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Bristlebane Day 2019

Mischief and merriment abound in Norrath as we celebrate the holiday of the Grand Prankster! This yearly world event will run on the live servers and Fallen Gate from March 28, 2019 through April 11, 2019. As usual, there will also be special one-day-only events on April 1 to celebrate Bristlebane's Highest of Silly Days. (The newest TLE server and the event PVP server that are launching on the 16th will not receive any of this event, but Fallen Gate gets the full content this year.)

This year's event will feature:

  • One new recipe book, "Perfectly Serious Items to Craft X"
  • One new quest, "Pot of Luck"
  • 9 new buyable items, including a new mount

For those that are wondering, there IS a story knocking about in my brain, but I need to make it through the GU launch and recover a little before I attempt to write it out. (Update: Well, the Muse hasn't obliged yet. If the story finally surfaces, it will be as a separate article.

New Crafted

"a Bristlebane Day Merchant" in your home crafting society has added "Perfectly Serious Items to Craft X" to their offerings this year. You will find the following recipes within it:

Eaten Apple Platter
Eaten Fish Dinner
Potted Vibrant Rubber Plant
Stitched Leather Pillow
Thicket Fir Armoire
Thicket Fir Bench
Thicket Fir Double Bed
Thicket Fir Loveseat
Thicket Fir Nightstand
Thicket Fir Padded Chair
Thicket Fir Stool
Vibrant Blue Pillow
Wide Woven Basket of Coin
Giddy Bandana
Indecorous Bandana

New Purchased

The "a Bristlebane Day Merchant" in every home crafting society also sells various event items, including the following nine new offerings with all but the tiles having a cost in Fool's Gold tokens:

Brilliant Blue Metal Square
1g 20s
Emerald Imp Plushie
20 tokens
Jovial Patchcraft Hopper Plushie
20 tokens
Luminous Lemon Metal Square
1g 20s
Petamorph Wand: Savage Treasure
6 tokens
Squeaky Cockatrice (appearance item)
5 tokens
Vibrant Temptation
5 tokens
Were-Bear Plushie
20 tokens
Gryphon of a Different Color
300 tokens

The gryphon, which can be turned into a house item, changes color every time you zone. Some of the tint changes are subtle, but lovely! (Note that right now it cannot be used as a flying mount appearance, and we've reported it in to be fixed.) Some of the color variations are as follows:

New Quest

The new quest this year, "Pot of Luck" is from a trolless named "Zruk" in Enchanted Lands, and will offer you your choice of Fools Gold Coins or an heirloom "Unlucky Vulrich" house pet.

Red Shinies?

The "Bristlebane's Memories" red shiny collection returns this year. As with past years, Dreak's Tin Spike can be found in all (overland) city crafting society areas. The rest of the collection is only in the TS basement instances found in NQeynos (outside the Ironforge Exchange), and in WFreeport (behind the Coalition of Tradesfolke).

April Fool's?

As mentioned above, the highest of High Silly Days is traditionally April 1. What does this entail?:

  • Rabbit nabbing - those little bunnies that hop around various zones that couldn't be targeted can be grabbed on these days and earn you various achievements and titles.
  • Jester's Superior Gardens in Enchanted Lands - these gardens will allow you to harvest ALL special event harvests from all events, just for this one day.
  • Pony explosion! - If you have the upgraded pony that can bring back holiday harvests, on this day he will bring back a bit of every event harvest. Plan accordingly and either have lots of free bag space or be standing near a depot when you "burp" that pony!
  • The "Riddled" quest series will be available from the sphinx in the Enchanted Lands
  • Frostfell crafting stations (and Frostfell fuel merchants) will be available in the Enchanted Lands (along the Lazy Drain at /way -198, 0, -359) and in the Sinking Sands (at the Airship Docks) for this 1 day only.

April 1 New Offerings

This year's April 1 celebration will see 3 new quest reward choice and one new collection. Three of the nine-piece collection pieces will be found in Qeynos/Freeport, three will be found in the Enchanted Lands, and three will be in Antonica/Commonlands.

Marble Stone of Gygax
Quest: Riddled Throughout the Land
Teal Stone of Chance
Quest: Riddled Again
Sandstone of Arneson
Quest: Riddled Yet Again
Collection Reward: Squeaky Chicken

April 1 Video?

Ocarinah did a quick preview video of the new April 1 items. Thanks again, ma'am!

Quick Note on Patchcraft

If you're doing the Plethora of Patchcraft Parts quest from EL during the event, here's the fast breakdown of which zones have which type of patchcraft critters:
  • Growlers (bears): Frostfang Sea and Greater Faydark
  • Howlers (wolves): Darklight Woods and Commonlands
  • Thrashers (badgers): Antonica
  • Snappers (crabs): Timorous Deep

Quest Tracker?

Casdoe from the Maj'Dul server has updated her quest trackers to make it easier for you to track which alts have done which of the event quests, collections, achievements, etc. Bristlebane Day Quest Tracker in XLS form for those who want an editable spreadsheet and the Bristlebane Day Quest Tracker in PDF form for those who want to view the pdf version of the checklist. Thanks again!


Ocarinah has been kind enough to do preview videos for the new items. Full version house item preview and the short version. Thanks so much for doing these!!

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