TSO: Far Seas Supply Division Quests

Welcome to the Far Seas Supply Division (FSSD)! This crafting faction is located at the landing in Mara, in the two-story building. Several things are going on in this busy building, as they try to aid and/or supply all their representatives out in the field.

While the below are the main methods of gaining faction with this crafting group, there are also a few other ways to gain some faction with them - a level 40+ quest series out of Lavastorm, the Sundered Frontier crafting questline, and the "Grandmaster" series that starts with Journeyman Service. They won't max out your faction so if you need to shop from the FSSD faction vendor, you will likely be making use of some of the below quests to raise your faction.

With the release of GU55, you no longer need to complete the Ship Out quest in the Moors of Ykesha in order to obtain the crafting missions, but you still will need complete it in order to obtain the timed Mara crafting writs. You also will need to be a level 50+ crafter for any of the below quests. I recommend doing the Ship Out line anyway, as it gives you a lovely amount of crafting xp and faction (including some of the factions out on the Moors), and helps you learn your way around the city/outpost hubs in that zone.

With the release of the ToV expansion in November 2013, the "daily" quests below are now hourly.

If you are interested in learning more about the items available for sale from the faction vendor, you can find details here.

Faction Writs

These are similar to city Rush Order writs, only they award +500 Far Seas Supply Division faction upon completion. They are given out upstairs in the Far Seas building by Kaisha Swifteasel.

Crafting equipment is scattered in this building, the building beside it, and outdoors beside these buildings. Kaisha is standing in front of a Requisition Order Desk, that starts the writ timer, and there is an additional desk in the building next door.

The same 1-story building that has the banker also has a fuel vendor. Since he is also a quest NPC, it is easy to miss the fact that he is a vendor, but Ulgofar Wisme, the little ratonga behind the counter as you enter the building, carries fuel.

The rest of the quests are broken down into solo quests, which can be obtained weekly, and "group" daily missions (that can now be completed hourly). In both cases, you will be awarded with Far Seas Supply Division faction, Far Seas Trading Company tokens that are needed in order to purchase items from the faction merchant, coin, and crafting experience.

Special Events

Before we get into the details on the rest of the quests, this is a good time to note that any crafting recipes in the group or solo instances below will have special crafting events associated with them. These events will have some stronger penalties for failure (higher health and/or power hits, nastier durability and/or progress hits), but succeeding at them will also make a much more positive impact on your crafting, and speed up the creation of the item. In addition, there will be a rare (but more common than the favor of innovation event) event called Far Seas Innovation. Successfully countering this event has an equal chance to give you one of any of the following: Far Seas Trading Company Token, chromatic essence, smoldering reflective shard, or a random level 80-89 rare resource.

As someone who has already played with these events, I can tell you that they make a significant (positive) difference in working on out-of-class combines!

Weekly Faction Solo Quests

Once per week, you can obtain one of three solo quests for faction. (The quest offered cycles daily from one to the next to the next, but you can only complete 1 of these per week.) They are available at the Priority Orders desk across from Kaisha, and which one is offered at any given time is based on a timer. (On beta, a different one of the three is offered every 30 minutes. We will verify the cycle for launch.) When a quest is ready to hand in, you click on the armoire beside the desk for your reward.

Solo #1: Far Seas Supply Division - Restocking the Stores

This is a basic harvesting quest that sends you around the Isle of Mara and into the Mystic Woods to help restock supplies. Reward is +500 Far Seas Supply Division faction, one Far Seas Trading Company token and at least 6g 5s 52c

You will need to gather:

Even the Mystic Woods portions of this should be safe for crafters who are low-level adventurers. For the Barnacles, the Tomb Protectors have a very small agro range. Stay along the water's edge and you should be safe - the barnacles have a pretty fast respawn time. With the Kindling, either dodge the aggro pirates, or stay in the Mystic Guardians area (neutral as long as you haven't killed any) and maybe have to wait a bit on respawn.

When done, remember to head back to the Far Seas building in Mara and turn in the quest at the armoire.

Solo #2: Far Seas Supply Division - Rescuing the Relics

This one requires that you first gain access to the Tower of the Four Winds in the Village of Shin. This access quest, such as it is does not require any adventuring, but will require a bit of time, especially if you have not yet quested for your Artisan Satchel yet. (If you haven't quested for your satchel, what are you waiting for? That thing is divine for crafters!) More details about gaining access to the tower can be found here.

Once you have gained entrance to the tower (which only needs to be done once), enter the first floor of the tower and look for a cellar door between Brother Dhar and Dhae Lao. (The door is only visible when you have the quest.)

Zone into the Endless Catacombs and examine the body of the failed initiate to receive an "enchanted throwing hammer". Hotkey this and use it to stun the fifty terracotta warriors in the zone. Of course, there are only 50 of these, and it can be a confusing zone to search. Take your time and search carefully to find 45 of them. Note that while these warriors will be aggro and well above your level, the range on the hammers is large enough that you can easily throw them without ever gaining any aggro.

An additional reward for completing this quest was added with GU54 - your choice of one of three terracotta warrior house items. (Number of warriors needed was also reduced from 50 to 45.)

Solo #3: Far Seas Supply Division - A Recipe for Disaster

It seems that there is an urgent need for supplies, and you are the only available crafter. You will need to create several items, but before you go running off, you need to click on the Far Seas Supply Manual Vol. 2 that is on the Priority Orders desk, and scribe it for the recipes. Now you can trundle off to craft!

Reward is at least 54g 49s 68c*, +500 faction with the Far Seas Supply Division, and one Far Seas Trading Company Token. (*Note that this quest has a higher cash reward than the other two quests due to the fuels and resources that you need to provide in order to complete it.)

Recipes will require tier 6 (level 50-59) common resources and fuels, and will have you performing recipes for every class.

If you wish to plan ahead on this quest and bring everything with you so that you can craft in Mara, you will need:

Daily Group Crafting Missions - Now Hourly!

Once per hour, you can obtain one of four group crafting missions for +500 Far Seas Supply Division faction, crafting xp, Far Seas Trading Company tokens, at least 15 gold ... and the chance at some lovely crafting loot.

Quests are obtained from Madria Varas, upstairs in the Far Seas Supply building on the docks in Mara.

There are several things to note before we dive into descriptions of the individual missions, however.