Golden Acorn: Tree Within a Tree

The quest giver is Oracle Ulinara in the Oracle Tower. At last check, it required that you be at least a level 20 adventurer.

Quest text:

Oracle Ulinara says to you, "It appeared in the Karma Pool. While I was in trance I saw it. So... beautiful."

You say, "You saw what?"

Oracle Ulinara says to you, "I am sorry, but we have having a private meeting. This is no concern of yours."

You say, "Fine. I'll be on my way."

Oracle Ulinara says to you, "Wait! Please do not go. You... you may be of use to us. I want to find the tree and confirm its location. Unfortunately, I must remain here in the tower with my studies. Would you please help me?"

You say, "I suppose I could. Where should I look?"

Oracle Ulinara says to you, "When I peered into the Karma Pool, I saw a constellation of the stars that told me where the tree could be found. Go to the heart of a region called the Thundering Steppes, near the natives. You will seek a tree within a tree -- one dead and one alive. When you find it, take a Golden Acorn from its branches and return to me.'

Mini-Quest Journal says: I must find the tree in the Thundering Steppes.

Travel to the Thundering Steppes. I suggest using the Steppes Station entrance - Its far safer than the other. Travel along the path. You'll notice the path turn to the left once. Pass it up. Another left turn is up ahead where the tower is. Take this turn, and travel past Bridge Keep.

Again, keep along the path once you are past the bridge. Once you see a tower, turn right into the open field, and follow the mountains on your right. You should pass through a small valley, and onto a bridge. Once past the bridge, you should see the dead trees, which look more like they've been axed by the local giants. Approach the lone living tree to get your quest update.

Location: Pos 594.94, Pos 17.21, Pos 427.22
Orientation: Pos 315.97, 0, 0.

Quest Update: I need to give this Acorn to Ulinara.

Backtrack to Antonica and take the griffon to Oracle Tower. Or Recall to Qeynos and use the Qeynos Gate Griffon. Meet up with Oracle Ulinara.

Quest Text:

Oracle Ulinara says to you, "It appeared in the Karma Pool. While I was in trance I saw it. So... Beautiful."

You say, "I found the tree and brought back a golden acorn like you asked."

Oracle Ulinara says to you, "Thank you so much. You have succeeded wonderfully. This is the very acorn from my vision; it is exactly what I saw. Will you please do one more thing for me? Will you please mark on this map the location of the tree? Then I will give you, in return, a recipe for making a magic food with the Golden Acorn"

You say, "The spot should be right here if I remember correctly."

Your reward: 3 silver, 89 copper, and a copy of "Gift of the Golden Acorn"

Gift of the Golden Acorn
Lore, No-Trade, No-Value
Level 9 Artisan
Recipes: Golden Acorn

Golden Acorn

Level: 9
Technique: Artistry
Device: Stove & Keg

Submitted by Malakite Aquablaze, Najena

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