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Chaos Descending: Doomfire Crafting Quests

This article is part of the writeup for The Scrivener's Tale, that, in turn is part of the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse collection of articles. The Chaos Descending expansion will be released on Nov. 13, 2018. Information for this article has been gathered during the beta testing phase, and some things may still change before (or just after) release.

This is the second chunk of quest walkthroughs for The Scrivener's Tale, and requires that you have already finished the first 4 quests in the line.

Shopping List

For this segment of the questline, you will need to provide the following items:

  • 50 celestial candle
  • 250 celestial sandpaper
  • 100 celestial coal

The Scrivener's Tale: The Notion of a Potion

Ramyn chats with you briefly, telling you that while he promised he would take you with him on his travels, Ghida needs you once again. Speak with Ghida and she sends you to speak to Mourndax (Crafter's Gallery in Myrist), after warning that he isn't the most pleasant person to work with, but he means well. Get past the snappy initial greeting and you'll find that he needs your help in Doomfire, the Burning Lands. He'll even include a bit about Dresolik lore and why he thinks that some shards from Doomfire could strengthen the power of the library. However, before he can move very far in that area, he needs protection from the heat. (Fragile little dark elf, isn't he? {grin})

Travel to Doomfire (via the Elemental Portal Gallery, first floor North in Myrist), where you will immediately be sent out to harvest. (This harvesting must be completed in Doomfire, not the other three zones.) You will need to harvest 18 each of basilisk meat, nimbic hide, reef cluster and dewpalm lumber. Once you have the items, craft a Thermal Dissipation potion from the recipe that was given to you at the start of the quest. You will also need 50 celestial candle. (There is a chemistry table next to Mourndax at zone-in.) Hand in the recipe to Mourndax to receive Archivist's Tradeskill Tack which unpacks into your choice of one tradeskill-related mount gear pattern from the Archivist's quality level of mount gear. (This is the consumable pattern, not the recipe.)

The Scrivener's Tale: Incumbent Incubation

Mourndax now needs red colored shards from that are laying about in the area. A waypoint wisp will pop up, leading you to /way 181, 33, 131. Attempt to harvest the "strange glowing red shard" and you are instantly teleported to a nearby spot where a djinn by the name of Zuvet waits for you. He tells you that the jopal fiercely protect those shards because they steal them to heat their nests. If you want the shards, you will need to provide an alternative heat source. He gives you a recipe for crafted cinder beds, and you are sent out to harvest (again, Doomfire only for this step) 50 dewpalm lumber, 75 nimbic hide, and 60 stranger roots. You will then need 250 celestial sandpaper to craft the 5 beds on a woodworking table, and a table can be found at zone-in.

Craft the 5 beds and then place them in the appropriate glowing spots on the ground in the cinder wasp area. The spots glow white from a distance, and mix in red when you get closer, and are pretty easy to find. There are also more than 5 of them, and the reset time on them is pretty fast to allow more than one player at a time to be working on this step. Once placed, I personally thought they didn't look very comfy, but as long as they make the jopal happy, that's what matters, right?

Return to Zuvet where you admit that you didn't convince the jopal as much as you just simply snagged the crystals while they weren't looking. No big deal, he still thinks you're pretty special and that you passed his test. You also receive your very own Mourndax V'Zeaar replica to place in your home. (At least he doesn't get grouchy like the original, eh?)

Zuvet claims that he saw a spark of the Forge Lord (Varig Ro, who we met during the PoP crafting line) in you. Help him fix up a monument to Varig that is in disrepair, and he will help you get more of the shards that Mourndax needs.

Trundle out and harvest within Doomfire 8 strangler roots and 8 reef clusters. You will also need 5 cinder blooms that spawn along the edges of the lava side of the cinder wasp area to the west of your current location. (The eastern nests don't seem to have them.) The blooms are pretty easy to see once you know what you are looking for, though you may have to fly pretty far along the "shore" line if others are also doing the same quest.

Hand the items to Zuvet (over near 134, 0, 0 if you got lost.)

The Scrivener's Tale: Erecting the Monument

Continue speaking with Zuvet and he asks you to help with the actual repair. Click on the chest on the ground in front of him to obtain the recipe and the components that you need. You will need to provide the 50 celestial coal.

Click on the monument that is to Zuvet's right (you'll find that it has a helpful quest book above it to draw your attention to it), and craft the Monument Repair Kit. Once the combine is completed, right-click the monument and select the option to repair it.

Speak to Zuvet again and he asks you to polish the monument. Grab another batch of repair kit ingredients from the chest, click on the monument to craft with it, then right-click to polish it. Since this is the same recipe you just used, you will need to provide the 50 celestial coal.

The Scrivener's Tale: Difficulties Delivering

Well, Zuvet is willing to keep his end of the deal and give you the promised shards, but they apparently are so hot they burn right through your bags. Thanks to magic, your bags aren't really damaged, but you'll need to find another way to transport them. It is time to find an empty unscorchable bag. "A strange bag" will appear on track harvestables when you are close, and it will be somewhere in the cinder wasp areas (either to the east or the west of where Zuvet is). The location of it will wander every few minutes, but it WILL be in up in a cinder wasp nest, not down on the ground. It can be dicey, you may find it in a spot where you want an adventurer to clear the wasps, or you wait for it to move if you're very squishy. If you have more money than patience, and don't mind spending 120p that won't be reimbursed, you can simply go buy a bag from Krevat, located on some cliffs (/way 413, 91, 316) but most of us are probably going to prefer do the mob-dodging.

Return to Zuvet and grab the red bag full of shards at his feet. It has a quest book over it, so you shouldn't be able to miss seeing it. :D

Filled bag in hand, you return to Mourndax and hand over the shards, He sends you back into Myrist to speak with Ghida again. (Second floor, South wing, Smith's Gallery, if you've forgotten where she is.)

Ghida will reward you with "Elysian Tradeskill Tack", which offers you your choice of one consumable mount gear pattern from the Elysian quality level of mount gear, plus a "Recipe Scroll: Divine Weapons of Ro" that can be used to make raid gear specially tailored for Doomfire raids.

Return to The Scrivener's Tale writeup to pick up the next chunk of the questline.

For more information on the rewards for the questline, see the Chaos Descending Crafting Rewards Page.

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