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Piercing the Darkness: Carving a Legacy

September 6, 2019 added the prelude event for the Luclin expansion. Along with limited-time prelude quests, two permanent signature quests were added - one for level 110 adventurers, one for level 110 crafters. Mail is sent to all level 110s (adventure or crafting) containing "a Vigilant Sanctum key" that can be right-clicked for the option to transport you to the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. Level 110 crafters should use the key and look for the green quest feather within the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. The NPC you are looking for is Head Scholar Nabihan to start the quest. (An ingredients list is down below if you want to prepare in advance before you start traveling around.)

This quest is required in order to obtain the tradeskill signature line from Luclin

Your first task is to find the Luclinite Propylon Pieces Scroll within the Sanctum. I found it on top of a bookshelf at /way 560, 130, -31 it can be found anywhere in that room on the floor, on bookshelves, etc. Mouse over things that look scroll-like in there until the mouseover pops up the scroll name. (It isn't a big area, thankfully. :D) If you leave the zone or log out for whatever reason before you find the scroll, you may not be able to find it. Delete the quest, zone out, zone back in and pick up the quest again if this happens.

You will then need to collect 24 unblemished quadrolite in Obulus Frontier (in the Giant's Walk area of Obulus), 36 raw planeshard from the Metetherial Plains area of Plane of Magic and 36 annealed ethereal thread from around Falinpol. Track harvestables is your friend!

Annealed Ethereal Thread
Raw Plane Shard
Unblemished Quadrolite
Sublime Pulverulence

You will need to make 3 Luclinite propylon. Each one requires 3 metamagic attuning prism (so a total of 9 of the prisms), 3 astral transposition fibril (so a total of 9 fibrils), 2 quadrolith glyph key (so 6 total keys), and 12 sublime pulverulence. (so, 36 for the final combine on the pulverulence, and a lot for the interim combines.)

Once you have collected the recipe scroll from the first step of the quest (above), two sublime pulverulence will spawn in the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. You can get two harvests from each jar, and you will get 6, 12 or 20 per pull. (So up to 40 per jar.) Once you have harvested both jars, two more jars will spawn and you rinse and repeat until you have the 228 needed. If you are having troubles finding one, pop up your track harvestables. You can masss-produce the sub-components, but if you go that route, you are on your own for figuring out how many supplies you need. The list below is for making the exact number of items that you have to have.

  • Metamagic Attuning Prism - each requires 4 planeshard (you harvested those as a quest step), 12 reef cluster, 25 dewpalm lumber, 8 sublime pulverulence. Multiply all those by 9.
  • Astral Transposition Fibril - each requires 4 annealed ethereal thread (you harvested those as a quest step), 12 silvered fleck, 25 nimbic hide, 8 sublime pulverulence. Multiply all that by 9.
  • Quadrolith Glyph Key - each requires 4 unblemished quadrolite (you harvested them as a quest step), 12 silvered fleck, 25 strangler root, 8 sublime pulverulence. Multiply all that by 6.

If my math dysphasia isn't throwing me for a total loop, that should be:

  • 108 reef clusters
  • 225 dewpalm lumber
  • 180 silvered fleck
  • 225 nimbic hide
  • 150 strangler root
  • 228 sublime pulverulence (harvested in the instance)

These combines are done at a planar workstation on the lower part of the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum, so you will want to be sure you bring your CD resources, and possibly a limited progress potion with you.

Reward for the quest is two belts - one is a 95 resolve belt for level 110 adventurers, the other is a level 110 crafter/harvesting belt.

Once you are done with this quest, Head Scholar Nabihan gives you a tiny quest, "Piercing the Darkness: Monuments of Mythic Passage" that sends you to Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains to speak with Taith McJarun. You will need to complete that quest as well before you can work on the Luclin tradeskill signature line when BoL is released ...

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