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Guk: Restoring Valor

With the release of GU107 on July 31, a new optional tradeskill mission is also being released for members. This mission will require that you be a level 110 crafter who has completed the Planes of Prophecy crafting line. We have found out that it also requires membership. It is an optional daily quest that can be completed during every "daily" (18-hour) mission cycle. (It now counts for the PoP tradeskill weekly, but is not part of the rotation from Hilgrid). It also contains red shinies for a new 20-piece collection.

You will find details on the collection reward and the achievement reward at the bottom of the page, after the walk-through. The video walk-through, which is highly recommended, can be found on YouTube.

You will need 100 celestial coal and 1200 PoP common harvests per run-through of this instance. (The harvests were added between beta and live, so are a late addition to the walk-through.)

Do NOT Try to Mass-produce These!!! Firstly, you only need 2 combines, so it is a waste of materials, and secondly, no matter how many you try to make at once, mass production will only give you the one stack of 50. Do 2 single combines, so you have 2 stacks of 50 each, k?

Short Version Walkthrough

Grab the mission from froglok NPC Griv, who is with all the other PoP mission NPCs in Valor. Zone out to Plane of Magic, find the green portal ahead and to your right, and zone into the tradeskill version of the instance. Harvest FOUR "Remnant of Valor". One spawn is right near the entrance, across from the forge and it will yield 2. The other spawns vary. If you can't get to them without risking death, then craft the first round, then use the crafting chalice to zap a frog, harvest the remnant that spawns on it's death spot and craft another batch. (You only need 2 combines, for a total of 100 chalices.) Progress through the zone as if it was this old adventuring zone (link leads to the wiki walkthrough), but with you needing to zap the groups of mobs with the crafted chalice before they aggro on you. All gates unlock just as in that walkthrough, with things to click, move, etc. to progress to the end. If you are using the wiki, skip the bit about retrieving the shiny gold trinket in the Molinap section, as that is for adventuring-only.

Yeah, for most of us, that "short version" walkthrough isn't going to cut it, unless you LIKE dying a lot. Most of you are going to need the video (coming in an hour or two).

Longer Version Walkthrough

Even with this longer version, you may want the video as well, but this will give you some locs and a better feel for things.

Head to Coliseum of Valor, and find the questgivers in the NE portion of the zone. A froglok named Griv has been added to the lineup there, and he will offer quests based on what you qualify for - 110 crafter with the PoP crafting line done will be offered the tradeskill mission "Restoring Valor". Level 110(?) adventurers will be offered the adventuring missions as well.

Zone of out Valor and into the Plane of Magic, and there is a new green portal ahead and to your right that contains the fabled Guk instances and the Guk tradeskill instance. Zone into the TS instance. (If you end up doing this instance on back-to-back days, remember to check your zone lockout timers with ALT-Z to reset the timer.)

Harvest (twice) the Remnant of Valor right near the zone in. This will get you half of what you need. You will then need to either carefully edge forward until you find another one to harvest twice, or you will need to craft first, then zap the first frog you see, harvest the remnant that spawns in it's place, and craft again. Basically, you're going to need 100 restored chalices, and each combine only gives you 50. Work it out how you will.

There's a forge and a scroll stand to your right. On your first visit you will need to click the scroll stand to autoscribe the recipe. If you've already been there, done that, it stays scribed and you can move directly to the forge.

Brell/conservation procs work on this combine, so if you want to save a plat or two in fuel costs, wear your prayer shawl for the two combines. :D

Begin to proceed carefully forward - your first roamer will be coming up the path towards you, if he isn't already in sight after you take a few steps.

There are certain specific roamers (covered in the walk-through video), and the mechanic is such that they spawn in one spot, hop a specific route, and then teleport back to their spawn point to loop it again. If you zap a roamer, and, instead of seeing a remnant of valor where the mob had been, you get a "too far away" message at the bottom of the screen with the mob still in your targeting, it means he teleported, and will be heading your way again in short order.

Mobs also like to hide in bushes, so tab target is your friend. Mobs are linked, so if you zap one from a group, the entire group gets zapped -- this makes it handy because you can target a visible mob, and it will light up the rest of the group, showing you where the less easily seen ones are before you find them the hard way and get flattened. :D

Anyway, proceed forward, zapping undead frogs until you reach the first major room, with a nasty-looking pool in the middle. There are two roamers in this room, several stationary groups to clear, and two groups of goo floating above the pool. Get rid of them all with your handy dandy chalice. Then clear the group of frogs in the room that is off in the eastern corner of this room.

