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Level 50+ sages can obtain a quest from Meledi Augren on the Isle of Mara (loc 73, 8 -68). Completion of this quest gives you the ability to craft leather notebooks, as well as earns you the suffix title: The Bookbinder. (Achievement xp and crafting xp are also awarded,


In order to obtain the quest, the sage must have already earned the trust of the villagers. If you have not already done so, talk with Captain Ingrid on the Mara docks to obtain a quest ("Improving Relations with the Locals") to convince the villagers to do business with the Far Seas Trading Company. Once her first quest is complete (she will offer a second, but it is not required), you should be able to talk with Meledi, who is located in the house on the far left of the village as you approach it from the docks.

Note: As with many crafting quests, you may not see a quest feather above Meledi's head if you are too high or too low in adventuring level, even if your crafting level is suitable for the quest. This is a known feature and does not prevent you from getting the quest, only from seeing the quest feather.

Ready, Set, Run!

Meledi wants to become a famous writer, but doesn't have anything to write in! What sort of sage are you, that you can't even make her a simple notebook, eh?

Being the resourceful sort, you decide to check in with your home city's crafting society and see if any sage there has any suggestions. (i.e., Ironforge Exchange in North Qeynos, Coalition of Tradesfolke in West Freeport, etc.) You are looking for a "Master Sage" NPC with a totally unpronounceable name. Let's just call him/her "Oily" for short! (The name of this erudite varies - the first time I spoke with her, her name was "Oiloimeiloenlim", the next time "Ooli-" um, somethingorother ... and sometimes it is a male, sometimes a female.) Anyway, Oily mostly deals with spell scrolls, so isn't much help. However, they may know of someone who has studied bookbinding techniques for restoring old and damaged books...

Head up to Maj'Dul, and to the right once up the first set of stairs, you will find the Tower of the Moon. On the second floor of the tower, you should find an "Apprentice Bookbinder". He did not have a quest feather over his head, but hail him and he's more than happy to share the technique with you. He gives you "Bookbinding for Beginners" (sage level 50 recipe book, no trade).

Scribe the recipes, craft up the requested notebook (stonehide), and bring it back to Meledi for your reward!

(Further details about these notebooks can be found here.)

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