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Prelude Event 2019 - Mythic Passage

The 2019 prelude to event to prepare for the next expansion went live on Sept. 6, 2019. It contains two permanent adventure quests for level 110 adventurers, two permanent tradeskill quests for level 110 crafters, three all-level repeatable adventure quests that will end when the expansion is released, two all-level repeatable crafting quests that will end when the expansion is released, 1 collection that stops spawning when the expansion is released, and a boatload of house items and appearance items that you can buy with the reward currency from these quests.

Where To Go

The five repeatable quests are available from NPC's around the Wizard's Spires in Teren's Grasp (Kylong Plains).

The level 110 permanent content for both adventuring and tradeskills is available from the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum, and you should receive an email with details as well as a key to transport you directly there. (Both adventuring and tradeskill get the same key and letter, they simply talk to a different person in the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum.)

The new currency, Deepwater Copper, is doubled for members.

Limited-Time Repeatables

All repeatable quests are only available until the expansion is released in the winter. All repeatable questgivers are around the Wizard Spire area in Teren's Grasp.

Get to know this bit of zone art. It is a propylon, and a lot of quest stuff refers to it. You'll find propylons around Teren's Grasp.

Spire Security Force (Repeatable Adventure)

Run around the edges of Teren's Grasp where the propylons are, and at-level grimlings will spawn and attack you. Kill 6 then return to Trina Stronsong for a reward of 1 Deepwater Copper.

Maintaining the Propylons (Repeatable Adventure)

Ikram El'Suhaib needs luclinite shards to revitalize the propylons. He wants you to get them from luclinite impact spots in Norrath. For the level 110 version of this (I am assuming lower levels are sent elsewhere), I was sent to the Grim Shales island in the Phantom Sea.

Once you have the shards, you will need to fuse them to 4 propylons in Teren's Grasp.

Reward is 3 Deepwater Copper.

Elements of Spire Importance (Repeatable Adventure)

Ziyad Al'Majid needs power sources. For the level 110 version, you are directed to defeat 10 arcane runestones in the Grim Shales area of Phantom Sea. These mobs are a pylon-like mobs around the perimeter of Grim Shales.

Reward is 3 Deepwater Copper.

Shoot for the Stars (Repeatable Crafting)

Shirrah Il'binlu needs some components. She drops 3 recipes into your recipe book. All three require the same ingredients and use the same special crafting table, so just mentally translate the next paragraph below to work for Multifaceted Transposition Spellshard and Astral Transposition Acceptor, as well as for the Quadrolith Corporeal Sublimators.

Craft 6 Quadrolith Corporeal Sublimators. This will require a total of 18 solidified ethereal filament from around the Teren's Grasp propylon area, 6 salty loam, 6 turquoise, 6 tubers and 18 glowing incense. The recipe is autoscribed, and you must use the quadrolith work station" for the combine. This recipe cannot be commissioned. The workstations can be found in Teren's Grasp in several buildings. One is at /way 1853, 483, -844. Once you are done, return to Shirrah Il'binlu for a few silver and 1 Deepwater Copper.

Notes: If you plan on doing this one a lot, be aware that the solidified ethereal filaments can only be seen while you have the quest in your journal. The recipes auto-delete from your recipe book once you have crafted all 6 of whatever is needed (and then are re-granted the next time you grab the quest.) Brell/conservation procs work on this recipe.

Dynamist on the List (Repeatable Crafting)

Craft a dynamist condenser for Grommit Fizzlewitz from the recipe that autoscribes in your book. You will need 3 mana infused alloy, 1 iron cluster, 1 tanned leather pelt, 1 electrum cluster and 3 glowing coal. The combine is performed on a normal work bench. Reward is a small amount of silver, and 1 Deepwater Copper. Mana infused alloy is found as glowing rocks on tables in Teren's Grasp.

Once you have crafted the condenser, use it to gather 6 solid dynamist particulates from the dynamist spren. Zap them with the condenser, then click on the solid dynamist particulates to collect them. (Not all of the spren will solidify into something clickable.)

Signature Quests

These signature quests can be done once per level 110 character (adventuring for the adventuring one, crafting for the crafting one :P) They are permanent additions to the game. Both quests are offered within the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. (Purple quest feather indicates the adventure quest, green quest feather indicates the tradeskill one.)

If you are 110 in either crafting or adventuring, you should receive an email that contains a key that will port you directly to the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum.

