Dragon Attack! 15th Anniversary Event

In celebration of EverQuest2's 15th anniversary, a special Dragon Attack! event will run from November 7, 2019 through December 5, 2019. There will likely be some tweaking to do before we are done testing, but this article is as complete as possible now. I really do apologize for the huge amount of information in this article, as it can be a tad overwhelming, but it is information that needs to be "somewhere" as there are no NPCs to explain this to you and no in-game mail -- there just lots of excited hype expected about the 15th anniversary event, and a lot of stuff to know.

This quoted section below is what we had for promotional/testing information, then I will move on to the meat of the matter.

Dragons are attacking the spires in Thundering Steppes, Everfrost, Loping Plains, and Nektulos Forest! Help defend the spires and build faction with the Quellthulian Portal Scholars found in Antonica and The Commonlands, while constructing permanent, impressive statues commemorating the 15 years that have passed since the Age of Destiny was ushered in!
TLE servers:

Live servers:
Heroes' Festival and Dragon Attack! are overlapping events, happening this year, in celebration of our anniversary. While, Dragon Attack! will start on the same date as Heroes' Festival, (11/7/19 at 12:01am), Heroes' Festival concludes on 11/19/19 at 11:59pm Pac time. Dragon Attack! will last longer, concluding on 12/5/19 at 11:59pm Pac time.

The Buyables

These items will be on vendors in Antonica and the Commonlands for silver/gold (no special currency, just in-game coin.) Faction information is incoming shortly. (And since we can't buy them yet, PLEASE don't be "that player" who starts pestering me for sizing information and so on right away, since we don't know, and need to focus our attention on testing this event in the short time we have.)

Aged Wurm Bones
7g, 20s, kindly
Amethyst Orb Sculpture*
24g, ally
Block of Deathtoll Dragonscale
(full set, see below!)
Diseased Dragon Skull
12g, warmly
Dragonscale Tome
12 g, warmly
Drakota Skull Font
7g 20s, kindly
Emberscale Drakota Plushie
7g 20s, kindly
Emerald Orb Sculpture*
24g, ally
Fresh Wurm Bones
12g, warmly
Great Knowledge Runner
7g 20s, kindly
Long Knowledge Runner
7g 20s, kindly
Mounted Drakota Trophy
12g, warmly
Ring of Scale Arcane Orb
36g, ally
Ring of Scale Table
24g, ally
Ring of Scale Weapon Rack
24g, ally
Scaleborn Tome
12g, warmly
Steel Palatial Display Stand
1g 20s, friendly
Steel Palatial Water Basin
1g 20s, friendly
Ulteran Spire Tile
15 for 7g 20s, kindly
Ulteran Spire Tile with light on it
(see comments below)

Drake cost: 60p 20c, ally to buy (any to use)

Visage cost: 24g, warmly

Item Notes

*With the two orb sculptures, the preview screenshot is problematic. In order to see the item properly lit, the entire item won't fit in the preview window. If the entire item is in the preview window, the item is too dark and you cannot see the coloring. So, here's an example of the entirety of the item, and then the color detail views from above.

Poorly lit full view
Amethyst - detail
Emerald - detail

**Block set info. There is a complete set of blocks available, including cut-outs. As with other event sets lately, the basic blocks come in packs of 15 (such as a pack of 15 floor tiles, or 15 tall dividers) for 7g 20s, and the cutouts come in sets of 8 for 12g. Faction needed is all over the place, so bear with me...

But Wait!

The previews for the two actual floor tiles leave much to be desired, so here are actual placed photos with a light shining on them.

Ulteran Spire Tile
Tile of Deathtoll Dragonscale

Your eyes do not deceive you on that standalone Ulteran Spire Tile. There's a phenomenal pattern to it! And since I know that someone will ask, they align perfectly!:

The Ulteran Spire Tile is standalone, NOT a full block set.

The Dragon Battles

Four ulteran spires are under attack, each by a different dragon! These dragons spawn at the spires in Thundering Steppes (Graw Maul), Nektulos Forest (Arcanax), Everfrost (Fayren Icefang) and Loping Plains (Toxyca). In each case, there is a zone message at the 10-minute and 5-minute mark in the zone in which they spawn, warning of something large approaching the spires.

Each dragon spawns non-aggro, level 110 epic x 3 (well, one is currently heroic, but we're guessing that is a bug.) Lower level characters CAN participate, but you'll have to be either good at "jousting" or expect to die now and then. :D

When the dragon dies, those who participated receive a popup window with their reward: better mount gear, merc gear, infusers, spellbooks (masters, adepts, plus ascension scrolls), or gear.

Anyone, regardless of if they helped or not, can then gather 5 times from the corpse (currently 3 items per pull, for a total of 15 items, but this may be improved due to resource needs). In this way, even "squishies" can help with the monument building.

I do not yet have a timer for how long between spawns in a zone, nor when the corpse will depop, but if you scurry after a kill, you can get quite a few alts gathering the tradeable materials.

Kill all 4 dragons on the same character, and that character earns the below achievement and mount. (The "mount" is you, illusioned as a dragon, and it can be used in your mount appearance slot while you actually use a mount with stats.)

VERY Basic Dragon Notes

If you are behind a dragon when it does a tail sweep, expect a knockback/stun. If you are in front of their wings when they do a wing buffet, expect to go flying (quite a ways if you have something like the jann illusion on). Everything else depends on which dragon you are dealing with.

