Supplies for Brianna

This quest doesn't need anything hugely difficult, but it does need some minor tradeskill items. The quest itself is aimed at adventurers in their mid-20s, but the item needed is a recipe in Artisan Essentials Volume 1, which means it should be very simple for anyone to complete, providing they are at least an artisan, and have scribed the appropriate book.

This is a sub-quest of "Watch Your Step in The Thundering Steppes" (Part III). To start the quest, see Jacques, who is just to the left as you zone into Thundering Steppes from Antonica. He wants some mail delivered, and in each step, you have to run to an NPC in the zone, and then find out that you can't bring back a reply (and earn your reward from Jacques), until you perform some task for them. Kill things, play with scrying stones, and generally get in and out of mischief until you get to part 3, where you need to bring supplies to Brianna. The problem is that you get mugged by two aggro mutts on the way to see to her, and you lose part of the delivery.

So, Brianna, while understanding that "these things happen", decrees that 5 tin longswords are missing. Sooooo, a-smithing you will go ...

You'll need some basic tier 1 resources (tin clusters, rough malachite, rawhide leather), as well as coal, in order to make these.

Once you have created and brought to her the required swords (which stay in your inventory), she gives you the receipt that you need to finish the next step of "Watch Your Step ..." and also gives you Brianna's Broken Crate, a 12-slot, weight 100, no-trade strongbox.

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