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Nights of the Dead 2019: B-Barrrk!

Undead? Check. Creepy critters? Check. Ticks and treats? Check. Barking mad undead gnolls? Um ... yeah, check. It must be time for the annual celebration of the Nights of the Dead!

This event will run on the live servers* from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on October 8 through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on November 1, 2019. (*The Kaladim TLE server will only have a special holiday merchant, which will be located in Freeport and the Qeynos Capital District. This will include a few costumes, based on a request during testing.)

What's New for 2019?

This year you will have one buyable and one looted (from gravedigging) recipe book. The looted one contains recipes for a complete block set, including cutouts. There is one new quest, with the starter dropping from gravedigging. There are two new collections from pumpkin pulping (one for tossing, one for collecting pumpkin bombs), both with prefix titles as the reward. The creepy and undead mobs in Chaos Descending zones should also be dropping NoTD candy during this event.

Last, but not least, at least in the eyes of those of us who scramble every year to figure out what is new without having benefit of a complete list to work from, the merchant offerings have been split into old and new. Both vendors will be found in your home crafting society, and Haint will carry all the returning buyables, while Lil' Boo will carry all of the new buyables.

Are YOU New?

If you are unfamiliar with the Nights of the Dead event, you may want to check out my NoTD Overview for details regarding where/how to get the candy that is used as currency and crafting ingredient, details on gravedigging and on pumpkin pulping, etc.

New Crafted

This year, the new items, including the recipe book "Nights of the Dead XII" will be sold by Lil' Boo in your home crafting society. All returning items will be on the Nights of the Dead Merchant (also in your home crafting society. This should make it way easier for folks that are looking for "just the new stuff", with nothing extra to wade through.

All of the new crafted items require a nights of the dead treat as the primary ingredient, along with tier 2 commons and tier 2 fuels. Combines yield 2 on pristine completion.

Autumnal Hanging Vines
Autumnal Leaf Pile
Biological Sample Vials
Candy Corn Candle
Diseased Bones
Gilded Bench of Hate
Gilded Bookcase of Scorn
Gilded Pew of Scorn
Gilded Urn of Hate
Gray Wastes Oak
Gruesome Bone Sconce
Haunted Bed
Haunted Bench
Sarnak Iron Maiden
Shredded Banner of Shadow
Tattered Banner of the Saddened
Unrest Chandelier

Notes on Animated Items: The Autumnal Leaf Pile has leaves slowly drifting down into the pile. The two "Haunted" items float and bob in midair.

But There's More!

There is one more set of recipes this year, but it will come from grave digging, not the vendor! The recipe book for Catacomb Brick building blocks can come from the gift that you can dig up from grave digging.

New Buyables

These items that are sold on Lil' Boo in your home crafting society cost candy corn -- except for the two costumes, which will cost coin.

Ashlok Skeleton Plushie
15 candy corn
Doomfire Gravestone
10 candy corn
Doomfire Headstone
10 candy corn
Doomfire Memorial Stone
10 candy corn
Flesh Golem Plushie
15 candy corn
Hinged Bookcase of Hate
30 candy corn
Malice-Fueled Lightpost
15 candy corn
Nights of the Dead
Skeletal Dracurian Costume
1s 20
Nights of the Dead
Troll Zombie
1s 20
Petamorph Wand: Kobold Spirit
5 candy corn
Sinister Chain Armor Crate
30 candy corn

New Quest: Night of the Barking Dead

The gravedigging event this year will include a new quest drop from an NPC that can spawn named "Thieving Hardy." He will drop a small chest containing a "gnollish teleporter rune bone" that is the quest starter for "Night of the Barking Dead." Upon examining the bone and accepting the quest, you will be directed to a gnollish terraporter in the Thundering Steppes, and from there you will want to zone into a special "Splitpaw Crypts" instance.

For the duration of the Nights of the Dead event, the gnolls around this particular terraporter will be removed. This is to prevent them from attacking and forcibly teleporting lower level players into the old intro to Splitpaw instance instead of letting them teleport into the Splitpaw Crypts instance. (Thanks Kaitheel!)

Once there, work your way deeper into the instance. Among other things, you will need to clear specific mobs in order to remove barriers leading deeper into the zone (for the first barrier, you will need to find the corpse, and talk to the ghost, plus kill all the undead gnolls, for the second barrier to lower, kill all the spiders). When you get to the named and he stops taking damage partway through the fight, you will need to kill all the adds that spawn before you can finish him off.)

The quest rewards your choice of: 25 candy corn, a "Splitpaw Skeleton Plushie" or a "Splitpaw Ghost Plushie".

Splitpaw Skeleton Plushie
Splitpaw Ghost Plushie

New Collections

BOMBING: The process of throwing a pumpkin bomb at another player - rewards the user with a single reward per throw - returning collection items, new collection items, an Ancient Desert Urn or titles. The new collection that has been added to the possible rewards from bombing is the "Werehunter's Survival Kit" collection which rewards you the "Howl Hunter" title.

PULPING: The process of picking up a pumpkin that had been thrown from a bomb, crushing it into a pulp in the process - rewards the user with a single reward per pumpkin picked up. This can be one of several returning collections, house items (trees, grave dirt), an ultra-rare bat mount, or one of the new collection items. The new collection from pulping is the "Ghost Hunter's Pack" collection which rewards the "Haunt Hunter" Title.

Additionally, a couple new locations have been added to the possible zones where you are allowed to pumpkin bomb - Myrist, Coliseum of Valor and Maldura have been added to the "city" zones where you can toss the pumpkin bombs.

The two new collections and their rewarded titles are already live as of mid-September, so those of you who still have pumpkin bombs from past years can use them to earn the new collections before NoTD goes live this year.

Quest Tracker?

There are quite a few quests and achievements for this event, and Casdoe from Maj'Dul has already kindly updated her quest tracker in XLS form as well as her PDF version of the tracker. Thanks!


You asked, she delivered. Ocarinah has put together house item previews in a silent version and a longer narrated version. As always, thanks!

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