Piercing the Darkness: Carving a Legacy (Level 110 Tradeskill Sig Line)

The quest is obtained from Head Scholar Nabihan within the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. Your first task is to find the Luclinite Propylon Pieces Scroll within the Sanctum. I found it on top of a bookshelf at /way 560, 130, -31 but another player found it on a table, and another on the floor near a bookshelf. Mouse over things that look scroll-like in there until the mouseover pops up the scroll name. (It isn't a big area, thankfully. :D)

You will then need to collect 24 unblemished quadrolite in Obulus Frontier (in the Giant's Walk area of Obulus), 36 raw planeshard from the Metetherial Plains area of Plane of Magic and 36 annealed ethereal thread from pretty much anywhere in Vesspyr. (There is quite a bit of it around Falinpol). Track harvestables is your friend!

Annealed Ethereal Thread
Raw Plane Shard
Unblemished Quadrolite
Sublime Pulverulence

You will need to make 3 Luclinite propylon. Each one requires 3 metamagic attuning prism (so a total of 9 of the prisms), 3 astral transposition fibril (so a total of 9 fibrils), 2 quadrolith glyph key (so 6 total keys), and 12 sublime pulverulence. (so, 36 for the final combine on the pulverulence, and a lot for the interim combines.)

Once you have collected the recipe scroll from the first step of the quest (above), two sublime pulverulence will spawn in the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. You can get two harvests from each jar, and you will get 6, 12 or 20 per pull. (So up to 40 per jar.) Once you have harvested both jars, two more jars will spawn and you rinse and repeat until you have the 228 needed. If you are having troubles finding one, pop up your track harvestables.

  • Metamagic Attuning Prism - each requires 4 planeshard (you harvested those as a quest step), 12 reef cluster, 25 dewpalm lumber, 8 sublime pulverulence. Multiply all those by 9.
  • Astral Transposition Fibril - each requires 4 annealed ethereal thread (you harvested those as a quest step), 12 silvered fleck, 25 nimbic hide, 8 sublime pulverulence. Multiply all that by 9.
  • Quadrolith Glyph Key - each requires 4 unblemished quadrolite (you harvested them as a quest step), 12 silvered fleck, 25 strangler root, 8 sublime pulverulence. Multiply all that by 6.

If my math dysphasia isn't throwing me for a total loop, that should be:

  • 108 reef clusters
  • 225 dewpalm lumber
  • 180 silvered fleck
  • 225 nimbic hide
  • 150 strangler root
  • 228 sublime pulverulence.

These combines are done at a planar workstation on the lower part of the Duality's Inner Sanctum, so you will want to be sure you bring your CD resources, and possibly a limited progress potion with you.

Reward for the quest is two belts - one is a 95 resolve belt for level 110 adventurers, the other is a level 110 crafter/harvesting belt.

Light Amongst Shadows: The Vault of Omens (Level 110 Adventuring Sig Line

The quest is obtained from the Duality in the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. He sends you to Deep Chelsith: Vault of Omens. The quest awards a cloak (Mantle of the Vigilant) and an Ancient Thulian Totem house item.

I've been told that you speak to someone on the docks in Jarsath Wastes in order to be teleported to the entrance to Deep Chelsith.

Once in the zone, which has a solo version and a group version, you will kill some yard trash and 5 named mobs. You will also be freeing some D.I.R.T.Y. archaeologists along the way. After you kill the final named, Eom'Tek'Zen, there will be a Uktannu Stone near him to grab, and then you can return to the Duality for your reward.

Light Amongst the Shadows: Spires of Mythic Passage (adventuring sig line followup)

After you complete The Vault of Omens, the Duality gives you a chunk of dialog and a small quest to head to Teren's Grasp to speak with Taith McJarun. There, you get a bit more information regarding what they are doing, and then you're done. (There is no reward tied to this quest.)

Merchant Items

The merchant for the event, Nekhebu, is located at /way 2015, 480, -863 in Teren's Grasp. All items sold on her cost 1 or more Deepwater Copper, which is an heirloom currency unique to this event. Many of the items on this vendor are new, but she also carries items that were available from last year's Against the Elements event.

All costs listed below are in Deepwater Copper (DC).

