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Event: City Festivals

With the arrival of Game Update 54 city festivals were implemented as a monthly special event. This event runs from the 1st through the 7th of each month. Each month the Far Seas Trading Company chooses one city, and sets up a small festival outside that city's gates for a week-long event. After the week is over, they pack up their wagons and disappear until the following month, when they will set up the festival outside a different city.

Each festival includes:

  • One vendor with temporary clothing, so you can dress up for the festival
  • One general items vendor with permanent appearance clothing as well as many house items that will be available at every festival event
  • One vendor with city-specific house items, that can only be purchased when the festival is visiting that city
  • One food and drink vendor with some rather, um, odd, offerings
  • One quest NPC, offering 3 quests that reward tokens that can be spent at any festival event
  • One fortune teller. (Didn't your mother ever warn you about spending money on carnival fortune tellers? If you've ignored that warning, well, go ahead, throw your gold away on her!)
  • One city-specific glowie collection, that will spawn in the actual host city itself
  • One aether race located near that city's festival

City-Specific Offerings

Each city will have one vendor full of house items that are unique to the festival for that city. (Those items will only be available when the festival visits that specific city). I will cover each with a separate article, linked below. (The below is the order in which the cities are currently visited, so if you know where the most recent festival occurred, you can figure out where the next one will occur.)
  • Gorowyn (January & July) - the festival is located in the caves off the docks of Gorowyn
  • Kelethin (February & August) - located on the Green Knoll (where the mount merchant is located) in Greater Faydark. New items added with Aug, 2015 city fest!
  • Neriak (March & September) - the festival is located just outside of Neriak. Glowies are located inside Neriak
  • Qeynos (April & October) - the festival is located just outside the North Qeynos. Glowies are located inside Qeynos
  • Freeport (May & November) - the festival is located east of the wizard spires, just outside the Crossroads in the Commonlands. Glowies during this location for the festival are located inside Freeport
  • New Halas (June & December) - the festival is located inside the city itself, near the Cairn of the Huntress. Purple glowies are located throughout the city of New Halas, and down at the Frostfang Sea docks as well

Permanent Offerings


First, let me cover the tokens, since everything but the food and drink requires the spending of city tokens.

City Tokens, which are heirloom, can be earned from one of three quests offered by the Far Seas Quartermaster NPC located at the festival spot. They can also be earned from the completion of city (adventuring) writs, as well as crafting writs (timed and untimed), at the rate of 1 token per writ. (I've had confirmation from Domino that earning tokens for writs will start as soon as GU54 goes live, so you can start saving tokens in advance of the event. Huzzah!)

Token Exchange Merchant

An NPC named Claudia will now take 5 Concordium Note of Appreciation, or 5 Quellithulian Token of Appreciation, or 5 Academy of Arcane Science's Note of Appreciation, or 5 D.I.R.T.Y. Money and exchange them for 1 city token (these are old, old currencies from past events that have no other use now.)

Temporary Clothing Rental

Come to the festival without your festival clothes, did you? Why not spend one of your hard-earned tokens on a lovely outfit rental? (Outfits will poof when you log out.) Items are level 1 cloth appearance armor, wearable by all classes. Screenshots for these will be along as time permits, as Kaisha ended up with a LOT on her plate, image-wise, all at once.
  • Blue dragon gi
  • blue fancy dress
  • crimson fancy dress
  • dark fancy dress
  • dark formal outfit
  • gold fancy dress
  • green fancy dress
  • mauve dragon gi
  • teal dragon gi
  • white formal outfit
Some Temporary Outfits
All of these cost 1 token each on Test

"General Goods"

The General Goods vendor carries permanent clothing items as well as furniture. The paintings, each costing 10 tokens apiece, were the results of various player-submitted art competitions. Starting in April 2012, this vendor also offers the "imperceptible beauty" appearance clothing, which allows you to have a "bare" appearance in that slot.