The Crafting - Monument Building

There are two spots building monuments in celebration of this landmark anniversary. The spot in Commonlands is just above the world bell, at /way -1064, -66, -492 and the one in Antonica is off in the kliknik area at /way -151, -23, -726. In both locations there will be a questgiver, a faction vendor, and a fuel vendor, a progress sign, and several workbenches.

Three recipes will be given to you when you accept the quest - the Regal Monument Paint is offered to everyone as an option, then a second item that you share with others of your subclass (such as Monument Blessing Totem for all Craftsmen) and then a third item specific to your crafting class (such as Hearty Dragon Provisions because Niami is a Provisioner). You will be asked to craft one of any of the three options available to you. (You can, however, make all three in a single sitting. More on that below.) This allows you to choose what to make based on what ingredients you managed to gather from dragon corpses. See the table below to help make that explanation clearer than mud. :D

Ingredients By Recipe/Class
All Classes Regal Monument Paint resilient dragon sinew, 5 supple dragon meat, 8 flawless dragon scale, empty storage container, exultant sandpaper
Craftsman Monument Blessing Totem cancellous dragon bone, 5 resilient dragon sinew, 8 coagulating dragon blood, 1 small monument mold, 5 exultant coal
Outfitter Reinforced Dragon Strapping preserved dragon blood, 5 flawless dragon scale, 8 sueded dragon hide, 1 stitching pattern, 5 exultant filament
Scholar Bejeweled Potion Manuscript top-grained dragon hide, 5 flawless dragon scale, 8 chunk of dragon meat, 1 stitching pattern, 5 exultant filament
Alchemist Refreshing Dragonblood Energy Potion preserved dragon blood, 5 chunk of dragon meat, 8 fresh dragon sinew, 1 scrawled recipe page, 5 exultant candle
Armorer Dragonbone Hard Hat cancellous dragon bone, 5 coagulating dragon blood, 8 thin dragon scale, 1 small monument mold, 5 exultant coal
Carpenter Monument Gloss Kit preserved dragon blood, 5 calcified dragon bone, 8 sueded dragon hide, 1 empty storage container, 5 exultant sandpaper
Jeweler Small Dragon Effigy top-grained dragon hide, 5 fresh dragon sinew, 8 coagulating dragon blood, 1 small monument mold, 5 exultant incense
Provisioner Hearty Dragon Rations supple dragon meat, 5 calcified dragon bone, 8 thin dragon scale, 1 scrawled recipe page, 5 exultant kindling
Sage Dragonskin-Bound Construction Ledger flawless dragon scale, 5 sueded dragon hide, 8 chunk of dragon meat, 1 stitching pattern, 5 exultant filament
Tailor Dragonhide Tool Belt top-grained dragon hide, 5 calcified dragon bone, 8 fresh dragon sinew, 1 stitching pattern, 5 exultant filament
Weaponsmith Dragonbone Tool Grips resilient dragon sinew,5 fresh dragon sinew, 8 chunk of dragon meat, 1 small monument mold, 5 exultant coal
Woodworker Calcified Bone Scaffolding cancellous dragon bone, 5 fresh dragon sinew, 8 coagulating blood, 1 empty storage container, 5 exultant sandpaper

Using the above chart, a tailor, for example, could choose to make the all-class item (Regal Monument Paint), the Outfitter item (Reinforced Dragon Strapping), and/or the Tailor item (Dragonhide Tool Belt).

We have learned that there are reasons for having choices. The first is because you might not always have the right ingredient combination for one recipe, but may have it for another. The second reason is that there is more of a progress increase for a hand-in that uses more rares than one that uses less. The all-class Regal Monument Paint needs 14 of the "rare" dragon harvests. The subclass recipes need 6 rare dragon harvests (primary and secondary ingredients) and 8 common dragon harvests. The class-specific recipes only need a single rare (the primary ingredient)

The third reason is one that I misunderstood at first, so here is the proper clarification. You can make all three of your requested items at once and hand them in at once. This will only get you the reward for a single hand-in, but it gives the progress boost to the monument build for all three items. If you are swimming in mount gear, that may be a Very Good Thing.

One item from each recipe is purchased, and special fuel is also purchased on the same vendor. (A fuel vendor in the middle of the monument build sites.) The first three ingredients on each recipe, come only from gathering them from the dead dragons. You will be rewarded with 5000 faction for each quest hand-in, plus one random item from a large pool of fancy new Metamagical (handcrafted quality) or Spire-Forged (mastercrafted quality) heirloom mount gear. (Mount gear from dragon kills is tradeable legendary or better. Mount gear from the monument building is handcrafted or mastercrafted and heirloom.)

The Commonlands and Antonica monuments each have their own separate progress, so they will be built at different speeds, based on who hands in combines in which of the two camps.

(cash reward removed, have not uploaded new image)
phase 1-2 rewards

When we reach phase 3 in the monument building at a site, there will be different rewards. When we reach stage 5 (the final stage) there will also be different rewards. Since the event will be running for almost a full month on the live servers, there should be plenty of time for those wishing to contribute to be able to do so.


Killing one of the four dragons gains you 1500 faction with Quellithulian Portal Scholars. Completing a combine for the monument building gains you 500. You start at 0 (neutral). This faction is listed under the Shattered Lands in your faction dropdown.


Less than half a day after I got ally faction to buy everything for placement Tests, Ocarinah had videos done for the house item previews. She rocks! <3

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