Akheva Zethon Female Plushie
1 DC
Akheva Zethon Male Plushie
1 DC
Amber Soulwell
4 DC
Arcane Preserved Eggs
1 DC
Arcane Rune Cube
1 DC
Basket of Chilis
1 DC
Behemoth Crystal
1 DC
Bowl of Umbrite
1 DC
Broken Red Wurm Eggs
1 DC
Ceramic Amphora
1 DC
Crystalline Tentacle Terror Plushie
4 DC
Elementalist's Everfrost Gemstone
2 DC
Elementalist's Lavastorm Boulder
2 DC
Elementalist's Lavastorm Stone
2 DC
Emerald Soulwell
4 DC
Enraged Stonespren (housepet)
(heirloom), 8 DC
Felwithe Luminous Petals
(animated), 8 DC
Fryd Lyrech Rune Totem
4 DC
Hanging Felwithe Luminous Petals
(animated), 4 DC
Kelp Fiend Plushie
1 DC
Kithicor Aramapine (housepet)
8 DC
Leva Lyrech Rune Totem
4 DC
Librarian of Light Arcane Scroll
1 DC
Mobile Firebolt Generator
4 DC
Petamorph Wand: Dreadsnout
6 DC
Petamorph Wand: Enraged Mantle Walker
6 DC
Petamorph Wand: Rumbling Tide Walker
6 DC
Pillar of Erud's Light
4 DC
Red Wurm Eggs
1 DC
Replica Dragon Ring
8 DC
Replica Wizard Spire
8 DC
Root-Wrapped Stone Monolith
1 DC
Root-Wrapped Stone Pillar
1 DC
Root-Wrapped Stone Wall
1 DC
Row of Old Books
1 DC
Ruby Soulwell
4 DC
Rug of the Arcanist
1 DC
Rust-Striped Kitten (housepet)
(heirloom), 8 DC
Savage Treasure (housepet)
8 DC
Scholar's Podium
1 DC
Shadowy House Actor*
(heirloom), 8 DC
Shallow Basket of Beans
1 DC
Square Rug of the Arcanist
1 DC
Spiritual Scrying Globe
1 DC
Tall Basket of Oranges
1 DC
Vasty Deep Stone Medallion
4 DC
Vasty Deep Work Table
1 DC
Verdant Baby Dragon Clothwork
(heirloom housepet), 8 DC
Winged Nightmare Plushie
4 DC
Zar Lyrech Rune Totem
4 DC
Zephyren Eggs
1 DC
Eryslai Crystal Block Set**
2 DC

*"Shadowy House Actor" works exactly the same as other house actors, but is pitch black, allowing you to have just the silhouette of the character.

**Eryslai Crystal block set - each basic building block in the set comes in a pack of 15 for 2 DC. Each cut-out type of frame comes in a pack of 8 for 2 DC. In order to preview these items on the vendor, since they are crated, you must manually examine the crate, then preview the image from within that preview window.

Appearance Sets

There are two sets of tradeable appearance armor on the vendors. Each "set" consists of: Collar for 4 DC, gloves for 2 DC, Hood for 4 DC, Robe for 10 DC, and slippers for 2 DC. You cannot wear both collar and hood at the same time, however, as they are both head slot items. The two sets are called "Earth Wielder's" and "Water Wielder's". The pictures below include the hood, not the collar.

Earth Wielder's
Water Wielder's

The particle effect that you see coming up from the shoulder area comes from equipping the robe.

Other Items

The Arcanist's Hover Platform costs 50 DC. Al Kabor's Ring of Fused Ore costs 30 DC and is needed to be able to see prelude-specific collectible spawns in Teren's Grasp. Building on Sundered Ground recipe book returns again for 40 DC for those who still need the recipes for the granite and sandstone block sets.


In order to see the collectibles for the 9-piece collection (which will only be spawning until the expansion releases), you will need to purchase and equip "Al'Kabor's Fused Ring" from Nekhebu for 30 Deepwater Copper. Dark shinies will then be visible in Teren's Grasp. (They can be found both inside and outside the buildings.) Reward is a Luclinite Pylon house item. This item is taller than a tall aerakyn on default size.


Ocarinah has you covered with a short and silent version and a narrated, detailed version of the new item previews. As always, thanks a ton, ma'am!

Those videos only cover the items that are new this year. If you missed last year's prelude event, and need a closer look at those returning items, here are the links to those as well: Against the Elements (Full) and Against the Elements (Silent).

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