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Beast'r Eggstravaganza 2020

The season of Growth is upon us, and creatures celebrate the blessings of the Mother of All. You won't need to be a Tunare worshipper to join in this quick little celebration, however!

The fourth annual Beast'r Eggstravaganza will run on the live servers and on the TLE server (Kaladim) from 12:01 am Pacific on April 9, 2020 until 11:59 pm Pacific on April 13, 2020. (I told you it would be quick!). This year's event includes 6 or 7** new buyables, and a 3-quest Overseer series.

New Buyables

These items will be for sale on "Beast'r Eggschanger" NPCs in Qeynos Province District (Elddar Grove area), Freeport, Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Timorous Deep, and Frostfang Sea, but there's a catch. The Midnight Pekin fluff pet will only be sold on the "evil" side (Freeport, Darklight Woods, Timorous Deep), and the Golden Pekin fluff pet will only be sold on the "good" side (Qeynos, Greater Faydark, New Halas). This doesn't stop a good aligned person from going to Timorous and buying the corrupted one, or an evil alt from hitting up Frostfang Sea, for example. It just means you'll be doing a little traveling if you want both quackers.

Amethyst Mushroom Cluster
60 silver
Emerald Mushroom Ring
60 silver
Ruby Mushroom Ring
60 silver
Spinel Mushroom Cluster
60 silver
Midnight Pekin
fluff pet, evil vendors
1 gold 20 silver
Golden Pekin
fluff pet, good vendors
1 gold 20 silver
Sandtail Hare
fluff pet, all vendors
1 gold 20 silver

The Sandtail Hare fluff pet scroll is available on all Beast'r Eggschangers.

Overseer Quests

The dryad Ambrosis in Darklight Woods (/way 514, -40, -224) offers a 3-quest overseer series. As with past event overseer quests, it won't consume any of your overseer quest limit for the day, it WILL only be able to be run by one person on the account at a time, it WILL need to be picked up again after completion, if you want to run it again. It can be repeated endlessly until the end of the event. (You can complete the series after the event ends, but the NPC will no longer be available to pick up fresh repetitions of the quest.)

In addition to normal treasured overseer reward crates you will receive: agent Nettelia (trait: verdurous), prefix title "Dendro Defender", and your choice of a Sunrise Flutterwasp Plushie or a Sunset Flutterwasp plushie.

Sunrise Flutterwasp Plushie
Sunset Flutterwasp Plushie

Event Details

Each year, at the beginning of the season of Growth, Tunare whispers to the animals of the forest to let them know that the season is about to start – it is her Promise to them. In their excitement, the animals begin behaving exuberantly, looking forward to the gifts of nature that come along with the season of renewal. The small animals especially are excited (squirrels, rabbits, birds, foxes, and the like), because this is when they either look for mates or bring out their young for the first time. You don't have to be a druid or a fellow worshiper of Tunare to celebrate the season of Growth, for all are welcome!

The basic premise of this little event is that there are beast'r eggs hopping around the cities and starter areas in Norrath, and you get to try to hunt them down and grab them. If you manage to grab one, you get an heiroom fluff pet "gem" (scroll) of the egg. There are also"Beast'r Eggschanger" NPCs in Qeynos Province District (Elddar Grove area), Freeport, Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Timorous Deep, and Frostfang Sea. This NPC will let you trade in the heirloom fluff pet gem for a housepet version. They also have a few buyables, as mentioned at the top of the page.

The Eggs

There are 11 fluff pet scrolls to collect:

Bouncy Beast'r
Bubbly Beast'r
Bumbly Beast'r
Cheeky Beast'r
Cheery Beast'r
Feisty Beast'r
Frisky Beast'r
Lively Beast'r
Lovely Beast'r
Peppy Beast'r
Zesty Beast'r

Want a closer look at these eggs? Ocarinah put together a preview video in 2018 for us.


There are two hidden achievements for this event, one of which was added in 2017, and one of which was added in 2018:

Returning Collection

There is one 9-piece collection tied to this event (Added in 2019). As has happened with several other events, you will need to visit multiple locations in order to obtain all the collection pieces. Reward for the collection is a Large Beast'r Egg Basket.

  • peach spotted shell, blush striped shell, lime zig-zagged shell: Frostfang Sea & Timorous Deep
  • fuchsia striped shell, plum spotted shell, lavender zig-zagged shell: Greater Faydark & Darklight Woods
  • lemon zig-zagged shell, cerulean spotted shell, periwinkle striped shell: Qeynos & Freeport


While asking a guard for "Beast" worked in the past to sometimes chase down the loose eggs, it will have even more mixed results this year. Not only will they point to the nearest loose egg, but if someone has out one of the egg fluff pets or the Mischievous Beastie familiar from the Anchorage quests you will end up pointed to them if they are closer. Asking them for "Eggschanger", however, will help you find the vendor if you're in one of the six above-listed zones.

Quest Tracker

Having a hard time keeping track of which alts still need eggs for the achievements, or who hasn't finished the collection? Casdoe from Maj'Dul put together a quick little quest tracker last year for this event in both XLS format and in pdf format. Thanks!

House Item Preview

Want a closer look at those precious few house items? Need sizing information? Ocarinah has got you covered with a Beast'r Video Preview. DO note that there has been a request that the mushrooms size even larger. We don't know yet if the max size will be increased, BUT if they are increased, it won't be until after the event is over.

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