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Chronoportals 2020

Welcome to the annual celebration of the launch of EverQuest! This event will run on live servers from March 17 at 12:01 a.m. (1 minute after midnight Pacific) through March 29 at 11:59 p.m. (1 minute before midnight Pacific). It will only be occurring on live servers, because Kaladim doesn't have all of the required zones. The item vendor will be located inside the Chronoweave while the event is running, then will be relocated to Antonica and Commonlands (above the docks in both cases) from March 26 through March 31 for your last-minute shopping needs. (The event was extended 3 extra days to end on March 29 instead of March 26 due to the database maintenance.)

All of the "old" chronoportal instances automagically mentor you down to the proper level range when you zone in. After you zone out, you will be automagically unmentored. Remember to resummon certain buff-containing things such as your familiar, combat pets, deity pets, etc. afterwards since those depop when you mentor and depop again when you are unmentored.

Accessing the Chronoportals

Last year added a Chronoweave zone that contains portals for all eight chronoportal zones as well as for the public quest. This centralized area has the quest-giver for the repeatable annual quest "Hunt the Past", portals to all 8 zones, and some of the chronoportal shinies. When you use the exit portal, you are given the option to go to any of the overland zones where you used to access specific chronoportals, as well as a couple new spots that have access to the Chronoweave.

As you can see from the above map, you will be able to access the Chronoweave from Antonica (above the docks), Commonlands (above the docks), Coliseum of Valor (SE side, between the Innovation and Decay portals), and Myrist (from a previously unused portal in the Prophecy Portal Gallery in the south wing of Myrist). You'll also be able to access it from the zones that contained chronoportals in past years, including: Thundering Steppes, the Enchanted Lands, Steamfont, The Feerott, Lavastorm, Sinking Sands and Moors of Ykesha.

What's New?

There are 11 new buyables this year, and as mentioned above, the vendor will be located within the Chronoweave instance while the event is running, then be available in Commonlands and Antonica for a couple extra days. (Miss that March 31 cutoff, though, and you're out of luck for shopping for another year!)

These items require the tradeable Ancient Platinum Coin currency that is obtained from running the chronoportals instances and the returning Elements of Time collection.

A Blessing Bestowed
3 coins
A Giant Threat
1 coin
A Reverent Knight
3 coins
A Wealth of Knowledge
1 coin
Den in the Hills
1 coin
Fire Giant Plushie
1 coin
Fort of Strength
1 coin
Lava Duct Crawler Plushie
1 coin
Sand Giant Plushie
1 coin
Unresting Dagnor's Cauldron
1 coin

In addition to these house items, there is one no-trade cloak. The Runed Singing Steel Cloak costs 2 ancient platinum coins.

Notes: The statues and plushies are being fixed to be stackable. The two statues ("A Blessing Bestowed" and "A Reverent Knight" are being adjusted so that they can scale smaller.)

Quick PQ Notes

The Chronoportals Public Quest is being updated to include the chance for Empyral Quintessence and higher level scrolls for the level 111+ crowd. We are awaiting clarification of the spawn timers for this PQ. For those wondering, the achievement for completed all the fabled chronoportal instances plus the PQ is still in place and will still reward you with the house deed for Kerafyrm's Lair.


If you're interested in a closer look at these, including sizing, here's a lovely video that Ocarinah has done. Thanks much! (Note that the video includes the original sizing of the two statues. The ability to size them even smaller has not yet been changed on Test.)

Quest Tracker?

Do you have too many alts? Need to keep track of which one needs what for the achievement? Casdoe of Maj'Dul put these together for us last year - Chronoportals quest tracker in XLS form and the PDF version.

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