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Prelude 2020: Haven Bound

With a HUGE thank you to Whilhelmina of the French-language EQ2 Artisans site for researching and coding this while Mum has been very slowly recovering from major surgery!

The 2020 prelude event to prepare for the next expansion will go live on Sept. 22, 2019. It contains one adventure quest for all level adventurers, 5 repeatable tradeskill quests and 5 new overseer quests. All quests will end when the expansion is released.

You will be busy defending the spires and helping the G.L.E.E.S.H. (Guild of Luclin Enthusiasts and Experts Supplying Help) in their quest to help rebuild Fordel Midst!

Where To Go

All quests are available from NPC's around the Wizard's Spires in Teren's Grasp (Kylong Plains).

You can do the quests at any level. You'll have to run the adventure prelude or the TS prelude to unlock the overseer quests.

The new currency, G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark, is doubled for members.

Adventure quest: The Not So Nice Yet Accurate Prophecies of Beckah Stormsong

Quest is given by Lusiri A'Fahmi (1991.24, 480.01, -859.20 ). It seems that spirits are attacking the spires and your help is needed to thwart them.

Your first mission will be to patrol one of the spires (it depends on your level and/or is random) then the Nektulos Spires. You'll get attacked by thrashing spirits (at-level mobs) then will have to investigate what Justan Cafferen, standing nearby, has to say (-295.07, -0.11, -679.31) who will talk to you about visions of his long lost ancestor... Head back to Lusiri to update her on the prophecy. You'll get the book as well as 5 marks for your troubles.

Completing the adventuring quest unlocks event mobs in various zones that you'll be able to farm for marks. You'll be able to find the mobs around the spires in Antonica, Commonlands, Feerrott, Sundered Frontier and Bonemire. Each mob spawns at-level and has roughly a 50% chance of dropping a chest with 1 mark in it (2 for members).

Repeatable Tradeskill quests

There are 5 tradeskill quests available at all levels. All five NPC are busy working around the Teren's Grasp Spire, waiting for you. Their goal withing the G.L.E.E.S.H. is to produce materials to send to Luclin to reconstruct Fordel Midst.

Each quest will ask you to check the box nearby to know what to create. Main component is a "solidified ethereal filament" gathered 3 at a time in Teren's Grasp (same item as last year's prelude). You'll need 1 harvest per quest to make the 6 items (3 combines) asked for. Other components are raws from any tier and T2 fuel. Each quest rewards two marks.
You'll find a fuel merchant in the Crafter's Hall at the back: Gabin Baerea (2194, 483, -730 ).

Completing 25 tradeskill quests unlocks the achievement "G.L.E.E.S.H. Supporter" which awards the suffix title "G.L.E.E.S.H. Supporter".

Here is the list of quest NPC:

  • Edrin Tarbeck (woodworker; 1958.08, 480.01, -829.71): Offers the quest "Woodworkers Cutting the Workload"
  • Gerry Stumbletoe (provisioner; 1947.24, 480.01, -841.50): Offers the quest "Provisioners Fuel the Forces"
  • Calla Bronzeleaf (tailor; 1948.81, 480.01, -872.52): Offers the quest "Tailors on the Task"
  • Velatha Zofriel (sage; 1955.99, 480.01, -861.81): Offers the quest "Sage Knowledge Applied"
  • Udella Kegmail (smithy; 1963.65, 480.55, -844.41): Offers the quest "Smithing the Hours away"

Warning: Be super-careful! Put what you want to craft with in your inventory or it'll pull the smallest stack first (usually rares) and if you're crafting from a depot, it'll use all your rares first from the depot!

Overseer Quests

Note: The ability to run the overseer quests unlocks after you complete either the adventuring quest, or the 5 tradeskill quests.

