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Heritage Quests Requiring Tradeskills or Harvesting

There are several heritage quests that require some tradeskilling and/or some harvesting. Since these can sometimes be confusing to a non-tradeskiller, and due to the fact that some of these have changed more than once since launch, I thought it would be good to provide you with a list. (Items in blue are ones that were changes since the quest was originally implemented.)

Note that any heritage quests that require an imbue item (sparkling flower, glimmering stone, etc.) will be changed with GU37 to require simply an imbue item from the proper tier.

Quest Name TS Component(s) Details
A Strange Black Rock (Glowing Black Stone) palladium torque (dropped) or palladium bangle (crafted) quest step changed with LU24
A Thorn of Old (Wurmslayer) tradskiller of level 65+ must be able to either perform a level 65 tradeskill combine in order to complete, or commission someone who has the quest recipe to do so for you.
An Axe from the Past (Polished Granite Tomohawk) mining skill 90, artisan 9+, severed ash, sparkling material must be able to mine in Thundering Steppes, and complete a level 9 tradeskill combine. Severed ash & sparkling material can be harvested, purchased, etc.
Casualties of the War of the Fay (Raincaller) Foresting 245, EoF expansion requires harvesting of moonlight wood, which needs a 245 foresting skill
Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio (Bone-Clasped Girdle) tradeskiller of level 60+, harvesting 210+, KoS expansion requires 4 rare harvests from the KoS expansion zones (blue-silver sheet, perfect osseous lumber, perfectly cut purple geode, strip of supple leather) which can be harvested or purchased from broker. Also has a level 60 tradeskill combine thatcan be commissioned.
Stiletto's Orders Intercepted (Manastone) artisan 9+, boiled leather pelt, glimmering material resources may be harvested or purchased, etc.
The Bone Bladed Claymore ebon cluster ebon may be harvested or purchased, etc.
The Lost Legend of Lavastorm (Crown of King Tranix) mining 190+ requires that you harvest two special items from ore and stone nodes in Lavastorm
The Teachings of Yoru (Flowing Black Silk Sash) foresting 21+, artisan 9, sunfish casserole must harvest wood in Antonica, must personally create sunfish casserole (artisan 9 recipe)
These Boots Were Made For (Dwarven Work Boots) foresting 21+, mining 21+ must harvest 15 wood, 15 ore in Antonica
The Stein of Moggok artisan 9+, glimmering material stone can be harvested, purchased, etc.
The Symbol in the Flesh (Crested Mistmoore Shield) Enchanted Adamantine Ore or Azurite Capillary from a 300+ adorner Which item is needed is based on if you have Empowered Ghoulbane or not. Item can be purchased from broker

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