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TSO: A Cannon to Sail by

This quick little access quest (open to high-end crafters as well as adventurers) in the Moors of Ykesha allows you to use the cannon from the U.J.L. site back to the Dropship Landing Zone (which can be helpful, since your first balloon point is over at the U.J.L site, and the main crafting area is over at the Dropship Landing Zone). Yep, you actually want to be stuffed in a barrel and shot across a chasm by an oversized cannon that's been repaired by gnomes. Really!

Speak with Ember Tizzlespring (1738, 451, 857), in the Dropship Landing area of Moors of Ykesha. On top of a lost ship full of gnomes, she has some workers stranded on the other side of the canyon until such time as the cannon over there is completed. She'd like you to go over and help them out.

Let's just conveniently ignore the fact that you, too, will be stranded over there if the cannon hasn't been finished, and go help her, shall we? Find the cannon to the northeast, clamber in and "fly free!"

Why yes, you are pretty much kissing a solid rock wall when you land. Isn't it reassuring to have solid ground not only below you again, but so close to your face? Hug the wall one last time, and then go find Dudley Sproklit next to the U.J.L. cannon to the north of where you landed (1404, 406, 705) and give him a hand.

It seems that he's short some supplies to finish the construction and while the bots are excavating it handily enough, the bot wranglers are slow collecting it. Of course you'll help!. Thankfully for you, this does not require actually killing the bots, but if you're mainly a crafter, you are going to want to watch your step. If you explore too far, you will quickly become dinner for a spider or bug or somesuch.

Head SE a few steps to the break in the wall, and you'll see lots of bots at work.

First up are the excavation bots that are excavating for ore. Find ones with ore carts behind them and harvest eight of the carts for the ore. You shouldn't have to wander too far to find the carts - just lurk around the area if someone's recently grabbed them, and wait on respawn.

After that, find the sweeper bots wandering around, and retrieve 1 fiber. Be VERY careful to right-click and retrieve the fiber, not attack them, or you may find yourself in more of a pickle than you planned! (If there isn't a Retrieve Fiber option on the sweeper bot when you hit this step, someone recently grabbed it, and it should become available again pretty quickly.)

Bring the bits back to Dudley, and he'll tell you to "sit pretty." At this point, he finishes up the cannon in no time flat, and you can take a hair-raising ride in the cannon back over to the Dropship Landing and report back to Ember.

She'll award you with adventure xp, achievement xp, and a nice little chunk of gold.

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