Oceansfull 2019

Long have the othmir celebrated the bounty of the Ocean Lord, the deity known as Prexus. Last year, for the first time in Norrathian history, they gave all outsiders a view of their quiet Oceansfull festival. This yeah the festival will run on all live servers from June 6, 2019 at 12:01 AM PT until June 18, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT. This content will NOT be available on the Kaladim server.

This second annual event will include two new quests. The shells will contain 17 new items and 5 returning ones. More details on those below.

Ocean's Edge?

Yes, the announcement is a bit cryptic. Norrath (and beyond) includes a lot of ocean-front property. Only 11 of those zones are going to be used for the celebration, however. In each case you are looking for a small group of othmir, shooting off random fireworks. The locations are as follows:

The shells will have the same rewards, no matter which zone you visit, so pick whichever zone works the best for you when trying to gobble up the bounty from the shells. You WILL however, need to visit at least 3 zones to get the shinies for the collection, and to visit 2 zones if you wish to do both quests.

Wait - Diving?

Yep. Diving. If you don't have racial or class-based water-breathing, and don't have a Fishbone earring, you will want to invest in either otter totems (craftsman recipe), or make a rebreather (tinkerer recipe). You'll be underwater a lot if you want to get all the goodies from the giant clams.

Giant Clams?

Giant clams will be found at the bottom of the ocean in the general area of the othmir celebrators in each of the above locations. They cannot be tracked, but are rather large.

Click on the shell, and it will open up and contain a dark, pearl-like gift. (It will be named "____'s gift", with your name in the blank if you are the one who opened it.) Clicking on the gift will then result in one of 22 possible items. There is a 10-second-ish delay (guesstimate, not timed) after clicking on one shell before you can click on another.

New Items

All items are fully tradeable, and stack as appropriate (the housepet won't stack, the appearance items don't stack).

Aqueous Sentinel Plushie
Aqueous Temptation*
animated bubbles!
Behemoth Nautilus Shell*
Closed Clam Shell
Explorers on the Waves
Marid Lagoon Hunter Plushie
Marid Tide Hunter Plushie
Moving Water Spray Building Blocks*
(heirloom recipe book)
Nautilus Shell Shield
Ocean's Floor Dais
Oceansfull Ulthork Bonepriest Illusion
Sand Pincer (housepet)
Seafoam Brain Coral
Seafoam Nereid Plushie
Siren's Snaring Staff
Siren's Pearlescent Shell
Sunset Sponge Coral

Returning Items

The following items that were available from the shells in 2018 are making a return for 2019. The current plan is that in future years, the shell will contain mostly new items, plus a few different returning ones.

The othmir illusion looks utterly different on male characters than it does on female characters, so ladies will want to refer to the images contained here, NOT what the in-game preview shows you.

Lodizal Plushie
(makes same noises as Lodizal in GD)
Mounted Ship's Wheel
Oceansfull Wise Othmir Illusion
(1 charge, unlimited duration)
On a male
Oceansfull Wise Othmir Illusion
(1 charge, unlimited duration)
On a female
Swimming Othmir Shellcracker Plushie
(lies on its back)
Whirling Water Basin**
**underside of basin

**The Whirling Water Basin has an effect that does not preview well. Here is a very brief video of the effect and below is a still image of the effect.


There are two quests this year, both of which involve very minor at-level mob killing.

"Shell or High Water: is offered by Binn on the Commonlands dock. It will award you three Gold Conch Shell. You will randomly end up being attacked by an at-level mob when collecting the gold conch shells, but not with every update.

"Beach Party Brawl" is offered by Kippy on the beach next to the Nursery in Greater Faydark. You will need to kill at-level ulthork for the quest. Reward is your choice of ONE of the following three items: Behemoth Clam Shell, Behemoth Clam Shell Broken, and Behemoth Clam Shell Large.

Gold Conch Shell
"Shell Or High Water"
Behemoth Clam Shell
"Beach Party Brawl" option
Behemoth Clam Shell
Back View
Behemoth Clam Shell Broken
"Beach Party Brawl" option
Behemoth Clam Shell Shattered
"Beach Party Brawl" option

Hidden Achievement

There is one hidden achievement, complete with a prefix title, for opening 25 of the shells.


There is a nine-piece collection for an appearance cloak. Each zone has three pieces of the collection, so you will want to visit at least three zones to complete it. The breakdown is as follows:

The reward is Saltscale Cloak:

Closer Look?

Want a closer look at the new house items? First is a small video to preview the water effects. Then Ocarinah put together a full Full House Item Preview for the event, plus a quicker soundless one. As always, her help is most appreciated!

Quest Tracker?

Casdoe of Maj'Dul updated her spreadsheet for tracking the achievement, collection and quests for your alts. Thanks again, ma'am! Oceansfull tracker in XLS form and there is also a PDF version..

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