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Chaos Descending: The Scrivener's Tale

This article is part of the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse collection of articles. The Chaos Descending expansion was released on Nov. 13, 2018.

Level 110 crafters who own the Chaos Descending expansion will receive an email from Ghida Borrell, asking for their help. This mail includes an attatchment that, when you receive it, flags your entire account for access to the expansion. (No item drops into inventory, and a quick message flashes across the top of your screen telling you that it has unlocked access.) There is no quest to accept at this point, only Ghida's email plea that you come help.

You will need to head to Myrist, the Great Library via any wizard spire, and seek out Ghida Borrell on the second floor, South Wing Catalog, Smith's Platform. For more information about getting around in Myrist, see this guide.

The 24 quests in this line have been broken down into manageable chunks of writeups per article and linked below. (Note, these are my own breakdowns into chunks, not something the quest does. It just is easier to handle this many quests in smaller chunks, so I split it up by regions.)

Once you finish with the questline, there will also be daily(?) harvesting quests, and tradeskill missions that will also be documented below.

Last, but definitely not least, is a Chaos Descending Crafting Rewards page, so you can see all the lovely items that you get while completing this questline.

Master Shopping List

Shopping lists are at the top of each walkthrough page for that chunk of the crafting line, but some folks would like to know the entire damage up-front. Math errors are totally the fault of this tired DenMum. This list does NOT include items that you must specifically harvest while on the quests, only the additional stuff that you have to provide.

  • 255 nimbic hide
  • 313 strangler root
  • 49 flitterfin tang
  • 153 silvered fleck
  • 28 dewpalm lumber
  • 356 reef cluster
  • 116 basilisk meat
  • 38 wandervine root
  • 24 deadly terrorfruit
  • 3 golden fleck (rare, but 2 provided as quest rewards)
  • 400 celestial sandpaper
  • 50 celestial filament
  • 150 celestial incense
  • 500 celestial coal
  • 150 celestial candle
  • 400 celestial kindling

The Scrivener's Tale

This series includes 24 quests. Rather than make one ginormous page with all the quests on it, or making 24 relatively small pages, I'll break the quest writeups into chunks. Each of these quests will reward 48000 status points. I will add coin reward information after launch.

Introductory Quests - Myrist

  • The Scrivener's Tale: Animating the Inanimate
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Crafting at a Snail's Pace
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Escargot Overclocking
  • The Scrivener's Tale: In Preparation for Anything


  • The Scrivener's Tale: The Notion of a Potion
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Incumbent Incubation
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Of Monuments and Men
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Erecting the Monument
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Difficulties Delivering


  • The Scrivener's Tale: A Healthy Handoff
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Cause for Alarm
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Source of Discontent
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Custodial Refurbishment


  • The Scrivener's Tale: The Reach of Ivy
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Rockin' n Knockin
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Pollination Perfection
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Followup Friendships
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Back to the Library, Shhhh!


  • The Scrivener's Tale: Copper for a Tale
  • The Scrivener's Tale: A Crafter's Plea
  • The Scrivener's Tale: Seeding the Tale
  • The Scrivener's Tale: A Bee in Need, A Bee Indeed
  • The Scrivener's Tale: The Proof of Power
  • The Scrivener's Tale

Video Walkthroughs

Using the same way of grouping the quests as I used in the above sections, I made 5 walkthrough videos for the entire line. While you shouldn't "need" the videos, some folks like seeing such things rather than just reading about them.

Tradeskill Missions

Those who have completed the entire "The Scrivener's Tale" will find Domigin Surice on the eastern side of the central floor of Myrist (/way 175.9, -5, 4). He will offer you one of twelve tradeskill missions every mission cycle (18 hours). Each set contains quests that requires harvesting in Doomfire ("Delightful Deliveries"), Eryslai ("Fresh Prints"), Detroxxulous ("Going Viral"), and Vegarlson ("Testing Your Grit").

While the order in which you were offered these quests was originally more random, they now seem to be on a fixed rotation. Regardless of the method in which these quests rotate, the quests follow the same basic model: you will have to travel to a specific overland zone, harvest 25 of one item, and 10 of two other items, then craft with a provided recipe, and deliver it to the proper target in Myrist.

The quests, broken down by sets are as follows:

Set One:

  • Delightful Deliveries (harvest in Doomfire, then craft and deliver Tangy Cheese Roll)
  • Fresh Prints (harvest in Eryslai, then craft and deliver X-ray Goggles)
  • Going Viral (harvest in Detroxxulous, then craft and deliver a Timeless Hourglass)
  • Testing Your Grit (harvest in Vegarlson, then craft and deliver a Mallard Decoy)

Set Two:

  • Delightful Deliveries (harvest in Doomfire, then craft and deliver Explorer's Fanny Pack)
  • Fresh Prints (harvest in Eryslai, then craft and deliver Zephyren Stew)
  • Going Viral (harvest in Detroxxulous, then craft and deliver an Auto-Injector)
  • Testing Your Grit (harvest in Vegarlson, then craft and deliver a Training Post)

Set Three:

  • Delightful Deliveries (harvest in Doomfire, then craft and deliver Ornate Bookmark)
  • Fresh Prints (harvest in Eryslai, then craft and deliver Loaded Dice)
  • Going Viral (harvest in Detroxxulous, then craft and deliver a Contained Disease Vial)
  • Testing Your Grit (harvest in Vegarlson, then craft and deliver a Basket of Colored Pebbles)

Rewards for these quests are status as well as a mission reward crate that can contain advanced recipes, mount patterns, mount recipes, ancient books, etc.

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