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BoL: Piercing the Darkness

This is part of the Blood of Luclin Crafting and Housing Information Clearinghouse.

"Piercing the Darkness" is the tradeskill signature line for the Blood of Luclin expansion. To begin this quest series, you will first have had to complete the prelude quest "Piercing the Darkness: Carving a Legacy" and been sent by Head Scholar Nabihan to speak with Taith McJarun in Teren's Grasp. The conversation before the expansion released pretty much left you hanging at that point, while they get the connection to Luclin working properly. This line will then pick up at that point, with Taith McJarun.

Since this is a long quest series, I will be breaking it into chunks and linking things in below as I finish a "chapter."

Before You Start - IMPORTANT WORDS!!!!

Don't get into compulsive cleanup mode and delete quest items the moment the quest mentioned on the item examine is done. DO NOT. Did I mention not to do it? Don't do it. Really. Truly. Don't.

There are things like Ironsprocket's M.A.G.I.C. and the book you collected from beside Benosch, and "mysterious object" items that are needed later in the line. When in doubt, don't delete anything left in your bags from these quests until you are completely done with the questline. (And even then, I'd say to keep the book, ok?) In some situations there may be a way to recover the deleted items, in others there won't be. So just ... don't. There are exceptions, but to make it as simple as possible, just don't nuke stuff from orbit until you're done the entire line.

Deleting these signature quests can be bad, too. In some cases you can re-obtain the quest in question, and in others, folks have been plowing forward and getting in odd states because they deleted something that was giving them a needed access flag for an instance and so on. Deleting a quest that is acting up should be the last thing you try unless you are utterly certain you can get the quest back.

A Word on Squishies

The worst part of the line for squishies is the Aurelian Coast section. That zone is feisty and there's little way around that. I will try to find time ... somehow (probably by shorting myself more sleep) ... to put together an "Aurelian Coast for Crafters" video so you can get the lay of the land and have less aggro, but less doesn't mean none. You WILL need to be resourceful. If invis works for you, try that. IF you need a higher-level friend to summon you to a spot, or to put down a guild rally banner, do so. This is level 110-120 content, and there is danger. Learn the troublesome spots, use the river (with pets and mercs on passive) for travel as much as possible, with brief hops onto clear land to shake off the aggro fish. Be creative and vigilant!


As of the writing of this article, things are still changing and being added, so this reward list may not be complete. (We have not yet seen coin reward, or status rewards on the various chapters, and only status on the end, for example.)

Other rewards include:

  • Sanctus Seru Formal Garb (no-trade appearance item
  • Pristine Luclinite Scimitar (heirloom, appearance item)
  • Pristine Luclinite Barbute (heirloom, appearance item)
  • Hooked Gardening Tool (tradeable, appearance item)
  • Shadowed Staff of Luclin
  • An alternate appearance for your pack pony (a "pack bug"), plus the ability for it to bring back Luclin rares
  • The ability to fly in Luclin zones
  • The shadow prospecting ability to allow you to find shadowed rares
  • The recipe book: Veilwalker's Mounting Prospects with recipes for mount breeching, stirrups, reins and shoes that have a shadow prospecting bonus on them.
  • Your choice of Sanctum Breeching Recipes, Sanctum Barding Recipes, Sanctum Barding Recipes (misnamed, contains shoe recipes) or Sanctum Stirrup Recipes

Sanctus Seru Formal Garb, Pristine Luclinite Barbute
Shadowed Staff of Luclin
Pristine Luclinite Scimitar
Hooked Gardening Tool
"Pack Bug" Pony Appearance

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