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TSO: Additional Quests for Zubzub

Once you have completed the Ship Out questline, you can return to Zubzub in Grobb and obtain additional quests from him, for 5000 additional faction (each) with Clan Grobb.

Mind you, Zubzub is a trolless, and a slightly stereotypical one, so you can likely guess what general type of thing she is going to want.

Yep. Food.

Zubzub's Munchies, Part I

Of course, Zubzub isn't totally stereotypical, because the reason she wants you to go get her food is because she is busy writing reports for the Far Seas Supply Division, but 30 live swamp rats, so they're still fresh when they're cooked up? Ummm .... Ooooookayyyyy.

Zubzub provides you with a swamp rat trap, which you might want to hotkey as you wander around in and around Grobb and Firmroot.

Of course, you're going to want be on the lookout for other critters, as the swamps aren't always a friendly place, but eventually, you can find 30 of the little beasties to trap, and the area is open enough that you can generally see unfriendly critters before they see you. (Provided, of course, that you're paying attention to the mobs instead of node-nibbling and glowie-chasing!)

Zubzub's Munchies, Part II

Now, don't go thinking she has an uneducated palate, just because she's a trolless with a taste for rats. She now wants some swamp spices to flavor them up!

Scamper back towards the entrance of Firmroot, and keep your eyes out for the bushes. You will need 10 spices, and each bush can be harvested 3 times. Likely locations are: (143, -86, -408), (241-86, -372), (163, -84, -354) and (169, -86, -402)

Zubzub's Munchies, Part III

Musn't forget the secret ingredient, now!

Fens sifter spores.

You may remember these mushroom men from when you were doing the Tillage Patch portion of the Ship Out quest. Zubzub gives you a spore collector and asks you to go fetch 10 for her.

Run yourself back to Firmroot, then take the balloon to the Overlook, then Overlook to the Tillage Patch.

Each fens sifter (any type) can only have spores harvested once within a given period of time, but there are plenty of them wandering around. Your biggest time-eater on this step is basically the travel time.

Zubzub's Munchies, Part IV

The rats are ready, the spices are ready, the spores are ready. Are you ready?

To cook, that is. Yep, Zubzub is entrusting you with her "Zubzub's favorite snack" recipe scroll (and she'll even give you a dish of rats (house item) at the end! (Recipe name in your book will appear as "plate of spicy rats".)

In addition to the ingredients provided by Zubzub (3 swamp rats, 1 fens sifter spore, 1 swamp spice, per combine), the recipe requires 5 smoldering kindling per combine (a total of 25 of them if you don't flub). The combines are made at the stove & keg, using Thaumaturgy reactions. 2 stew are returned on each pristine (fuel returned on lower quality level completions) and if you fail, you can always go back to Zubzub for more ingredients.

The building beside her has a stove & keg, and, if you have the faction, you can have a guard point you to "wholesaler".

Zubzub's Spiced Swamp Rats
250 rent status reduction

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