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TSO: AdditionalQuests for Mug

Once you have completed the Ship Out questline, you can return to Mug in Firmroot Moot and obtain two additional (catalog) quests from him, for 5000 additional faction (each) with Firmroot Moot.

Firmroot Moot Meet

This first quest from Mug is a basic catalog quest, meaning that you will have to use the Catalog Creature ability on the target NPCs. It is also possible/likely that Mug will not have a quest feather over his head, but he will respond when hailed. Hail him and he asks you to get more details for his report back to the Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division. He will give you a book "Notes on the Survival Accord, by Mug". Read the book (which is a handy house item as well) and you are given the quest.

You must find, and use the Catalog Creature ability (found in your knowledge book), on the following:

  • Captain Lip Marrsquire (109, -88, -500)
  • Shaman Skullcleave (86, -88, -464)
  • Captain Cogglespot (82, -88, -437)
  • The Great Morsley (68, -85, -436)
  • Vegupa Marrsheart, Crusader of Guk (86, -87, -435)
  • a Troll Guard (pick one)
  • a Froglok Guard (pick one)
  • Pirdy, the safety conductor (Firmroot balloon)
  • Sissili, the safety conductor at the Boarfiend Caves(667, 350, 242)
  • Klip Marrsquire at Shadowed Clef
  • Far Seas Trading Liaison Agata at the Tillage Patch
  • Far Seas Trading Liaison Alden at the Overlook

Finish cataloging the last NPC and you immediately receive tradeskill xp, achievement xp, at least 22g 11s 70c, and +5000 Survival Accord faction.

He will then offer you an additional quest, Survival Concerns.

Survival Concerns

Return to Mug, yet again, and have yet another chat with him. You did such a lovely job getting that information for him before that he'd like you to gather more information. Are you "brave" enough to help him by visiting the other three Survival Accord outposts and check on nearby creatures? Mug is hoping to learn more about them, as well as about any equipment or weapons that they may be interested in purchasing.

Reward for this quest is at least 22g 11s 70c, tradeskill xp, achievement xp, and +5000 faction with the Survival Accord.

This is another catalog quest, but it definitely isn't for the faint of heart if they are also frail of body. If you are close enough to catalog these critters, you are likely at or near aggro range as well.

Mobs to be cataloged, and what general areas that they can be found are:

  • blood gorger (Overlook or Firmroot)
  • Innothule swamp feeder (Overlook or Firmroot)
  • swamp sokokar (Firmroot)
  • monkey (Firmroot)
  • fauna stalker (Firmroot)
  • escaped baby gator (Firmroot 265, -85, -359)
  • Nuknok goarer (above Firmroot - Boarfiend Caverns)
  • meadow glider (Shadowed Cleft)
  • vile strider (Shadowed Cleft)
  • Brokenskull striker (Shadowed Cleft)

Other than the vile strider, monkey and escaped baby gator, these are aggressive mobs, so treat it a lot like you would harvesting in dangerous areas, hotbar the Catalog Creature ability, and take it carefully. :D

This is another automagic award quest, where you don't have to return to Mug in order to earn your reward.

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