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Heroes Festival 2020

The annual celebration of the birth of EverQuest2, the Heroes' Festival, is almost upon us! The event, runs from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on November 6, 2020 through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on November 16, 2019 will include new purchased house items for Tokens of Heroism, new purchased wearables for Mischeva's Tribute, and a 3-quest Overseer series. This event will be available on Live servers (and Test).

The TLE server will have all of the event EXCEPT Mischeva's Clothworks (associated quests and collections) and Thumore's quest line. Merchant prices on the TLE server have also been adjusted due to the inability to earn Mischeva's Tribute coins there.

The only crafting involved in this event is one quest in Qeynos/Freeport, so I don't go into a lot of detail for this event preview other than the eye candy. If you need details on all the quests, I recommend the Wiki Heroes' Festival Timeline. To track which of your alts has done which parts of the quests and the achievements, Casdoe of Maj Dul has updated her Heroes' Festival Quest Tracker in .XLS form as well as a .PDF version. Thanks again, ma'am!

New Buyables

These items are sold in North Qeynos and East Freeport. The first batch require Token of Heroism, which are earned by the various Heroes' Festival quests in Qeynos and Freeport. The second bactch require Mischeva Tribute, which are earned from the six different puppet battles around Norrath.

For Tokens of Heroism

This currency is earned from quests within Qeynos and Freeport.

A Relentless Iksar
5 tokens
Bottle of Celebration Blanc
1 token
Bottle of Zin Festival
1 token
Map of the Commonlands
5 tokens
Heroes' Grand Festival Canopy
15 tokens
Heroes' Regal Festival Canopy
15 tokens

For Mischeva Tribute

This currency is earned from the "puppet" events ("Mischeva's Clothworks). At a quick glance, you might think that a couple of these are duplicate images, but there are shading differences.

Combine Devotion of Neriak
(heirloom appearance)
15 Tribute
Combine Might of Freeport
(heirloom appearance)
15 Tribute
Combine Might of Gorowyn
(heirloom appearance)
15 Tribute
Combine Devotion of New Haslas
(heirloom appearance)
15 Tribute
Combine Insight of Qeynos
(heirloom appearance)
15 Tribute
Combine Prowess of Kelethin
(heirloom appearance)
15 Tribute
Peytral Barded Cavalry Palamino
(Heirloom level 1 ground mount)
50 Tribute

New Overseer Quests

There is one new 3-quest Overseer series available during the event. For each repetition of the set, you must pick up the first quest in the series from Laral Spenler, located in Antonica at the tent outside the South Qeynos gates. (/way 282, -14, 401). You can then complete the three repeatable quests on your own and then pick up the first quest again, provided the event is still running.

  • Overseer Quest: Winged Troubles - The Alivan Connection. 30 minutes. Rewards: agent Thuskis of Alivan ("Heroic" trait"), and the second quest. (autoscribed)
  • Overseer Quest: Winged Troubles - Tracking Droag. 30 minutes. Rewards: Lair of Scale Standard, and the third quest (autoscribed).
  • Overseer Quest: Winged Troubles - Scaleborn Sorcery. 1 hour. Rewards: Droag Cultist Illusion, prefix title: Fortold Hero
  • Lair of Scale Standard
    (preview lighting issue, see next image
    (properly lit Standard)
    Droag Cultist Illusion

    A Closer Look?

    Ocarinah ("Building Inspector" on Youtube) has put together preview videos for us again. Both a full version and a shorter, silent version. Thanks again, ma'am!

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