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Crafty Sootfoots / Sootfoot Service

Before You Start

You will need 190 mining and 190 fishing to complete this quest. You will also need a loom, 3 ashen roots, 5 fulginate clusters, 5 strengthened leather, 3 diamondine clusters, 3 fulginate clusters, 2 strengthened leather pelts, 6 luminous filament, and 6 luminouss black coal. If you bring along a tinkered portable sewing table, as well as the fuels and such, you can save yourself some time and zoning during these quests.

In addition, if you do not have an adventurer capable of performing adventuring quests within the zone, you will be relying on adventurers for additional armor molds. (Each and every armor piece will require a mold, which is used up in the crafting process.) Armor molds are no-trade, and are obtained, other than the one received as a quest reward, via the Sootfoot faction merchant. (Edit: bolded this section so it is clearer for folks. The vendor is Kabcar Trapitsa, and he will not sell to you unless you have between -50,000 and -10,000 Sootfoot Talent Society faction, which is only earned via adventuring quests in Lavastorm.)

Even if you don't feel like going to all the extra contortions to get a full set of this appearance-only armor, this quest is a handy way to get some extra Far Seas Supply Division faction, crafting xp, achievement xp and the like. However, I feel obligated to put in these warnings

Basic Information

This quest series is available for level 40 crafters and higher. It rewards coin, some house items, Far Seas Trading Supply Division faction, crafting experience, achievement experience, one T5 rare, one magma armor mold and a recipe book for sootfoot (appearance) armor.

The series begins with Purrla in the Temple of Thunder in Lavastorm. Being a footloose feline, however, you might find her lurking around your home crafting society headquarters, where she'll be happy to tell you to meet her out in Lavastorm.

The basic premise of this quest series is that the Far Seas Trading Company has heard rumors that the Sootfoot goblin clan has learned new ways of working molten metal into armor. Purrla tried to get more information from the goblins, but they didn't trust her. So, she's hoping that a fresh face (yours) might get a bit more information from them.

Crafty Sootfoots: Scouting About

Instead of approaching the goblins directly, as Purrla did, she would like you to do a bit of reconnaissance first. Check out (catalog creature) the various goblin types in the area, and see if you can identify any leaders or important personalities.

This is pretty straightforward. Head down the docks and through the tunnel (you may see one ^ aggro heroic on the beach, which you can dodge, but as long as you take the tunnel, and don't wander off into the new area on the left on the beach, you should be pretty safe).

Find your Catalog Creature ability in the Abilities section of your Knowledge Book and start cataloging. If you are a lower-level adventurer, be aware that the Gatherers and Warriors are aggro, so you will want to proceed with care around them, and catalog them from max cataloging range. Once you are through the tunnel, the aforementioned Warriors can be found a little ways off to your right (near where you will find Smakametta as well), as well as up the hill ahead and to your left.

You will need to catalog: a Sootfoot gatherer, a Sootfoot harvester, a Sootfoot rockpicker, a Sootfoot whelp, a Sootfoot warrior, a Sootfoot peon, a Sootfoot laborer, and Smakametta (loc -305, -130, 420).

Reward is at least 2g 20s 65c, crafting and achievement experience, and +500 Far Seas Supply Division faction.

Crafty Sootfoots: Another Man's Treasure

Now that you've obtained some basic information about the goblins, you're eager to speak with the goblins directly about their crafting. However, for a curious kerra, Purrla is considerably more cautious. She would like you to investigate their rubbish heaps in hopes of finding some discarded armor molds, damaged equipment and the like.

Reward is at least 57s 32c, crafting and achievement experience, +500 Far Seas Supply Division faction ... and one smelly dead barracuda for your house.

Just what you always wanted, right?

Click on the various rubbish heaps that you find, uncovering dead fish, broken furniture, a discarded pot, or, if you're lucky, some broken old armor, that you then have to right-click to collect. Once you've found enough, return to Purrla for your reward.

