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Heroes Festival 2019

The annual celebration of the birth of EverQuest2, the Heroes' Festival, is almost upon us! The event, which runs from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on November 7, 2019 and runs through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on November 19, 2019 will include new purchased house items for Tokens of Heroism, new purchased wearables for Mischeva's Tribute, and 5 new collections from the puppet battles. This event will be available on Live servers (and Test), but NOT the TLE server, Kaladim.

There will be another event running from Nov. 7 through December 5 for this special 15th anniversary of EQ2 called "Dragon Attack!" and that will be covered in a separate article when information is available. (It was mentioned when Heroes' Fest went on Test, but it has not been made available for testing at this time.

The only crafting involved in this event is one quest in Qeynos/Freeport, so I don't go into a lot of detail for this event preview other than the eye candy. If you need details on all the quests, I recommend the Wiki Heroes' Festival Timeline. Thanks to Casdoe of Maj Dul, who dropped these into my inbox, we also have a Heroes' Festival Quest Tracker in .XLS form as well as a .PDF version. Thanks again, ma'am!

New House Items

These items require the tradeable "Token of Heroism" to purchase. The items are Heirloom. The tokens are obtained from the various quests in Qeynos and Freeport, and some can also be obtained from killing the puppets.

A Ratonga Hero
5 tokens
Pride of the Kerra
5 tokens
The City of Might
5 tokens
Festival Plate of Apples
3 tokens
Festival Roasted Fowl
3 tokens
Heroes' Shield Chandelier, Heroes' Battleaxe Chandelier, Heroes' Greatsword Chandelier
10 tokens each
Chandelier bottom view
see notes below!!

Chandelier notes: 1) They don't preview well and I am too tired to fuss with it more right now; 2) There is more chain than is visible here - what is pictured is the part of the chain below the anchor point. About 50-70% of the chain on each is currently above the anchor point on them; 3) they give off a "warm glow", so are lightsources.

New Appearance Items

These items are heirloom, and cost "Mischeva's Tribute" to purchase. This currency can be obtained during the event by fighting the puppets. This "plate" set is actually a level 1 cloth appearance set that all classes can wear. The weapons are one handed appearance, the shields are secondary appearance items for all.

  • Claw of the Golden Eagle, 15 tribute
  • Golden Eagle's Defense, 15 tribute
  • Greatblade of Dethknell, 15 tribute
  • Shadow of Dethknell, 15 tribute
  • Mischeva Troop Plate Barbute, 4 tribute
  • Mischeva Troop Plate Cuirass, 4 tribute
  • Mischeva Troop Plate Gauntlets, 3 tribute
  • Mischeva Troop Plate Greaves, 4 tribute
  • Mischeva Troop Plate Gussets, 3 tribute
  • Mischeva Troop Plate Sabatons, 3 tribute
  • Mischeva Troop Plate Vambraces, 4 tribute

Mischeva Troop Plate

Claw of the Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle's Defense
Greatblade of Dethknell
Shadow of Dethknell

New Collections

Each of the five Mischeva puppets that you can battle will drop one unique collection piece, then spawn the rest of their collection after their death. (So, help kill the Mischeva version of Darathar, and you are awarded one collection item directly from the kill in a popup window, and the rest of the collection will spawn as purple glowies in the area where you fought him. Trakanon has a separate collection and so on.)

Collection rewards include 3 mounts and two heirloom house items. (Note: the flying carpet is one that you crouch on, NOT kneel on).

Valorous Lion Statue
Active Observatory Apparatus

Eidolon Jungle
Tuatara Windglider
Stonewood Sokokar
Sinking Sands
Carpet of the Desert Sun


Ocarinah, tricksy dark elf that she is, snuck into the house where these were placed and put together house item preview videos for you! (Ok, ok, she has standing trustee access to the house, but it sounds better calling her a tricksy dark elf, ok? Especially when she's getting me videos a day and a half after the items hit Test, before I'd even had the energy to ping her to let her know they were there! She and Casdoe both got me goodies before I pinged them - I don't know what I'd do on events without them!)

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