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Advanced ____ Service

This is a sequel to the Tradesman Service quest, and is offered by the same Grandmaster NPC's in city crafting societies as offered the first two quests in the series. (If you are totally unfamiliar with this quest series, you will need to start with "Journeyman Service" and progress from there.) It is meant for level 40+ crafters.

Premise: It seems the grandmasters have yet more surveyors out in the field checking on the quality of available materials, much like what you did with the briarwood for them during the Tradesman Service quest. Some of them may even be out in the field for days or weeks at a time, and they need some supplies crafted and delivered.

Be ready to craft some tier five items and then do some running around in the wilds. You will also want to make sure you have room in your bags for the 12 crafted items that you need to deliver (unless you're a provisioner, and then it is only 3). Reward will be your choice of a class-specific tier 5 advanced recipe book, crafting experience, achievement experience, and 750 faction with your city's crafting society.

Once you have finished crafting the required items, follow your quest journal on a delivery run.

"The first surveyor is to be found in the Ferrott, most likely based near the wizard spires." Find Keevan near the spires in Feerrott, hand over some supplies and collect his report.

"The second surveyor is to be found in Everfrost, most likely near the pioneer camp to the north." If you're a low level adventurer, pray Dreadwake isn't awake and go for a swim. On the plus side, if you die, you are revived right near your target. On the minus side, getting back to the docks may be creative. Find Fiderik Nalot, hand over another batch of supplies, pick up his report, and continue on your way.

"The third surveyor is located in Lavastorm, most likely checking mineral samples on the beach." . Your delivery target is off to the right down the beach, fishing. Do pay attention. It has been a long time since Fire Toad (an aggresive level 46^ Magma Worm) has been seen this far down the beach, but you never know. Deliver supplies to Thullekla Dy'xin and collect her report before heading back to the Grandmaster with the gathered reports.

Requirements by Class

  • Advanced Alchemist Service Create 4 Essence of Devout Sacrament (Journeyman), 4 Essence of Unerring Strike (Journeyman), and 4 Essence of Stone Stance (Journeyman)
  • Advanced Armorer Service Create 4 Pristine Forged Fulginate Kite Shields, 4 Pristine Forged Fulginate Melodic Coat, and 4 Pristine Forged Fulginate Melodic Leggings
  • Advanced Carpenter Service. Create 4 pristine teak mirror, 4 pristine Halasian bearskin rug, and 4 pristine ashen hearth
  • Advanced Jeweler Service. Create 4 Breathtaking Bellow (Journeyman), 4 Disarming Grin II (Journeyman), and 4 Snap of the Wrist III (Journeyman).
  • Advanced Provisioner Service. Create 8 Browncap Mushroom Tea, 8 Owlbear Steak, and 8 Wyrm Steak. Once they have completed the delivery and report-gathering, they are then awarded with Provisioner Mastery Volume 3 (as well as the +750 faction with their city's crafting society).
  • Advanced Sage Service. Create 4 Geotic Brand (Journeyman), 4 Signet of Realization (Journeyman), 4 Primal Instinct (Journeyman)
  • Advanced Tailor Service. Create 4 pristine tailored rough linen slippers, 4 pristine tailored strengthened leather boots, and 4 pristine tailored strengthened leather skullcaps
  • Advanced Weaponsmith Service. Create 4 pristine forged fulginate short swords, 4 pristine forged fulginate long swords, 4 pristine forged fulginate falchions
  • Advanced Woodworker Service. Create 4 pristine conditioned teak bucklers, 4 pristine conditioned teak roundshields, 2 pristine imbued teak bucklers

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