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Brewday 2020: Bunking Down

Even buccaneers need proper sleeping spots, and this year the Brewday celebration will help with those shipboard needs with a couple bunk options for close quarters. If that doesn't suit your tastes, there are many other new items showing up when the 2020 Brewday event kicks off on March 5, 2020. (It will run through the end of March 18, based on the PST timezone.)

Grab some booze, and your very own Improved Ale Goggles and head to this year's celebration!

What's New?

There is a new limited-time 5-quest Overseer series, new buyables, new items to craft, and a new collection.

Like usual, I am putting up the eye-candy after my first day of testing, and will try to backtrack and flesh out the text stuff later.

New Crafted

Brewday Accoutrements to Craft XI is sold by Balin Copperfoot inside the Bar of Brell for 60s 90c. It is heirloom, and you need to be at least artisan level 2 in order to scribe it. Recipes require a brewday harvestable, tier 1 common materials and 3 tier 1 fuel.

Barrel of Bixel Mead
Beige Button Cushion
Brewcrew Buccaneer Footlocker
Brewcrew Bunkebeds
Brewcrew Captain's Side Table*
Brewcrew Hammocks
Fordel Midst Ale Keg
Maiden's Broom
Ocean Green Amphora
Olive Star Pillow
Spruce Wood Tile
Verdant Stucco Cutouts*

*In-game preview does not render the green bottle on top of the Brewcrew Captain's Side Table.

*The "Verdant Stucco Cutouts" listing above means a full set of the cut-out window and door frames to go with last year's Verdant Stucco building blocks.

New Purchased

These items are also sold on Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell, and they cost varying amounts of Beer Token currency.

Coastal Basilisk (housepet)
10 tokens
Golden Warboar (mount)
100 tokens
Mineral Warrior Plushie
4 tokens
Slobberjaw Hero
5 tokens
Petamorph Wand: Mossy Stalagmaw
15 tokens

Brewday Reveler's: Cloak, Finery, Hat

Brewday Reveler's Cloak = 5 tokens; Brewday Reveler's Finery = 20 tokens; Brewday Revelers Hat = 8 tokens. Note that the Finery on women actually has leggings underneath, instead of the too-revealing bare legs we normally get with that dress style. The cloaks also have a lovely plaid lining.

Event Overseer Series

The starter for this limited-time overseer series will only be available from Steinmaster Borric in the Bar of Brell while Brewday is active. It can be repeated endlessly until the event is done. (You can even pick up the starter again at the very very end of the event, and finish running it after Brewday is over.) It is a 5-quest series, with each step of the quest rewarding you with the next quest in series. When you finish one of these special overseer quests, you get the awarded the next quest in the series, a generic treasured overseer chest, plus additional rewards as listed below. Each mission except the 5th one has a 30-minute duration. The 5th and final one is a 1-hour duration mission.

  1. Altar Addition - Grikbar Prayer Necklace: Also awards Grikbar Kobold Plushie
  2. Altar Addition - Umbrite Icon of Brell: Also awards Maldura Warboar (housepet)
  3. Altar Addition - Deep Muse Prayers: No additional reward
  4. Altar Addition - Sabertooth Runic Totem: Krirr Brewmuzzle (Agent with the "inebriated" trait)
  5. Altar Addition - Terrok Chant Stone: Terrok Grunt Bugbear Illusion (1-use), Prefix title "Brell-blessed"

Grikbar Kobold Plushie
Maldura Warboar (housepet)
Terrok Grunt Bugbear Illusion

New Collection

There is a new 8-piece collection in the same places as the second Brewday collection that was added in 2016. It contains eight pieces, spread across four areas.

  • Scarstone in Cobalt Scar: Potato Bites, Scotch Vulrich Eggs
  • Maldura Bar and Grill (check your faction before you try to enter there!): Brown Bread, Beer Cheese Soup
  • Far Seas Distillery in Phantom Seas: Pretzels, Roasted Nuts
  • Cardin Ward provisioner area in Obol Plains: Obol Onion Rings, Corned Beef Rolls

Reward for the collection is the suffix title ", the Bar Hopper" and a Brewday Reveler's Cape

Note that the cape has a bubble effect coming off it, and the bought cloak does not.


Sadly, Kaladim will still not have all needed zones for the event, so they will have "a boozy celebrator" in Freeport and Qeynos Harbor to pick up a few pieces of Brewday-themed house items and equipment.

Quest Tracker?

Casdoe of Maj'dul has already updated her quest tracker for us in both xml format and pdf format. Thanks again!

Video Preview?

Ocarinah to the rescue once again! She has put together a full house item preview video as well as a shorter, silent version. Thanks as always!

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