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Brewday 2019

Greetings Norrath! It is once again time to raise a glass in celebration of Brell and things brew-related. This annual event will run from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on March 5, 2019 and will end on March 18, 2019.


  • One new recipe book
  • 6 new buyables, including a mount
  • One new quest, plus one returning quest with a new reward choice
  • Fallen Gate gets all of the event except for the second collection due to zone availability.

For Those New To Brewday

The Bar of Brell is located in several spots near major cities:

  • Antonica: Near the North Qeynos Gate
  • The Commonlands:: By the Freeport gates
  • Greater Faydark: At the stable near Green Knoll
  • Timorous Deep: In Gorowyn, on the docks, at 2362, 7, 1385
  • Frostfang Sea: In New Halas at -72, 147, -33

Inside the bar you will find a number of NPC questgivers, and a merchant, Balin Copperfoot. In addition to items sold for Beer Tokens (earned from the various quests, including the repeatable quests), Balin sells recipe books that are only available during this event. The all-class heirloom recipes require not only low-level (T1 & T2) harvestables, but also special Brewday harvestables as primary ingredients.

In addition to being able to obtain these harvestables from your Upgraded Pack Pony, once you have completed the "Ale Goggles" quest from Gillin Rockbreath (inside the Bar of Brell), you can wear these goggles to see special Bountiful Brewday gardens in Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, and Frostfang Sea. (Gardens are only available while Brewday is running.)

New Crafted

Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell has the newest Brewday recipe book for sale, Brewday Accoutrements to Craft IX, for 60s 90c. It requires artisan level 2 to scribe and is an heirloom book. As mentioned above, the primary ingredients for these recipes are obtained from Bountiful Brewday Gardens and/or your upgraded pack pony. The items in this book are the following:

Board of Fresh Baked Bread
Bottle of Ssraeshsza Shiraz
Brew Crew Captain's Bed
Brew Crew Captain's Cabinet
Brew Crew Captain's Desk
Clover Field Square
Clover Knoll
Emerald Vial of Clover Cologne
Brewday Bar Nibbles
Worn Woven Circular Mat
Worn Woven Square Mat
Verdant Stucco Blocks

Note that this set originally had darker stains at the tops of the blocks, dividers, etc. The stains were removed during testing based on player complaints.

New Buyables

These items are sold in the Bar of Brell. "Beer Token" prices are listed below:

Animated Hops Plushie
4 tokens
Brick Whiskey Distillery
15 tokens
Gnoll Guard Plushie
4 tokens
Petamorph Wand: Stonescale Basilisk
15 tokens
Underfoot Debris (housepet)
10 tokens

New On the Quest Front

The returning quest "Pressed into the Brewcrew" will have an additional reward option of a "Brewcrew Pier Lantern". It is NOT a lightsource.

There is one new quest, "Ale in a Day's Work." It is started by "Buzzed" in the Bar of Brell (the clockwork copter hovering next to Snoogle). The reward options are beer tokens or a "Flying Kegerator" that can be placed in your house. This house item can be clicked on once placed to have everyone take a swig from a bottle provided by the kegerator.

Brewcrew Pier Lantern
Flying Kegerator

Fallen Gate

The Fallen Gate progression server will receive the entire event this year except for the collection "More Brews is Good News" (due to zone availability).

Quest Tracker?

Even before I managed to get on and do screenshots, Casdoe of Maj'dul had updated her quest tracker for us in both xml format and pdf format. Thanks again!

House Item Video?

Ocarinah was in there after midnight on the night that this event hit the Test server, and put together a long item preview, as well as a shorter version. Many thanks!

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