest.

But Wait, There's More!

You have an unfulfilled request from the first quest, from a lonely old sarnak. What? You don't remember that? Perhaps this will help as a refresher:
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "There's one story I heard, about the Cabbageleaf family and some of the remarkable jewelry they learned to create. Perhaps if you're ever in Rivervale you should look them up. If you do learn more, please let me know."
So, how about returning to the poor fellow and seeing what he thinks of the whole tale? He just might have something like, oh, a class-specific cloak ... You say, "Hail, Danelak Hosfoak"
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Greetings once again."
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "Greetings! I bring news of Rivervale. There are still some halflings there, struggling to rebuild it."
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Really! This is fascinating news. Have they retained any knowledge of their old crafting specialties?"
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "Much knowledge was lost during the cataclysms and the evacuation of Rivervale. However, I spoke to a halfling who claimed to be the descendent of Rebecca Cabbageleaf, one of Rivervale's most famous artisans. She was researching some old family recipes she had found."
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "With any success?"
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "Somewhat, yes. I assisted her in reconstructing the recipe for an earring of the solstice. It was a very complicated recipe indeed!"
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Excellent! This is the most exciting news I have heard since we reestablished contact with the other continents. Thank you for letting me know, I shall plan a trip to visit in person! And please accept this small token of my gratitude in thanks."
He then hands you your class-specific cloak (pictured below).
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "Thank you, I hope your trip goes well."


With thanks to Aayrn Squallstrike of Antonia Bayle for the modeling services!



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