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Steward Aelin in Qeynos and Steward Kres in Freeport now grant a daily mission that can be completed to earn a current season familiar crate.

The above is part of the patch notes of the content hitting live servers on Feb 22. It hit Test at the close of business on the 21st, so we didn't have time to test it before the final client build was done. The below is how it currently works. It isn't neccessarily be how it "should" work, or how it "will" work after a patch or two. It is just "how it is now" so folks can actually try the quest for themselves.

Why would you want to do this quest for a season 3 familiar if you already have a really good familiar? Because GU105 added the ability to level your current familiar by "consuming" season 3 familiars, and free season 3 familiars are therefore a happy thing, eh?

The NPCs that you need are in SQeynos (near the guildhall (/way 455, -28, 173 or so) and in SFP outside the banker/broker building (/way -203, -56, 162). There will be no quest feather.

The first time you talk to them, there will be a considerable bit of chatter before you are handed a house item book, On Founding the Conservatory (lore, no trade). Do what you wish with the book, then hail them again to get the quest.

  • You will be handed an "empty familiar cage". Ignore the flavor text on it, as it will say it is only for amphibians, and it is for any creature type.
  • It is a level 5 mission.
  • It will give you a random creature type to trap, and you must find and trap them out in the world.
  • The mob can be any level as long as it is the proper mob type. You need to aggro but NOT kill the mob, so a no-damage ability is a "good thing". If you're finding yourself killing the stuff, remove damage shields, find something no-damage (root, snare, stun) to aggro it. If all else fails, get yourself a level 10 hex doll for pulling as a high-level adventurer. Stuff your combat pets away or park them, too! Another warder taming trick also comes in handy - turn your back on the mob so you don't riposte it to death. ;D
  • If you delete the quest due to not being able/willing to trap that mob type, you will be waiting 10 minutesbefore you can get it again. (For example, most mystical mobs are higher level, so if you are level 5, you will want something more doable.)
  • Once you finish the quest, the way it should be working after the Feb 27 patch, is that you "should" be able to get it again at 11 minutes after the Daily Objectives reset every day. (11:11 p.m.) Or possibly right at 11 p.m. Pacific after the bugged old one is shaken loose.
  • Grey mobs work. Just find something no-damage to pull them (root, debuff, hex doll, etc)
  • If you are going after a linked mob, you will find the rest of the encounter turns grey (broken encounter). Even broken, though, you can trap anything else in the encounter that is of the proper mob type, then will have to kill, feign off, etc. any other mobs in the encounter that cannot be captured.)

Here are some of the possible mob options for the various categories:

  • Amphibians (turtles, frogs)
  • Aquatic (crocodiles and crabs)
  • Birds ("Avian" is the warder category) (hawk, vulrich, falcon, duck, etc)
  • Bats
  • Bears
  • Bovid (cow, sheep, camel, deer)
  • Boars* (pigs, boars)
  • Canines (some wolves, hyenas)
  • Cats ("Felines" is the warder category - lions, tigers, panther, leopard, etc)
  • Dire (Raptors, dire bears, dire wolves, brutes, snarlers in DLW)
  • Drake - ("butterfly" type, not drakota type drakes, so skyfire drake, fae drake, etc.) There are likely no "drake" mobs on FG until EoF is released. Until then, delete the quest and wait 10 minutes if you are on Fallen Gate
  • Enchanted (hellhounds, flying snakes, lashers)
  • Insects (beetles, spiders, centipedes, scorpions, wasps)
  • Mystical (fearstalkers, manticores, cockatrices, owlbears, rustmonsters, plumewit)
  • Reptiles (lizards, chokidai)
  • Rodents - (rats, armadillos, badgers, beavers)
  • Simians - (monkeys, apes - brute models do NOT count as apes)

*Boars are NOT plentiful in the lands, and if you're one of several people on your server that need them on a given day, you may be at it for a while before you can get 11 updates. We do not yet know if boars have been removed from the options with the Feb 27 patch or not.

I Keep Killing My Target - Halp!

  • Remove any damage shield
  • Remove any buff or item that has a proc that fires off when you are hit
  • Remove your weapons, including your ranged weapon
  • Use a no-damage root, snare, or debuff. If all else fails, get something like a level 10 hex doll that can do a no-damage pull.
  • Turn your back on the mob as you cast to pull them, if you're prone to riposte
  • If you find the mob type that you're given is too frustrating, delete the quest, wait 10 minutes, and hope for something that you can find in more sturdy versions.

More Info?

If the abbreviated notes on what types of mobs are/are not working is not enough help, you may want to check this Beastlord Warder Guide from EQ2Wire/

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