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Moonlight Enchantments 2018

April 20 and 21 of 2018, will see the arrival of 52(!!!) new house items to the Enchanted Grottos ("Moonlight Enchantments") event. One item is a random harvest, the other 51 are buyable from the event vendors. I will outline all of these new items below and where to obtain them. Video links for each grotto are also available, thanks to Ocarinah, that contain sizing information and closer looks at the items.

All of the new buyable items will cost 1 elemental token EXCEPT for the 3 sludgeling housepets, which cost 2 tokens apiece. All of these items other than the housepets will also stack. (Housepets will not be made to stack due to being able to give each customized names.)

As another side-note, when I was trying to verify what was new on each merchant, I realized that my existing grotto pages are ... sloppy. There were too many screenshots made by too many people, and some of them are a bit ... meh. I hope to clean these up and make them look a bit spiffier in the days to come, but as always, real life may throw curveballs. Know that it is at the top of my huge to-do list, since it is much easier to revamp those images when the event is running.

By the way, if you are not feeling utterly spoiled by the end of this page, then I officially name you a decorating scrooge! ;D

Without further ado, here are all the lovely new items, broken down by zone.

Enchanted Brownie Grotto (Darklight Woods)

Emerald Grass
Emerald Lace
Fiddleleaf Fig
Grotto Grass
Large Verdant Lace
Satyr Plushie
Verdant Lace
Verdant Lopleaf Plant
Young Autumnal Darkleaf Sapling

Enchanted Drayad Grotto (Antonica)

Blue Coral Cluster
Gunthak Kelp Bulbs
Healthy Brain Coral
Salmon Coral Cluster
Tall Gunthak Kelp Bulbs
Treespirit Plushie
Zou'Lidelas Water Gourd

Are you feeling spoiled enough yet?

Enchanted Fay Grotto (Greater Faydark Nursery)

Blazing Blooms
Blightleaf Frond
Esoterra Spotted Grass
Gravel Sludgeling (heirloom housepet)
Grey Sand Sludgeling (heirloom housepet)
Grotto Hanging Vine
Grotto Trailing Vine
Rage-Tinted Malbloom Plushie
Sun Spotted Grass
Verdant Grass Sludgeling (heirloom housepet)
Wasp Hive
Honey Bee Hive (LOOTED)*

*Honey Bee Hive is a randomly harvested item from the beehives that are used during the "Blooming Good Tea" quest in the Enchanted Fay Grotto. You must be on the quest in order to have a chance to harvest the hive, and luck is the main factor in deciding how often you get the hive harvest.

Enchanted Naiad Grotto (Enchanted Lands)

Brittle Leaf Fern
Cobalt Entangler Plushie
Kylong Pine Sapling
Kylong Pine Seedling
Leafy Verdant Shrub
Tranquil Handamaleaf Shrub

How about now? Are you feeling spoiled enough now? All right, all right, how about 18 more items?

Enchanted Zygomid Grotto (Nektulos Forest)

Amethyst Crystal
Arcane Boulder
Arcane Stone
Aventurine Crystal
Azure Thalumbral Mushroom
Chrysogena Fungus
Crimson Thalumbral Mushroom
Dark Arcane Boulder
Dark Arcane Stone
Dying Thalumbral Mushroom
Emerald Thalumbral Mushroom
Gleamingtide Crystal
Golden Thalumbral Mushroom
Khalee'Sri Crystal
Kyanite Crystal Formation
Mossy Defender Plushie
Sandstone Boulder
Sandstone Rock

We're Not Done Yet!

Ocarinah/Building Inspector was hard at work today, too! When it comes to decorating, you need/want items that will size to fit your layout, so she did videos of each zone's items and their max/min sizing. Thanks again, SO very much, for doing this, Ocarinah! It is massively appreciated.

STILL Not Done!

There was a request from players to be able to shrink some of the older mushrooms (not all are from the grottos) down to a smaller size, so the following mushrooms were adjusted so that they can shrink to smaller sizes:

  • Scorched Parasol Mushroom
  • Yellow Parasol Mushroom
  • Purple Parasol Mushroom
  • Maldura Bar Shroom
  • Mature Blue Fungus
  • Purple Cap Mushroom
  • Lichen Cone

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