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With the release of GU106 on May 24, 2018, we saw the addition of five new red shiny collections from the Planes of Prophecy Daily Tradeskill Missions. To be clear, these only spawn in the daily tradeskill missions, NOT in the signature line version of the instances. Once there is a server hotfix in the next day or two, you will only receive 3-4 red shinies per mission. Until the hotfix, live servers are seeing the shinies respawn ever 5-ish minutes. If you zone out/camp for any reason, you will not receive any more shinies, even if you have not obtained the 3-4 you should get from the zone, so gobble shinies before you have to camp/zone for any reason.

At the moment, you do not need to have completed your earring of the solstice in order to see these red shinies. You will, of course, have to have completed the Planes of Prophecy Tradeskill Signature Line in order to gain access to the mission zones. The shinies are completely tradeable, with no Lore tag.

The five collections are:

  • Planar Insects: Ants
  • Planar Insects: Beetles
  • Planar Insects: Flies
  • Planar Insects: Moths
  • Planar Insects: Spiders

The rewards are: Heart of Scorn Shrine (Ants), Prince of Hate Shrine (Flies), Basilica of Hate Brazier (Moths), Shrine of Eternal Agony (Beetles), Unholy Water Font (Spiders).

Basilica of Hate Brazier
Planar Insects: Moths
Heart of Scorn Shrine
Planar Insects: Ants
Prince of Hate Shrine
Planar Insects: Flies
Shrine of Eternal Agony
Planar Insects: Beetles
Unholy Water Fount
Planar Insects: Spiders

We don't have complete information on Shard of Hate yet, but here is what has been found:

  • Molten Throne: Valorous Golden Spider, Horned Winged Moth, Meat Eater Ant, Valorous Common Fly, Great Tinder Moth, Valorous Herculean Beetle
  • Innovation: Clockwork Housefly, Royal Inferno Spider, Spring Mechanized Spider, Golden Winged Moth, Small Clockwork Beetle, Valorous Bull Ant
  • Thunder: Torden Lightning Beetle, Lavapot Ant, Torden Tempest Moth, Torden Sleet Fly, Storm Weaver Ant, Torden Sand Spider
  • Sol Ro's Tower: Solusek Sun Fly, Solusek Glow Moth, Solusek Fire Ant, Solusek Pyre Beetle, Molten Monarch Beetle, Red Ember Spider
  • Crypt of Decay: Green Pustule Spider, Detrioxxian Corpse Fly, Malignant Ant, Detrioxxian Flesh Moth, Royal Fire Fly, Detrioxxian Plague Beetle
  • Shard of Hate: Green Pustule Spider, Storm Weaver Ant, Valorous Golden Spider, ??, ??

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