Crafty Sootfoots: Corporate Espionage

Those bits of discarded old armor interest Purrla enough that she's finally ready to have you speak with the Sootfoots directly. You "only" have to gain their trust and get a copy of their armor recipes. No big deal, right? :D

Your rewards for this quest are the usual crafting and achievement experience, +500 Far Seas Supply Division faction, at least 57s 32c and the Sootfoot Armoring Secrets recipe book. You will not be able to complete this quest until you complete the below quests for Smakametta.

Sootfoot Service: Special Delivery

Return to Smakametta (loc -305, -130, 420) and have a little chat with him. It may take a moment to make sense of what he's jabbering about, but eventually you figure out that he wants you to go collect gems from the mine carts and bring them back to him.

Not all mine carts in the area will be clickable, so you'll be doing a lot of mousing over carts as you run around. Find five of them that are clickable, click them to collect the gems (they'll despawn after you collect from them), then return to Smakametta once you are done.

Reward for the quest is at least 88s 57c, crafting xp and achievement xp.

Sootfoot Service: Bellowing for Help

Now Smakametta needs to you fix the broken bellows on his forge before the forge gets cold. He will give you both the broken forge bellows, and the forge bellows diagram (recipe) with which to repair it. Recipe requires a loom, 3 ashen roots, 2 fulginate clusters, 3 strengthened leather, and 6 luminous filament. Unless you brought everything with you, including a portable sewing table, you will need to head for an area with crafting equipment and fuel (such as the nearby Isle of Mara).

Scribe the recipe (level 40 to scribe/craft, difficulty level 45) and craft the repaired bellows using the binding skill, then return to Smakametta for your reward. (At least 2g 20s 65c, crafting xp, achievement xp)

Sootfoot Service: Ore Spillage

It seems that the sootfoot warriors, busy chasing some adventurer, have knocked over Smakametta's ore cart. Harvest 10 diamondine clusters (he calls it ore, though this soft metal is from the metamorphic stone nodes, not ore nodes), then straighten up his ore cart that is lying beside him.

Return to him after you've taken care of the diamondine and the cart, for at least 2g 20s 65c, crafting xp, achievement xp, and a house item "metamorphic stone" that looks like the local gem nodes.

Sootfoot Service: Repairing the Repairs

Don't even try to figure out how being good at "plumbings" is supposed to repair a broken chimney, just nod, smile, and tell Smakametta that you'll take a look at the problem. He'll hand over broken chimney pieces as well as the chimney construction schematics (recipe). Scribe the recipe (level 40 to scribe/create, level 45 difficulty), and get to work. If you have 3 diamondine clusters, 3 fulginate clusters, 2 strengthened leather pelts, and 6 luminous coal, you can use the Sootfoot forge that Smakametta is standing in front of to craft. If you ignored the warning near the top of the page in the Before You Start section, then, yep, you're going to be running to Mara or another crafting spot, to pick up fuel, then running back to Lavastorm and the Sootfoot forge to do the crafting portion of this step.

Speak with Smakametta once you have the repaired chimney pieces for crafting xp, achievement xp, and your choice of: ebon cluster, fused loam, rhodium cluster, rough ruby (T5 ore and gem node rares).

Sootfoot Service: Hot Rocks

Surely you've done enough to convince Smakametta to share his armor recipe secrets with you, right?

Almost. More or less. Kind of. Sort of.

He's willing to talk about it, but then says you won't be able to make it without a special magical armor mold. Since you have been so helpful, he is willing to make you one mold, if you bring him molten magma from the nearby magma pools.

The magma comes from "dense magma node" spawns that can be found in various pools of magma in the area, requires 190 fishing to harvest, and will give you 1 magma per harvest (3 harvests per node). When you have fished up 10 molten magma, return to Smakametta for your rewards.

In addition to the no-trade "magma armor mold", Smakametta will give you "Sootfoot Armoring Secrets" containting his notes on crafting the armor. (Plus the usual crafting xp, and achievement xp)

Bring the notes back to Purrla, to complete Crafty Sootfoots: Corporate Espionage. As mentioned above, you will receive the usual crafting and achievement experience, +500 Far Seas Supply Division faction, at least 57s 32c and the Sootfoot Armoring Secrets recipe book. (Recipe book can be scribed, and the armor crafted, at level 40. However, the recipes are difficulty 45.)

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