There are 5 new overseer quests available. You can get them from Grigissa Khuskisth in Teren's Grasp (1985.25, 480.01, -788.79)

  • Iksar Intent - Nathsar Key Maker: 1h quest, 0% bonus chance, 5% mishap chance (rewards a Luclin Lightcrawler Plushie, 1 G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark)
  • Iksar Intent - Sebilis Key Maker: 1h quest, 0% bonus chance, 5% mishap chance (rewards a Cursed Darkbloom house pet, 1 G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark)
  • Iksar Intent - Obulus Key Maker: 1h quest, 0% bonus chance, 5% mishap chance (rewards 1 G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark)
  • Iksar Intent - Into the Essence: 1h quest, 0% bonus chance, 5% mishap chance (rewards Sanctus Seru Chest, 1 G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark)
  • Iksar Intent - Spire Sabotage!: 1h quest, 0% bonus chance, 5% mishap chance (rewards Sanctus Seru Echelon Guard Illusion, 1 G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark)

Luclin Lightcrawler Plushie
Cursed Darkbloom
Sanctus Seru Chest
Sanctus Seru Echelon Guard Illusion

Merchant Items

The merchant for the event, Dafina Hujara, is located at /way 2015, 480, -863 in Teren's Grasp. All items sold on her cost 1 or more G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark, which is an heirloom currency unique to this event. Many of the items on this vendor are new, but she also carries some items that were available from last year's Mythic Passage event.

She also sells back the "Building on Sundered Ground" recipe from the Thalumbra prelude (for 40 Marks).

All costs listed below are in G.L.E.E.S.H. Mark (GM).

Akheva Zethon Female Plushie
1 GM
Akheva Zethon Male Plushie
1 GM
Arcanist's Hover Platform
30 GM
Barded Praesertum Pegasus
50 GM
Bazaar Rug of Acquisition
1 GM
Bazaar Rug of Profit
1 GM
Behemoth Crystal
1 GM
Bowl of Shade Spice
1 GM
Broken Dawnshroud Pine Crate
1 GM
Ceramic Amphora
1 GM
Dawnshroud Pine Corner Work Table
1 GM
Destroyed Dawnshroud Pine Crate
1 GM
Earthcrafter Smithing Hammer*
(animated), 1 GM
Kelp Fiend Plushie
1 GM
Kithicor Aramapine (housepet)
8 GM
New Combine Grain Sack
1 GM
Petamorph Wand: Aurelian Rockhopper
6 GM
Petamorph Wand: Dreadsnout
6 GM
Pile of Chopped Wood
1 GM
Recuso Tor Hitching Post
1 GM
Recuso Tor Water Trough
1 GM
Reishi Grazer Plushie
1 GM
Replica Dragon Ring
8 GM
Replica Wizard Spire
8 GM
Root-Wrapped Stone Monolith
1 GM
Root-Wrapped Stone Pillar
1 GM
Root-Wrapped Stone Wall
1 GM
Roughspun Leanto
1 GM
Row of Old Books
1 GM
Rug of the Arcanist
1 GM
Savage Treasure (housepet)
8 GM
Scholar's Podium
1 GM
Seru Arx Pectoris Rug
1 GM
Seru Knight Thoroughbred
30 GM
Burning Shadow Spark (fluff pet)
8 GM
Shissar Soulstalker Plushie
1 GM
Square Rug of the Arcanist
1 GM
Traveling Merchant Cart
1 GM
Unlit Shissar Offering Brazier
1 GM
Unlit Shissar Ritual Brazier
1 GM
Vasty Deep Work Table
1 GM
Wracklands Rock Wall Divider
1 GM
Eryslai Crystal Block Set**
2 GM

*Hammer has moving lightning around it.

**Eryslai Crystal block set - each basic building block in the set comes in a pack of 15 for 2 GM. Each cut-out type of frame comes in a pack of 8 for 2 GM. In order to preview these items on the vendor, since they are crated, you must manually examine the crate, then preview the image from within that preview window.

There is one returning ground mount, the Arcanist's Hover Platform. Two mounts are new, the Seru Knight Thoroughbred which is a ground mount and the Barded Praesertum Pegasus which is a flying mount.


Ocarinah has you covered with a short and silent version and a narrated, detailed version of the new item previews. As always, thanks a ton, ma'am!

Those videos only cover the items that are new this year. If you missed last year's prelude event, and need a closer look at those returning items, here are the links to those as well: Mythic Passage (Full) and Mythic Passage (Silent).

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