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TSO: Additional Quests for Varick

Once you have completed the Ship Out questline, you can return to Varick in Tupta and obtain additional quests from him, for 5000 additional faction (each) with the Guktan Guard.

In addition to the Guktan Guard faction, the level of these quests scales based on your crafting level, and award crafting experience and achievement experience. There is also a house item reward for the final quest in this series.

While Varick is looking at various possible exports from Tupta, he is also very concerned about local pests. If they accidentally export the termites along with their trade goods, it could be a bad thing for Norrath's ecosystem. What an eco-conscious froggie! Of course you'll help him!

Termite Troubles, Part I

First, he'd like you to check with other woodworking experts from other areas of Norrath to see if they have experience dealing with termites.
  1. I need to speak with a woodworker in Teren's Grasp - speak with Wyneta Splinterfeet (2242, 487, -696), standing next to the woodworking tables in TG.
  2. I need to speak with a forester in the region of Zek - speak with James Reed a forester standing behind a stump just inside the gates of Zek (467, -36, 172)
  3. I need to speak with a woodworker in Kelethin - speak with Neela Filamaar (461, 97, 350)
  4. I should tell Varick what I have learned

In each case, they don't seem to have much of a problem with it, though they're quick to tell you of some local item that may or may not be serving to help repel the pests.

Termite Troubles, Part II

Hmm, maybe a mix of the three items mentioned by the experts would do the trick? Back you go, to spots near those three NPCs, to harvest five of each of the appropriate items.

You can find the Acrid Frostberries near Teren's Grasp. The Karana's Promise plant is near the waterline in Zek (try under the docks). The Bracket Fungus Mycelium is found in the Tunare's Glade area of Greater Faydark. (Epic crafters, remember to wear your earring of the solstice for the new red glowie collection while in Tunare's Glade!)

Termite Troubles, Part III

Of course, now that you have the ingredients, a skilled crafter like yourself can pretty much guess what is coming next.

Yep, you need to make up a batch of five of the potions.

Varick provides you with "Varick's experimental notes", which includes the recipe. In addition to the ingredients that you harvested in Part II, you will also need 5 smoldering candles (1 per combine, and you must complete the combine to pristine). The recipe uses thaumaturgy reactions at a chemistry table - which happens to be conveniently in the same building as Varick, if you either planned ahead and brought the candles with you, or you have the faction needed to shop from the Wholesaler there.

Termite Troubles, Part IV

While you were making the potion, Varick made up a "potion sprayer" for it. He's not sure breathing around it would be a good idea, but he'd like you to be the lucky soul to test it out on 10 of the local termites. You'll find plenty of "a Tupta termite" wandering around the area, so start wandering and zapping!

Return to Varick once you've used the potion on 10 of them, and claim your reward of faction, crafting xp, achievement xp and a handy dandy colorful termite (house item, 25 rent status reduction) of your very own!

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