This vendor now also offers a pair of teleport pads for your home, at the cost of 20 tokens. (You may have a total of 4 pads placed per home.)

basket of beans
basket of blueberries
basket of cranberries
basket of grain
closed wicker basket
open basket of peppers
shallow basket of blueberries
shallow basket of oranges
shallow basket of raspberries
shallow empty basket
blue festival lantern
green festival lantern
purple festival lantern
red festival lantern
yellow festival lantern
Antonican Battle
Felwithe by Moonlight
Culling the Infidel
The Lord and His Minions
Amree and Saphrona:
A Mentoring Session
My Immortal
The Mysterious Drafling
Wrath of the Overlord
Tunare's First Daughter
Celebration, Phoenix Legion
It's Tapped
New Halas Camaraderie
To Beer Drinking
Welcome! Would You
Like a Pint?
Amethyst Stained Glass Oval
  • crimson festival garb
  • dark festival garb
  • gold festival garb
  • green festival garb
  • shroud of the ever brooding
  • uniform of the forest assassin

Baskets cost 1 token each, lanterns cost 5 tokens each, the various "garb" items, the paintings, the imperceptible beauty items and the shroud of the ever brooding are 10 tokens each. The very much in-demand uniform of the forest assassin is 15 tokens. You can find size comparisons for the general furniture items here.


What would a festival be like without cheap alcohol and overpriced junk food? These items cost coin (gold, silver, etc., not tokens)

  • dwarven brew (alcoholic)
  • brokenskull pirate rum (alcoholic)
  • house wine (alcoholic)
  • nerius pirate rum (alcoholic)
  • djinn and tonic (alcoholic)
  • isle of mara iced tea (alcoholic)
  • week beer (alcoholic)
  • deep fried brownie
  • festive cotton candy
  • mushy peas
  • beaver tail
  • hot popped corn
  • smoked giant vulrich leg
  • fish and chips
  • gelatinous cube jelly
  • elephant ear
  • hot sausage


Four quests will be offered while the festival is running. One quest requires crafting tier 1 food and drink, one requires tier 2 harvesting, one requires running to Mara for supplies, and the final one is for the aether races. All reward city tokens.

Far Seas Requisition: Special Order Crafting

You will need to help feed the festival workers. Cook up 4 black coffee or 4 white tea, plus either 4 deer sandwiches or 4 sunfish rolls, and bring them back to the NPC for a 4-token reward. If you plan ahead with resources, fuel, water and dough, you can use some tinkered portable cooking sets, and save yourself some running!

Far Seas Requisition: Special Order Gathering

Harvest up 25 units of the local resources. (For example, tier 2 resources in Antonica while the festival is in Qeynos.) This will reward you with two City Tokens.

Far Seas Requisition: Special Delivery

Head over to the Isle of Mara and speak to an NPC on the docks. Then click on the supplies sitting beside him, and head back to the quest-giver at the festival site. This will reward you with three City Tokens.

Aether Races!

Beginning with the April 2011 city fest for Qeynos, aether races were added to the city festival offerings. There will be C.R.A.S.H. pads rewarded for 5 races, as well as a title offered for those who beat a certain race completion time. Please post in the EQ2TC forums if you have the missing time/title information for any city's race.
  • Qeynos - starts at the lighthouse, the Bridge Buzzer title is rewarded for a time of 134 seconds or less.
  • Freeport - starts near the docks, with the Portal Jumper title rewarded for a time of 119 or less
  • New Halas - starts at the docks, with the Snowflake Chaser title rewarded for a time of __??___ or less
  • Gorowyn - starts at the docks, with the Wind Warden title rewarded for a time of __??__ or less
  • Neriak - starts outside the entrance to Neriak in Darklight Woods, with the ___??___ title rewarded for a time of __??___ or less
  • Kelethin - starts on the platform leading to the Green Knoll, with the ___??___ title rewarded for a time of __??___ or less

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