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TSO: Grobb Daily Tradeskill Tasks

Welcome to Grobb, home of Clan Grobb! Once per day (and which one is offered will cycle daily), level 50+ crafters can obtain a solo tradeskill task from Broosha Gatormarrow (-464, - 73, -920), which will earn you +2000 faction with Clan Grobb and -500 faction with the Guktan Guard.

Yep! Gain with one, lose with the other, since they're definitely not friends with each other. If you decide that you want to work on both factions, you will want to make sure that you're balancing out a quest from one with a quest from the other (for an overall net gain of +1500 for each).

In addition, you will not want to head over to pick up quests in either location until you have gained some faction with both -- such as at least completing the Fighting Swamp Foot sub-quest of Ship Out. If you rush into these encampments without having earned any faction at all, the guards will happily attack you.

Resources for these are gathered from within the encampment as well as in the surrounding area. Further details on resource locations, for those who wish it, can be found at the bottom of the page.

All quests are handed in via the Supply Delivery Bin located next to Broosha.

Goodies for Grobb - Snapper Security

Rewards: At least 47g 11s 70c and +2000 Clan Grobb Faction and -500 Guktan Guard Faction.

Make (5) crocodile pen slats. Recipe Requires: 1 mud-caked lumber, 3 congealed goo, 2 malodorous clay, 5 silicate sandpaper. Combine to pristine on woodworking table.

Goodies for Grobb � Home Cooking

Rewards: At least 22g 11s 70c and +2000 Clan Grobb Faction and -500 Guktan Guard Faction.

Make (10) bowls of swamp goulash. Recipe Requires: 1 congealed goo, 3 grobb shellfish, 2 congealed goo, 2 redwood kindling. Combine to pristine (yield 2) on stove.

Goodies for Grobb � Fundamental Furnishings

Rewards: At least 22g 11s 70c and +2000 Clan Grobb Faction and -500 Guktan Guard Faction.

Make (5) trollish mud bowls. Recipe Requires: 1 Malodorous clay, 3 Swamp-smooth pebble, 2 Congealed goo, 5 Smoldering coal. Must complete combine to pristine.

Goodies for Grobb � Swamp Reeds

Rewards: coin and +2000 Clan Grobb Faction and -500 Guktan Guard Faction.

Gather (10) swamp reeds. Reeds have been found along the streams that branch to the south and southeast of Firmroot, but be wary, as those areas have quite a bit of aggro swimming in the water, flying above you, and slithering along on the ground. If you find a relatively safe spawn, you canlurk in that spot and wait on repop (roughly 5 minutes). Some known locations are: (7.07, -92, -122), (-60, -93, -100), (-95, -93, -18), (-37, -94, -36), (209, -93, -4.54), (206, -93, -4.54), and (151, -94, -1.23)

Goodies for Grobb � Accessorizing, Grobb Style

Rewards: At least 47g 11s 70c and +2000 Clan Grobb Faction and -500 Guktan Guard Faction.

Craft 5 trollish clubs. Each requires 1 mudcaked lumber, 3 swamp-smooth pebbles, 2 congealed goo, 1 silicate sandaper.

Supply list

Each "node" should allow multiple hits before it disappears and later respawns.
  • mud-caked lumber (fallen lumber) - (-246, -82, -895) (-233, -85, -603), (-76, -83, -460), (-48, -83, -488)
  • congealed goo (slimy slug) - up/down aqueduct area (-317, -71, -1052)
  • malodorous clay (clay deposit) - (-285, -89, -989), (-276, -89, -1,025) & along the river's edge
  • swamp-smooth pebble (stones) - (-440, -76, -903), (-495, -72, -908)
  • grobb shellfish (shellfish) � semi safe areas (-109, -87, -519), (-13, -87, -499),(-99, -87, -446), and (-71, -87, -379)
  • swamp reeds - some have been found at (-43, -93, -31), (-50, -94, -22), (-93, -94, -15), (-74, -93, -86), (180, -93, -231), (70, -95, -233), (52, -95, -225), (70, -95, -233), (135, -93, -224), (179, -93, -238)
  • Items are NO Trade and NO Value.

    You will also need: Silicate Sandpaper, Smoldering Coal and Redwood Kindling

    Note: You have a rare (1/100th) chance of harvesting a special item when harvesting the slimy slugs. You can receive a "Slimy Slug" summon pet spell. It�s treasured and trade-able. Get your very own "Slimy Friend"!

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