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Bristlebane Day 2020

Mischief will once again be taking control of Norrath with this year's Bristlebane Day Festivities. The event will run from March 27, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific and run through April 9, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. April 1 will once again see additional goodies in celebration of Bristlebane's Highest of High Silly Days.

What's New?

There is one new recipe book, 10 new buyables, and patchcraft mobs have been added to 4 more zones. Details on anything new for April 1 are not yet available, as that content will be turned on for testing later.


Kaladim will not be receiving the entire event, but there will be a holiday merchant, a Gigglegibber goblin, selling holiday themed items in Freeport and in Qeynos Capitol District. This merchant on Kaladim will also have extra-special items that are only available on April 1.

New Recipes?

"Perfectly Serious Items to Craft XI" will be available on "a Bristlebane Day merchant" in city tradeskill societies. (The books from past years, of course, will also be sold on this merchant.)

Amusing Fabrics
Hanging Bixie Mini-Hive
Vibrant Rubber Plant in Moradhim Arrow Pot
Vibrant Rubber Plant in Halasian Knot Pot
Raw Jumjum
Raw Rutabaga
Rivervale Fish Stand
Thicket Breeze Oval Rug
Thicket Fir Chair
Thicket Fir Dining Bench
Thicket Fir Dining Chair
Thicket Fir Dining Table
Thicket Fir Barstool
Giddy Whirligig Cap, Silly Whirligig Cap

The Whirligig Caps are NOT animated, for those who have asked.

New Buyables

These items will be sold by the same "a Bristlebane Day merchant" as mentioned at the top of the recipe section above. The two squares (tiles) are sold for 1g 20s each. The other eight new items will require Fool's Gold Coins.

Eggplant Imp Plushie
20 coins
Gleaming Green Metal Square
(building block)
1g 20s
Golden Baby Bovoch
(heirloom fluff pet)
20 coins
Jocular Patchcraft Chomper Plushie
20 coins
Jovial Patchcraft Zelniak Plushie
20 coins
Merrymakers King Salmon
(weapon appearance)
5 coins
Petamorph Wand: Guardian Jokester
6 coins
Polished Purple Metal Square
(building block)
1g 20s
Rivervale Jackrabbit
Leaper Mount
300 coins
White Heather
5 coins
Mount Examine Info

New Patchcraft?

The patchcraft mobs (used in one quest, involved in an achievement, and also a good way to mellow farm for Fool's Gold Coins), are returning this year. Several more zones have been added to where they can spawn during the event. The Patchcraft Snapper (crab), will be available in Obulus Frontier. The Patchcraft Zelniak will be available in the Blinding, Aurelian Coast and the Wracklands. The Patchcraft Zelniak are considered Reptiles in terms of taming as a beastlord warder.

Check back in a day or so for potential locs in each of these new zones.

Speaking of Warders ...

Remember that there are several warders that are only available to tame during this event, and some of them are the same mob type, so you'll have to make some choices if you want a unique look to certain warder classes. ("Rescuing the Princess" comes to mind with both a were-bear and a were-rabbit, both of which are Exotic warders. The berry bovoch should be returning as well, and the patchcraft warders.)

April 1?

April 1 is considered the "Highest Day" of Bristlebane's celebration, and special events happen only on that day. Prepare for exploding ponies (well, not really, but your packs will be overloaded on April 1, as your upgraded pack pony brings back harvests from other world events in addition to the Bristlebane harvests), Enchanted Lands event nodes producing all sorts of event harvests, rabbits that can be nabbed, Frostfell equipment showing up in the Enchanted Lands and Sinking Sands, and an enigmatic sphynx with 3 riddle quests that are only available on April 1.

Sandstone of Gygax
Lemon Stone of Chance
Kaborite Stone of Arneson

I won't go into a lot more details, since the wiki covers those returning features well, but here's what is new this year:

  • Riddled Throughout the Land - new reward choice is "Sandstone of Gygax" housepet
  • "Riddled Again" - new reward choice is "Lemon Stone of Chance" housepet
  • "Riddled Yet Again" - new reward choice is "Kaborite Stone of Arneson" housepet (currently misspelled on Test as "Karborite")
  • Kaladim - holiday merchant in Freeport and Qeynos Capitol District will have special one-day-only items for sale, in addition to the event items mentioned near the top of the article. They will also be able to do the Bunny Hunt achievements.

Quest Tracker?

Casdoe of Maj'Dul has tweaked the quest trackers for 2020. There is both an XLS version and a PDF version.

Video Preview?

Ocarinah has put together another house item video preview for us. For those who prefer it, she has also done a silent version. Thank you much!

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