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TSO: Survival Accord Daily Tradeskill Tasks

Welcome to Firmroot Moot, main outpost for the Survival Accord. This mixed-race group is one of the three questable Moors factions that both adventurers and crafters can gain. Hophip Valorfeet (above) will be happy to give level 50+ crafters one task per day that rewards them with +250 Survival Accord Faction, among other things. When you complete the task, there is a basket beside Hophip where you hand in the requested items and claim your reward.

Available quests include the following (which one you are offered will switch daily):

Accord Assistance - A Rush Job

Rewards: At least 22g 11s 70c and +2000 Survival Accord Faction

Gather (20) swamp rushes to repair the netting of the transport balloons. These are tall green grasses that "grow" in/around the swamp near the settlement. Keep a close watch for gators and snakes. While a higher adventure level always helps, it can be done by the lowest of lowbies as long as you pay attention.

Accord Assistance - Swamp Foot Lotion

Rewards: At least 22g 11s 70c and +2000 Survival Accord Faction

Gather (10) tillage mushrooms from the Tillage Patch area, (10) pungent herbs from the swamps, and acquire (1) bottle of gnomish grease from the Dropship Landing site.

Notes: Pungent Herbs are difficult to see unless right next to them. They are delicate green growths that grow along the edge of the swamp near the settlement. (To get to the Tillage Patch: Take the balloon ride to "The Overlook" and then take another Balloon ride to "The Tillage Patch".) Tillage Mushrooms are very tiny little shrooms, and are widely scattered. If you have to wander a lot looking for them, watch out for the Hollow ___ Fens Sifters (rotten in the middle and nasty through and through, it seems!). The grease can be found on a counter at (1,841, 452, 871) at the Dropship Landing Site.

Accord Assistance � To Dye For

Rewards: At least 22g 11s 70c and +2000 Survival Accord Faction.

I need to collect some of the local shellfish, whose shells make a valuable strengthening agent and dye for the Survival Accord Armor. You will need to gather (10) swamp crustaceans from the swamping waters around Firmroot Moot, and (10) ykeshan starfish from the shores around the Tillage Patch.

Crustaceans are under the water along the water line outside the entrance to Firmroot. They're relatively plentiful, just watch out for the crocs and such as you run along gathering them. Ykeshan Starfish are found along the water line in the Tillage patch, and are easy to spot, with a fast respawn.

Accord Assistance � Letters From Home

Rewards: At least 22g 11s 70c and +2000 Survival Accord Faction.

I need to check near the mailboxes in Tupta, Grobb, and the Dropship Landing site for letters and packages to be delivered to Survival Accord members. (You are looking for highlighted boxes near the mailbox)

  • I need to collect letters from Tupta.
  • I need to collect letters from Grobb.
  • I need to collect letters from the Dropship Landing Zone. (There are two mailboxes at Dropship - you want the one at (1,792, 452, 800))

Accord Assistance � Air Repair

Rewards: At least 22g 11s 70c and +2000 Survival Accord Faction.

I need to obtain (50) redwood lumber for the gnomes� airship repairs.

Any lumber in your inventory will count, and lumber can be harvested or purchased.

Added Visual Cues

"Swamp Foot Lotion"
"Swamp Foot Lotion"
"Swamp Foot Lotion"
"A Rush Job"
"To Dye For"
"To Dye For"

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