Back in the pool room, one of the entries along the far wall has fungoids visible. Head there, and zap the fungoids until you can take out the Ancient Fungoid (/way 108, -34, -193). Once he is down, a green cloud will start forming from a mushroom hiding in the bushes (/way 96, -35, -207). Click on it to obtain a pure fungus. Head back to that nasty looking pool and jump in and click on the small idol at the bottom center (/way 69, -40, -112) to raise a gate (/way 105, -32, -116) Proceed down this newly accessible area, clearing out stationary mobs as well as roamers, until you reach another room. Clear the entire room: one group to the right of the door, one group to the left of the door, two groups of goo above the center of this room, and Rideepa the Pridefull at the back of this small room. Directly behind where you found Rideepa, there will be a small statue to pick up and move to a pededstal in a room to the east off that first main room. (/way 7, -32, -96)

This triggers a gate at /way 39, -39, -169 and you want to proceed down through there, zapping frogs as needed, including several roamers. A good rule of thumb for the easily lost: once through that now-raised gate, only take LEFT turns until you reach the Font of the Everliving room. Beware, once you get to the stairs above that room you will be meeting a constant stream of spawned roamers that will continue to spawn until you kill Froppit the Everliving in that room. (The only loc I have handy is for the a spot just behind/above Froppit at /way -60, -42, -258 but that will get you headed in the right direction at least!) Once Froppit is down, head to the top of the small ramp that was beside him (beware the frog to the right at the top of that ramp!) and to the /way I just mentioned for a small puzzle. There are three wall plates that can be pushed. All 3 need to be pushed in and the sequence can vary. Try pushing in one of them, and if it pops back out, try one of the other two. Eventually, you will figure out the order that they want to be pushed in, and they will stay in. This opened a door at the top of the ramp so that you can continue onwards.

Go through this newly opened spot (/way -80, -43, 263) in the wall behind where Froppit was, clearing mobs as you head down the ramp. Beware the crocodile that is located just after you finish with the ramp, right before you turn to go into the water. Dip your toes in the water, and hug RIGHT to zip over to dry land, clearing a croc or three as you go (including one on said dry land). Progress up the series of ramps that will remind you of a moonlight enchantments instance until you get to the top of the ramp, again, clearing mobs as you go. At the top of this ramp, hang a right, clear another group of mobs, and take out Molinap, a large grumpy drakota on a pile of treasure (/way -77, -31, 388). Retrace your path to the top of the ramp, and go forward a couple more steps along that top area (one more group of frogs to clear), and there will be a newly ungated opening to your right that leads to a darkened well (/way 34, -33, -321). Stand at the top of that well, looking down, and tab-target until you find the aggro croc at the bottom. You will not be able to zap it from here, so keep it targeted and hug the edge to your right as you drop down. This should give you enough distance from the croc to get your bearings until you move into range to zap him.

Before You Jump: You will not be able to access anything before this point once you jump, unless you evac or die between this point and the Usurper. Make sure you have found your first three red shinies (first pool room, Froppit's room and near Molinap) before you jump!

Once he is out of the way proceed onwards -- I recommend clearing to the left first, and dealing with dead frogloks in a left-to-right fashion, since the Usurper will be to your right, and you have to place all 3 dead frogs before you get to him. You will want to clear the undead frogs, then find the truly dead frogs and place them on stone tables. These cadaverous frogs, and the locations of the tables that they need to be placed on are as follows:

  • /waypoint 29, -591, -239 gets placed on table at /waypoint -23, -58, -254
  • /waypoint 81, -62, -262 gets placed on table at /waypoint 107, -63, -250
  • /waypoint 120, -64, -246 gets placed on table at /waypoint 151, -63, -258 ) BUT READ THE WARNING 2 PARAGRAPHS BELOW BEFORE PLACING THIS ONE!

Placement points can be fussy. If the corpse doesn't burst into flame when you place it on top of the table, move it around a little until flames appear around it (no message, there are just the visual flames)

WARNING! (Also known as "reading for the win") The Ghoul Usurper spawns as soon as the final frog is placed, beside the table at that final waypoint. I recommend heading to the back right corner as you enter that small nook, and placing the dead frog on the table while standing in that corner. That gives you room to target him as he spawns, so you can zap him the second he turns attackable. (There is a slight 1-second-ish delay after he spawns, before he goes aggro/attackable.)

Once he is zapped, a respawn point is unlocked for this little room, in case you die between here and the end.

Head to the gate at /way 125, -64, 287 -- it should have opened up as soon as you destroyed the Ghoul Usurper. Beware the roamer that paths right to the gate! Head from there, going either right OR left (they loop around and meet), to the final room. Clear the mobs, take out the named, get your reward and your 4th and final shiny for the instance and zone out!

Phew! Small wonder the video walkthrough is over 26 minutes long! I can do the run far more quickly than that, but explaining the various mechanics, pointing out static spawns, roaming spawns, etc. as I go definitely slows things down a lot!

The Collection

As mentioned, this is a 20-piece red shiny collection from this instance. (I believe it works like the PoP TS missions, meaning that you can see the collection shinies even if you don't have your solstice earring.) Each run through this mission spawns 4 fully tradeable red shinies ... or mostly fully tradeable. The "rubicite nail" is no-trade, so you will need to actually be able to run the instance to finish the collection. (And thus mules can't churn out extra books to sell if they aren't level 110 crafting mules ;D)

At first, we only got the following teaser regarding the reward for the collection:

However, it has now been discovered on live servers and Test, so here is the EQ2U link to allllll the adornment goodness that is in that book.

Adornments, Fixed!

As of August 14, 2018, the tradeskill adornments in that book will now work properly. Provided the patch goes smoothly, all level 110 crafters will be able to use the tradeskill adornments on any level of gear.

The Achievement

On your first completion of either the Guk tradeskill mission or one of the Guk adventuring missions, you complete the "Amok in Guk" achievement and are rewarded a no-trade painting, "Return to Guk".

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